Dr. Rumble and Radio Station 2SM

Radio Replies: Catholic Apologetics Online
Questions and answers on Catholicism and Protestantism

The author is Dr Rumble, and the Preface is by Msgr Fulton J. Sheen.

The website is: http://www.radioreplies.info/radio-replies-vol-1.php?t=24

There is also a link on this website if you want to order a printed version.
Volumes range from 1938 (vol.1) to 1972 (vol. 5)

I remember as a child/ early teen listening to this programme with my family each Sunday night.

The Radio station 2SM was a Catholic Radio Station in Sydney N SW.

It was very popular – people of all denominations would write in with questions. Some of these would then be selected with answers for the Sunday night show.

Dr. Rumble was a great and motivating speaker. Those were the days when all radio stations had to have a minimum % Christian content. Even certain “hymns” were to be heard regularly – even making the “popular” lists. How times have changed!

This is a great apologetics resource!!

Topics are:
The Religion of the Bible
The Christian Faith
A Definite Christian Faith
The Failure of Protestantism
The Truth of Catholicism
The Catholic Church and the Bible
The Church and Her Dogmas
The Church in Her Moral Teachings
The Church in Her Worship
The Church and Social Welfare

Sub headings from Vol. 1 “God”
Proof of God’s existence
God’s nature
Supreme control over all things and the problem of suffering and evil

Sample Vol 2 Questions include:
Comparative Study of Non-Catholic Denominations
To and From Rome