“Spread the net of My Love, like the fisherman, wide and far and in places where God is completely rejected, despised and  hated especially.”


Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Meeting on Mon. 2nd May, 2022

Prayer Theme: Protection during the Warning and against the Antichrist                                 (Groups A&G)

Bible:  Joel 2: 1-11

Book of Truth: 7 Aug. 2012

Thoughts: The 2 readings that were randomly selected today, cover out prayer theme perfectly. The Bible aptly calls it “The Day of the Lord”. They speak of God’s army and His quest for souls before that eventful day.

Reading from the Bible

Joel 2: 1-11

The Day Approaches

1 Blow the horn in Zion, sound the alarm on my holy mountain!

Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming! Yes, it approaches,

2 a day of darkness and gloom,a day of thick clouds!

Like dawn spreading over the mountains, a vast and mighty army!

Nothing like it has ever happened in ages past, nor will the future hold anything like it, even to the most distant generations.

3 Before it, fire devours, behind it flame scorches.

The land before it is like the garden of Eden, and behind it, a desolate wilderness; from it nothing escapes.

4 Their appearance is that of horses; like war horses they run.
5 Like the rumble of chariots they hurtle across mountaintops;

Like the crackling of fiery flames devouring stubble; Like a massive army in battle formation.

6 Before them peoples tremble, every face turns pale.
7 Like warriors they run, like soldiers they scale walls,

Each advancing in line, without swerving from the course.

8 No one crowds the other; each advances in its own track;

They plunge through the weapons; they are not checked.

9 They charge the city, they run upon the wall, they climb into the houses;

Through the windows they enter like thieves.

10 Before them the earth trembles; the heavens shake;

Sun and moon are darkened, and the stars withhold their brightness.

11 The LORD raises his voice at the head of his army; How immense is his host!

How numerous those who carry out his command!

How great is the day of the LORD!

Utterly terrifying! Who can survive it?

Reading from the Book of Truth

This is My last mission on earth where Holy Messages from the Blessed Trinity are being given to the world.

7 August 2012 @ 3:50pm; Message 0512

My dearly beloved daughter, My Love for you is as strong, as it is as intimate, although it does not seem like to this to you at this time.

You need to spend more time in My Company for only by doing this will you find peace in this mission.

My Graces fill your soul now so that you can communicate to the world My messages in the fastest time possible.

How weary I am and alone in My Heart right now My daughter.

I fret for those innocent souls who are ignorant of My existence. Good at heart and Christian in the way they treat others, yet, they do not believe in My existence.

I watch each day at the way they live their daily lives with no faith in the existence of God or their future life in the New Paradise.

Please help Me to tell them I love them.

Spread My Word and I will ignite a sense of recognition in their souls.

It does not matter if they reject you, My daughter, or My beloved followers; all that is needed is to let them read My messages.

I will send the Holy Spirit so that a spark, albeit a tiny one, will ignite a flame of My Love in their souls.

This is My last mission on earth where Holy Messages from the Blessed Trinity are being given to the world.

The Holy Spirit is present in these Words of Divine origin. They are your food to nourish your souls in order to help you prepare for battle.

Listen to the Holy Word of God. Take it, share it and unite all of God’s children ready for battle.

Bring all of your brothers and sisters, especially those who struggle to believe in God, towards My Great Mercy.

My Heart heaves with love for them. They, each of them, are God’s children.

I need their souls so that I can take care of their future so they will have eternal life and happiness.

I can’t bear to think of what will happen to them if I can’t save them.

My daughter, while My Divine Mercy will save much of humanity, I need you and My followers, My sacred servants and ordinary people to spread the net and find all those poor, unhappy and confused people in need of God’s Love.

Spread the net of My Love, like the fisherman, wide and far and in places where God is completely rejected, despised and  hated especially.

Then go and find God’s precious young children who do not know anything about Christianity, yet they live in so called Christian countries.

Go as far as Russia, China and countries where God is not revered and go and capture souls.

Feed them with My Messages. It does not matter how you communicate but do it in a way where it does not seem as if you are preaching.

Entice them through what may interest them. Use every kind of modern communications to do this. I need them quickly. I am relying on the spreading of My Word by all of My followers.

I will guide you.

You will know in your hearts what to do. Ask me to help you with this special Crusade Prayer to make you strong.

Crusade Prayer (72) The Disciple’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, I am ready to spread your Holy Word. Give me the courage, the strength and the knowledge to impart the Truth so that as many souls can be brought to You. Take me into your Sacred Heart and cover me with your Precious Blood so that I am filled with the graces to spread conversion for the salvation of all of God’s children in every part of the world no matter what their creed is. I trust in you always. Your beloved disciple.  Amen

Your Jesus