“My Heart heaves at this time, for there is great hatred being shown to those who are practicing Christians.”


Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Meeting on Wed. 1st March 2022

Prayer Theme: Protection    (Groups A&C)

Bible: Wisdom of Ben Sirach 22: 11-28

Book of Truth: 2 Nov. 2013

Reading from the Bible

The Wise and Foolish: A Contrast

11 Those who keep the Law control their thoughts;

perfect fear of the Lord is wisdom.

12 One who is not clever can never be taught,

but there is a cleverness filled with bitterness.

13 The knowledge of the wise wells up like a flood,

and their counsel like a living spring.

14 A fool’s mind is like a broken jar:

it cannot hold any knowledge at all.

15 When the intelligent hear a wise saying,

they praise it and add to it.

The wanton hear it with distaste

and cast it behind their back.

16 A fool’s chatter is like a load on a journey,

but delight is to be found on the lips of the intelligent.

17 The views of the prudent are sought in an assembly,

and their words are taken to heart.

18 Like a house in ruins is wisdom to a fool;

to the stupid, knowledge is incomprehensible chatter.

19 To the senseless, education is fetters on the feet,

like manacles on the right hand.

20 Fools raise their voice in laughter,

but the prudent at most smile quietly.

21 Like a gold ornament is education to the wise,

like a bracelet on the right arm.

22 A fool steps boldly into a house,

while the well-bred are slow to make an entrance.

23 A boor peeps through the doorway of a house,

but the educated stay outside.

24 It is rude for one to listen at a door;

the discreet person would be overwhelmed by the disgrace.

25 The lips of the arrogant talk of what is not their concern,

but the discreet carefully weigh their words.

26 The mind of fools is in their mouths,

but the mouth of the wise is in their mind.

27 When the godless curse their adversary,

they really curse themselves.

28 Slanderers sully themselves,

and are hated by their neighbors.

Reading from the Book of Truth

The greatest persecution will be inflicted by Christians upon Christians

2 November 2013 @ 8:30pm; Message 0956
My dearly beloved daughter, I must urge all of God’s children to join in union and pray for My Church on Earth.

My Heart heaves at this time, for there is great hatred being shown to those who are practicing Christians. The persecution of Christians will continue in all countries and this includes all those who have, at this time, the freedom to practice their homage to Me. The greatest persecution will be inflicted by Christians upon Christians. The scourging of My Body on Earth will be at its worst from within, as brother will turn against brother and sister against sister. You will soon see the declaration of the new prayers, which will be introduced by the new liturgy.

The main changes will refer to the Holy Communion, where it will be presented as something, which bears little resemblance to My death on the Cross, when I gave up My Body for all sinners. By declaring that Holy Communion means the joining together of all of humanity, as one before God, you will insult Me, because this would be contrary to the Truth. The Truth no longer means the Truth, because so many spread lies, exaggerate and do not understand how easily the Truth can be tampered with. When twisted, in a subtle way, many will not notice the changes, when the Truth is not adhered to. Lies will take the place of the Truth, divide the human race and create the separation from God, which will lead to destruction.

Always cherish the Truth, because without it the sun will darken, the moon will no longer present light when night falls and the stars will no longer shine in those days which will signal the final darkness, before I come to reclaim My Kingdom.

By then, only the Truth will save you.

Your Jesus

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