Lies, lies, and more lies : “arrogant affirmation of falsification, of the subversion of logic, of the negation of the truth.”


In his Easter homily, Abp. Vigano exposes the lies, which have been

manifested on our society and in the Church. Selected excerpts are  below. Please read the whole sermon at this link:

These excerpts are followed by messages from the Book of Truth on lies and Truth.


Abp. Viganò on Easter Sunday: “The True Reset is Returning to the Truth of Christ,” Who is Risen Indeed

April 9, 2023

The modern world is held hostage by lies. Everything that is theorized by the elite, affirmed by the Institutions, and propagandized by the media is a lie, a falsehood, and a deception.

The psychopandemic emergency is a lie, all on account of a virus created in a laboratory for the sake of a mass vaccination that is as ineffective as it is harmful to health. Gender theory is a lie, which denies the distinction of the sexes willed by the Creator, and which seeks to cancel the image and likeness of God in man. Climate change is a lie, based as it is on the false premise of man-made climate crisis and on the even more false chimera that the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in certain countries can even minimally change the earth’s temperature. The Ukrainian crisis is a lie, which was provoked in order to destroy the social and economic fabric of European nations through unreasonable sanctions against the Russian Federation. The Agenda 2030 is a lie, which is being imposed by a gang of subversives in order to enslave humanity. Woke ideology is a lie, which causes the cancellation of our identity, our History, and our Faith in order to impose the infernal religion of the New World Order and the barbarism of the Great Reset.

What is most disconcerting is that this fraud against the peoples — perpetuated by those in authority who ought instead to be protecting and defending them — has also infected the ecclesial body, where other no less serious falsehoods corrupt the purity of the Faith, offending the Divine Majesty and causing the damnation of many souls, whom the Lord has paid for dearly, redeeming them with His Most Precious Blood. Ecumenism is a lie, which abases the Living and True God to the level of the idols of the nations. The Synodal Way is a lie, which subverts the divine constitution of the Church intended by Christ under the false pretext of listening to the People of God. The liturgical reform is a lie, introduced with the excuse of making the Mass understandable to the faithful, with the sole intention of taking honor from God and pleasing the heretics. The feminine diaconate is a lie, which with the alibi of giving a role to women attacks the Mass and the Sacraments and tampers with the Holy Orders instituted by Our Lord. The possibility of divorced and cohabitating couples receiving Holy Communion is a lie, the blessing of homosexual unions is a lie, the entrance of transsexuals into the Seminary is a lie: Morality does not follow the fashions of the day, whatever Bergoglio may say. The acceptance of sodomy is a lie, which too often seems to want to legitimize the conduct of many Prelates and clergy rather than saving the souls of poor sinners.

These lies have the effrontery to manifest themselves as obvious falsehoods, deprived of any rational or credible arguments. They are not the lies with which one clumsily tries to hide something: they are the arrogant affirmation of falsification, of the subversion of logic, of the negation of the truth.

What Satan promises Our Lord when he tempted Him in the desert was also a lie: All this will be yours . . . for the sake of something of which Christ was not only already the Master but also the Creator.

If we fight for the Truth — for any truth, not just theological truth — we align ourselves on the side of Christ; on the side of the One Who was not lying when He announced to His Apostles His own Death and Resurrection.

If instead we choose not to fight for the Truth, or even to allow error to be proclaimed or to spread it ourselves, we align ourselves on the side of Satan, the prince of lies, on the side of the one who makes promises and does not keep them, for the sole purpose of dragging us into that abyss of damnation into which he chose to sink when, committing the sin of pride, he believed he could put himself in the place of God and decide what is and what is not, that is, what is true and what is false, what is good and what is evil, what is beautiful and what is ugly. And in fact, the infernal world we are rushing headlong into today is composed of lies, malice, and ugliness. Nor could it be otherwise.

It is not by chance that Satan is called the prince of this world: he is not king; his power is ephemeral and permitted by God only until the time comes to end the period of trial and the moment of Judgment comes. It is no different for Satan’s servants. Even if their power seems to overwhelm us, even if the means at their disposal seem unlimited and overwhelming, their end is inexorably approaching as Christ takes back His Universal Kingdom. Oportet illum regnare, it is necessary that this happens; it is in the order willed by God, and no one, not even all of Hell combined, can prolong the apparent triumph of evil by a single instant.

Only two days ago we were contemplating the Mysteries of the Passion and Death of the Lord, after the maneuvers of the Sanhedrin, the uproar of the crowd, and the tortures of the executioners. Along with Joseph of Arimathea and the Pious Women, we accompanied the lifeless Body of Jesus towards the Sepulcher. We remained in prayer in the bare silence of our churches. But “Consummatum est” does not mean “Everything is lost,” but rather, “Everything has come to its fulfillment,” that is, “The work of the Redemption has been accomplished.

