“Families, when together, create an intimate love known only in the Heavens.”








I remember, my dad used to always say that there was nothing more important than family. There has never been a time in History, when the family has been so attacked. It is what holds society together. The message below explains the interrelationships between  the Holy Family, our earthly families , the unity of families and the pure love that exists within each one, It explains why Satan  tries to divide families.

There is so much division in the world, and Satan has found new ways of dividing families through the medical, political events of the last 2 years. More is still to come. No matter what comes – our families must remain strong. Read what Jesus tells us below:

Honour the importance of the Family

25 December 2011 @ 6:00pm; Message 0286

“Today My daughter is a celebration of My birth. It is also a special day for families. Remember the Holy Family was also born on this day. This Holy Family has a bearing on people all over the world today.

Just as all souls on earth are part of My Eternal Father’s family then, so too, should people everywhere honour the importance of the family.

It is only through the family that true love is born. While many families in the world suffer from disruption, anger and separation it is important to understand this.

If there were no families on earth there could be no life. The family represents all that My Eternal Father wishes for his children on earth.

Families, when together, create an intimate love known only in the Heavens. Damage the family and you will damage the pure love that exists within each soul which is part of that family.

Satan loves to divide families. Why? Because he knows that the kernel of love, essential to the spiritual growth of humanity, will die when the family is split.

Please pray children for families to unite. Pray for families to pray together. Pray to keep Satan from entering your family home.

Never forget that you are all part of My Father’s family and you must emulate this unity on earth whenever possible. It is not always the case I know but strive always for family unity in order to retain love for one another.

If you do not have a family on earth then remember you are part of the family that My Father created. Strive to join My Father’s family in the New Era of Peace.

Pray for the graces needed to enable you find your rightful home in this New Paradise which you will be invited to enter at My Second Coming.

Your beloved Jesus

Saviour of Mankind”

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