(Crusader Will): Random Testing – Taking Apocalypse on Board


(Part 1 of a  3 part Poem by Crusader Will on the situation our Church finds itself in. Each part has 7 stanzas)

PROLOGUE: Let-Outs for the Forewarned

Troy, sacked, dumped a double horror-dose

on Priam’s daughter Cassandra. Close

upon her prophecies of doom came

her share in that doom. Now, no blame

is hers for being ignored prior

to truth coming true. But a liar

would I be to play down some outrage

at my getting caught in the same cage.

Mitigation is our lone reward

for taking apocalypse on board.




Fishing round on the internet,

you’ll gasp at how clued-up you get.

Francis has been expounding enough

to make stuff-he-is-made-of the stuff

of fair comment. Contradiction

his stock-in-trade; concomitant the friction

between Church members all persuaded

they’ve heard right – that’s how, Satan-aided,

Christ’s Church is rent: most with no idea

why some are filled with the direst fear.



Item: our off-the-cuff traveller

costs the tangled-web un-raveller

dear. Chat, press-snapped-up, spin-doctors

quick-pick over, to re-concoct as

“misunderstood”, “harmless”, “without guile”.

But spot the glare of truth when the smile

is wiped from a face. “Gay-judge: who, me?”

Fundamentalist? – the Trad R.C.”

“Atheists heaven-capable?” Such,

from a Pope, off-guard, blogs damn “Too much!”



Scratch beneath a Catholic front,

and find the mood blase a stunt

designed to get the “novus ordo

fixed in fine form as the status quo –

curious fruit of Vatican Two

fed docile-bunch-us by a bright crew

that we had no reason to suspect

as they belonged to an elect

blessed with the normal build-up of trust

to second as only right and just.



These innovators, fast entrenched, 

could calmly dismiss the fists blenched

against them by the old guard. But guilt

the trustful must share, when there’s. in-built, 

complicity in easier ways-out

we’re not too innocent not to doubt.

Dumping ill-effects on leaders

does not clear us as special leaders.

Which part-explains the climax-lead-up

to this end-times trough at which we sup.


5.                                       Prophets have been telling us for years

that time’s paybacks are in grave arrears.

Church decline now in fast-track mode,

now we can see the end of the road.

But before it can get better,

the worst has to strike – to the letter.

This can be lessened if enough pray

and cause postponements to the last day.

But what will be, will be; and be bad.

Still, some consolation’s to be had.



What’s at stake is what is called

the new paradise, which, once installed,

will last a thousand years – this poor earth,

restored to what it was at birth,

before it fell into Satan’s hands.

With this restoration , it expands

slightly, though there is no more sea.

The twelve-nation result, quite free

of devils’ due, of course implies

for some present countries a demise.


7.                                         What about those who live on islands

and peninsulas? Will highlands

offer refuge in the great reshape,

or crust-rise bridge trenches left agape

when continents split up and water

flooded in to fill the gap?  Shorter

and shorter grows our time on wait

for tribulation to seal our fate.

Not all of us will outlive the birth

of the new heavens and the new earth.

By Crusader Will


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