“…Sadly, many of my children will … follow blindly this new false doctrine, like lambs to the slaughter….”


In the Bible Reading today, we are told that there was “no fidelity, no loyalty, no knowledge of God in the land. …with you is my dispute, priest!”  This is so appropriate for us today, not only because of the apostasy and wickedness of the people, but because  because there has been much in the media these past weeks about the corrupt bishops being promoted.

The following reading seems to confirm this. It speaks of the wicked sect in the Vatican and their plot (note the date is Jan 2012) to remove Benedict. (this indeed came to fruition a year later.) Our Heavenly mother also speaks of other changes that are to occur, of the Wrath of God, of confusion, of division amongst the ranks of priests, bishops, etc, of the “faith and courage of the remnants of the Christian Faith” and of  the destruction of the “wicked imposters”.


Jesus to Mankind Prayer Group  6th June, 2022

Prayer Theme: Groups A&B: Salvation of Souls

Bible: Hosea 4: 1-4

Book of Truth: 18th Jan. 2012


Bible Reading

Hosea 4: 1-4

Indictment of Israel

1 Hear the word of the LORD, Israelites, for the LORD has a dispute

with the inhabitants of the land:

There is no fidelity, no loyalty, no knowledge of God in the land.

2 Swearing, lying, murder, stealing and adultery break out;

bloodshed follows bloodshed.3 Therefore the land dries up, and everything that dwells in it languishes: The beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and even the fish of the sea perish.

Guilt of Priest and of People

4 But let no one accuse, let no one rebuke; with you is my dispute, priest!

Reading from Book of Truth

Mother of Salvation: Wicked plan, within the Vatican, to destroy the Catholic Church

18 January 2012 @ 9:50am; Message 0311

My child, perseverance is needed by all God’s children, during this time of apostasy in the worldSo few believe in their Divine Creator, my Father, God the Most High. They will see the Truth shortly, but many will still argue that there is no God.

Much prayer is needed now, children.

Pope Benedict XVI is being plotted against, within his own corridors, by an evil sect.This sect is known to exist among those sacred servants within the Vatican, yet they are powerless against this evil group, which has infiltrated the Catholic Church for centuries.

They are responsible for twisting the Truth of my Son’s Teachings. So little is known about them or their vile works.

They have driven the True Doctrine from the Catholic Church and, in its place a lukewarm, watered down version has been force-fed to Catholics over the last forty years.

So much confusion has been spread by this wicked, but, hidden sect, that my children have wandered away from the True Church.

Pray that they do not drive the pope away.

Pray that the false prophet will not take the Seat of the Holy Father so that he can spread lies.

Pray that those sacred servants in the Vatican are strong enough to withstand this evil plot, designed to destroy the Catholic Church.

They plan to replace the Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, with a dictator of lies. He will create a new church in league with the antichrist and his group, in order to deceive the world.

Sadly, many of my children will, in their allegiance to the Catholic faith, follow blindly this new false doctrine, like lambs to the slaughter.

Wake up, children, to the Truth. This wicked plan has changed the fundamental authenticity of the Catholic Doctrine over the years.

You insult my Son when you receive the Holy Eucharist in the hand.

This was their doing.

You insult my Son when you do not seek the regular Sacraments. Yet, those whom you rely on for these do not ensure your spiritual well-being, because they do not make the Sacraments available to all.

My child, a great evil, hidden for centuries in the corridors of the Holy See, will shortly emerge for the world to see. Those of my children, who are covered with the Holy Spirit, will see the Truth, when the wicked lie is presented to the world.

Others will follow blindly down a dark alley. Great division will emerge within the ranks of priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals, one side against the other.

Those true disciples will have to hide and preach privately or else be killed. So hidden will the True Church be, that the true faithful will have to bind together, in order to practice their allegiance to my Eternal Father.

The Earth will shake in every corner, caused by the Wrath of my heavenly Father, against this travesty.

My child, they cannot win. It will be by the faith and courage of the remnants of the Christian Faith, that will result in these wicked imposters being destroyed forever.

Await now and prepare for the Catholic Church to announce these changes.

Then you will know the Truth of what I tell you.

Pray, pray, pray for Pope Benedict and his true disciples.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation



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