Today, after the solemn notes of the Exsultet have announced the glory of the Resurrection, let us celebrate the triumph of Christ over death and sin, His victory over Satan. Let us also celebrate the victory of the Church and Christian Civilization over earthly enemies, because the fate of the Mystical Body was decreed in the moment in which its Divine Head nailed the ancient serpent to the Cross. Mors et vita duello conflixere mirando: Dux vitæ mortuus, regnat vivus.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

9 April 2023
Dominica Paschatis, in Resurrectione Domini

Book of Truth

The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you

23 June 2013 @ 6:37pm; Message 0824

My dearly beloved daughter, how My Heart breaks for the suffering of My poor beloved servants, who now begin to see the confusion, which is being presented within My Church. To them, I say this. Stay and do what you must do to serve Me, under the roof of My Church. Remain firm to My Teachings. Do not accept new and so-called theological explanations, as to Who I Am; what I did for humanity or how I will return to claim all God’s children, who accept My Mercy. Trust only in My Holy Word, given to you through My apostles and in the Most Holy Bible. Anything, which differs from the Holy Sacraments or what you have been told about the need for redemption – do not accept it.

I Am the Truth. You have been given the Truth. Only the Truth can save your souls from damnation.The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you. I solemnly promise each of you, My precious sacred servants, extraordinary Graces, in order to persevere in the face of persecution, as your faith will be tested to the limits, if you recite this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (110) For Priests to remain true to Your Holy Word

O my dearest Jesus, I beg You to keep me strong and courageous, so that I can defend the Truth in Your Most Holy Name. Give me the Grace I need – I implore – to give testimony to Your Holy Word at all times. Enable me to withstand the pressures to promote untruths, when I know in my heart that they offend You. Help me to remain true to Your Holy Word, until the day I die. Amen.

To My sacred servants, I have one more word of caution to give you. You must defend the Gift of Reconciliation and recognise that only those who seek remorse for their sins and accept Me, Jesus Christ, as the key to their salvation, will join Me in Paradise.

Your Jesus

Your works for others will mean nothing to Me for you will be judged by your loyalty to the Truth

14 December 2014 @ 6:00pm; Message 1289

My dearly beloved daughter, My people were given a great gift by Me through My Death on the Cross. This sacrifice, given up to redeem the world from certain death, is part of My Father’s Final Covenant before the Great Day when He salvages the remnant from the earth.

Generation after generation spoke of the Truth, contained in My Father’s Book, and His sacred servants endorsed the Word of God. How much you have forgotten and how little you know. Many of those appointed to lead you have erred and their proud heads, held high as they dabble with the Word of God, will hang in shame and fear when they are faced with the warning from heaven. To these sacred servants I have this to say.

Your works for others will mean nothing to Me for you will be judged by your loyalty to the Truth. I will punish you and My Justice will be relentless until you tear up your pagan laws and proclaim the Word given to you so long ago. Your contempt for the Laws of God brings Me great shame but your deceit, which will cost Me souls, will lead to your ruination. Those of My people, who live by the Word of God, though they are nothing in your eyes, will sit upon the Seats of Judgment when you are called to answer, before Me, the reasons why you misled My people. You may believe that your power and influence is beyond reproach but know that your glory is fading and soon; the gold and white cloaks that you wear will be turned into rags and your glittering crowns replaced with weeds.

For all the sins in the world, there is nothing worse in My Eyes, than those hypocrites who pose as My servants but who do not serve Me. When the time comes when you will blaspheme against Me, and feed God’s children with lies about the meaning of sin, I will send down upon you a punishment so great that you will find it difficult to catch your breath. Hailstones of such large dimensions will hurl down from the heavens and for every church, which has been handed over to My enemies, where they will desecrate My Altars, great floods will destroy them. For every crime you commit against Me, you commit against a child of God. And so, I will send you warning after warning until you reject the new false doctrine; until you speak the Truth – the Holy Word of God – and uphold the Sacraments like you were taught in the beginning.

Through these Messages I will remind you of the Truth and I will continue to warn you until the day that you decide who to choose – Me or those who profess they are of Me but who are slaves to the beast.

Your Jesus

The world is starved of the Truth of My Word

June 17, 2014 @ 10:23pm; Message 1152
My dearly beloved daughter, My Remnant Army has gathered in great numbers and is scattered in every part of the world. My Own know Me and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I have made Myself known through the Power of My Words contained in these Sacred Messages.

