“…as the woman chosen to be clothed in the rays of the sun, my time has come to help my Son in His final plan of salvation. …”


At the foot of the Cross, Jesus handed us over to His own Blessed Mother, to be our Mother also. She was the means by which He came into this world. She suffered with Him and for Him – her most beloved Child and also her God. She is the Co-Redemptrix:: she co-operated with God for our Salvation. All through the ages, she has been sent by God, to further this Mission on earth, to warn us and to show us the way.. All her messages throughout these centuries were for us – to protect us from the evil in this world today. Sadly, the world, and even Jesus’ own priests are taking no notice. Even though Fatima was approved, it was ignored, and many popes did not heed her warnings or her requests.

In this Mission of Salvation, Jesus has given her the last title on Earth – the Mother of Salvation. This title should not surprise us. It falls right in line with why she is our Mother.

+++++++++++++++++Mother of Salvation: Say my Rosary for all those who rule in Rome

15 March 2013 @ 10:30pm; Message 0730

My dear child, this is a time of great sorrow, not only for you, but for all those who love my Son.I must urge you, dear children, to remain strong and faithful to the Holy Word of God, for the sake of my Son. He, my beloved Son, hangs His Head in agony as He watches the horror as His Church crumbles before Him. Please pray for hope and say my Holy Rosary every day for all those who rule in Rome. You must pray for all those who run the Catholic Church. Please include the man who sits in the Chair of Peter, for he is in great need of your prayers.

Pray that he will accept the Truth of the death of my Son on the Cross and that he will open his heart to my Son’s pleas for mercy for all God’s children.

No matter how hard these times are, in the Roman Catholic Church, evil cannot and will not prevail against the Power of God.

My role as Mediatrix of all Graces is soon to be realized, and as the woman chosen to be clothed in the rays of the sun, my time has come to help my Son in His final plan of salvation.

I cherish all of God’s children, including those who bring Him great shame and distress. Pray that my prayers, taken to my Son and presented to Him on your behalf, can help mitigate the suffering, which lies ahead within the Catholic Church.

My love, as Mother of all God’s children, is all encompassing and I will never stop in my quest to bring you hope, dear children.

Prayers will be heard in Heaven and you must never give up hope, as my Son’s Mercy is greater than you could possibly know.

God’s Love is Almighty. Ask and you will receive great blessing, as the preparations are complete in readiness for the Great Day of the Lord.

Await with patience, love and trust for all of these trials will soon be past, and then the New Heaven and the New Earth will merge as one. This is all you need to concern yourselves with – the preparation of your soul and those who need your prayers the most. Only then, will you be able to accept the Light of God and enter the New Paradise on earth.

Be at peace and focus only on my Son and His singular desire to save the souls of every living creature.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation




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