Open Letter to the bishops — Jesus Risen

Today we are witnessing a silent spiritual holocaust LG Sleiman, 31st October 2020 The Bishops today face what is arguably the most difficult crisis in the entire  history of the Church, a crisis that manifests on practically every level: spiritual, doctrinal, pastoral, social, and diplomatic. But the Bishops, who are successors of the twelve Apostles, […]

Open Letter to the bishops — Jesus Risen

The sheep turn to shepherds


(To the tune of “Tea for Two”)

The sheep turn to shepherds
for crisis advice;
but the shepherds just keep mum
cos it ain’t very nice
to criticize the Pope
who marches to a different drum, dear.

Nobody knows what the Lord’s on about
but His Vicar on earth
who’s beyond any doubt,
so we just have to cheer up
and pray for all we’re worth, dear.

The Spirit is with us
no matter what goes wrong.
God will have it sorted
before very long.
That’s what they say,
but we now know it is up to us, dear.

So the sheep turn to shepherds
and commandeer their crooks,
even though we are given
the dirtiest of looks.
It’s no skin off our nose
if we hold a steadfast pose.

We will raise a hue and cry
and get the bloggers buzzing
on the internet,
or die.
Can’t you see how busier we must get?