“…they can only go so far, because they do not have the power to destroy humanity, although they believe that they do.”


Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Meeting on Wed. 16th Feb. 2022

Prayer Theme: Protection during the Warning and against the antichrist                              (Groups A&G)

Bible: 2 Samuel 12: 26-30

Book of Truth: 17th Sept., 2013

Thoughts: The King needed to capture the city. Joab went first, then David followed with his soldiers to capture the city. David took the crown and put it on his own head. He dealt out his justice, then returned with all his soldiers to Jerusalem. In other words, God wins the war and, we  his disciples will return to “Jerusalem” ( the New Jerusalem!!!)

We needed to hear this message today. many of us were feeling a bit –  some of us – a lot- battered from persecution! But God wins the war! We know that, but sometimes, when we are down, and it seems like the enemy is winning, we need to be reminded. It cheered us up immensely!

The Reading from the Book of Truth supplemented this reading, describing the final battle where many people will turn against their brothers who are  those loyal to Jesus.

Bible Reading

2 Samuel 12: 26-30

End of the Ammonite War.

26h Joab fought against Rabbah of the Ammonites and captured that royal city.
27 He sent messengers to David to say: “I have fought against Rabbah and have taken the water-city.
28 Therefore, assemble the rest of the soldiers, join the siege against the city, and capture it, lest I be the one to capture the city and mine be the name people mention, not yours.”
29 So David assembled the rest of the soldiers, went to Rabbah, fought against it, and captured it.
30 He took the crown of Milcom from the idol’s head, a talent of gold in weight, with precious stones; this crown David wore on his own head. He also brought out a great amount of spoil from the city.
31 He deported the people of the city and set them to work with saws, iron picks, and iron axes, or put them to work at the brickmold. He dealt thus with all the cities of the Ammonites. Then David and his whole army returned to Jerusalem.

Reading from the Book of Truth

I come for you to take you to My Father. I come to fulfill His Divine Will and to complete the Covenant

17 September 2013 @ 10:45pm; Message 0913

My dearly beloved daughter, when you find this Work difficult and hesitate to give the world bad news, you must understand that you are only the messenger. You are an instrument of the Holy God, the Most High and it is your duty to respond to His Call. Your obedience is essential and you must not fear the repercussions, which may befall you as a prophet of the Lord.

All events foretold have been laid down in the beginning and form part of God’s Plan to complete the Covenant to gather His children, finally, so that they can live in harmony in His Divine Will. The final battle between My Father’s hierarchy and the evil one means that many people, who leave themselves exposed, will become infested by sin and will turn against their brothers who remain loyal to God.

When the battle is being fought many wicked atrocities will be carried out, by the enemies of God, against His beloved children. But as I have told you before, they can only go so far, because they do not have the power to destroy humanity, although they believe that they do.

Take comfort, all of you, because My Father will intervene with the wicked actions of those who want to control all nations and He will strike them dead those who dare to hurt His children. Many poor souls will suffer during such persecutions, but My Father is ever-merciful. His Power cannot be touched. His Hand is Almighty. He can, at any time, cast away His enemies. But the prophecies foretold, and which must take place before My Second Coming, are a reality. They will unfold in a way, which may not be obvious to all of you, but know this.

Prayer is your weapon. Prayer will provide you with the armour you need to defeat the evil one. Prayer will dilute the impact of war, suffering and every kind of persecution inflicted upon the human race by the enemies of God. Prayer will save you and all those for whom you pray. Your prayers will destroy evil and when the Great Day comes you will cry tears of joy when you witness the New Generation, those billions of people who have been salvaged because of your response to My Call.

While My Messages bring a mixture of sadness, fear, frustration – they also bring hope because they create much conversion. My Father’s Plan is unknown to most of you. What you need to understand is this. His Plan will destroy all His enemies. By allowing all these trials to take place, He will free the human race, at last, from its bondage to sin. Be patient. Be calm. For soon joy, love and peace will finally be yours for eternity.

I come only because we are as one – one holy family in God’s Kingdom. I come for you to take you to My Father. I come to fulfill His Divine Will and to complete the Covenant. I come to bring you the Truth.

Your loving Saviour

Jesus Christ


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