My Word will draw those already blessed with the Holy Spirit to Me quickly. For these souls there is no doubt. The Holy Spirit will, through My Words, draw the more reluctant and while they may be unsure as to whether it is indeed I, Jesus Christ, Who beckons them to respond to My Call, they will come towards Me with caution. Eventually, they will embrace Me fully. Then there are those who believe in Me, but who do not accept that I Am calling out to them. They too, in time, will respond to My Call. But what is My Call? Is it to simply prove Myself? No, for that is unnecessary. My Call is to gather you to prepare you, so that all Christians will help Me in My quest to save humanity. It is through My beloved disciples that I can make much happen.

My Mission is to save souls and I will do this through the use of the free will of man. The Will of God is to give life and to bring all God’s children under His Protection. By the Divine Will of God, all souls can be saved, but the route to Eternal Salvation lies in the free will, given to man, by God. It will be through your free will that each of you will choose your future. You will not be forced to accept the Mercy of God, but you will be asked to follow Me. I will never command you to do this, for it is your right – the right to your free will – for you to decide for yourself what you want to do.

Some men will choose wisely, for they will know what I offer, the path of Truth – the Way to Eternal Life. Some people will choose unwisely and follow the wrong path. They will do this because they will have failed to understand the Truth, the Word of God. They will have allowed the allure of great material attractions, lusts and pleasures to sway them away from Me. They do not believe in life after death and feel no remorse for the sins they commit in fulfilling their own selfish desires. Yet, if they are shown the Truth and are encouraged by others to listen to the Word of God and My Promise for the future, they can change. They can, through the Gift of Conversion, reside in My Kingdom.

My Call, therefore, is to encourage all souls to seek the Truth. Through their free will – and it has to be by their own choice – they will allow Me, their beloved Jesus, to save them. I call out to all Christians now to take up your armour and march forward to help Me to gather those souls who are scattered and lost. When you reach out to them, I will cover you with the great Gifts of the Holy Spirit so that Through your help, I can encourage all souls of every creed, race and colour to come to Me. you can succeed and bring Me the lost souls for whom I pine every second.

The Will of God is to save everyone. But it is by the free will of man, who chooses to come forward into My Arms, by his own free choice, that the Divine Will of God will be fulfilled as it should be. Go, all of you, and teach the Truth of the Holy Gospels. The world is starved of the Truth of My Word. My Word is no longer taught in the way it should be. People must be given the Truth – it is what I gave up My Life for. Without access to the Truth – My Holy Word – you cannot choose the correct path to Eternal Salvation.

That is why I come now, to bring you the Truth. To bring you to your senses, so that you are prepared, ready and waiting for the Great Day without fear, anguish or worry in your hearts. When you accept Me and trust in Me completely you will be at peace.

Your Jesus


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Easter Message: Redemption through Suffering



Cardinal Pell’s Easter message is very appropriate for us today.  The secret is to see suffering in its correct light. He refers to his suffering and to ours with the CoVID 19 virus and all it entails. The phrase I like best is: I knew God was with me, but I didn’t know what He was up to”. This is what our attitude today should be, also.

The article is from “The Australian, Sat. April 11, 2020”:

  • 6:02 AM APRIL 11, 2020

“Every person suffers. None escapes all the time. Everyone is confronted with a couple of questions. What should I do in this situation? Why is there so much evil and suffering? And why did this happen to me? Why the coronavirus pandemic?

The ancient Greeks and Romans thought the gods were capricious, liable to punish without reason. It is claimed that when we wrap up our Christmas presents we are following the ancient practice of those offering a sacrifice to a particular god who would cover it so the other gods would not be jealous.

The atheists today believe that the universe, including us, is the product of blind chance, that no transcendent Intelligence exists to help explain our DNA sequence, the 10,000 nerves connected to an eye, the genius of Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Beethoven and Albert Einstein.

Another option is a radical agnosticism. We don’t know and perhaps we don’t want to know. Here the agnostics can battle against fate with a Stoic dignity or turn furious, journey into the night “raging against the light”.

Easter provides the Christian answer to suffering and living. Christians are monotheists who developed from within the Jewish revelation; they too follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They believe that nearly 2000 years ago a young Jew was crucified on a hilltop in Jerusalem, one Friday afternoon, despised and rejected. Everyone saw Him die, while a limited number, those with faith, saw Him after a miraculous bodily resurrection on the next Sunday. The claim is not that Jesus’ soul goes marching on. It was a return of his entire person from death, breaking the rules of health and physics, as Christians believe this young man was the only Son of God, Divine, the Messiah. Jesus’ bones will never be found. To the dismay of many, this was a Messiah who was not a great monarch like David or Solomon, but Isaiah’s suffering servant, Who redeems us, enables us to receive forgiveness and enter into a happy eternity.

“Behold the wood of the cross on which hangs the Saviour of the World.”

My generation, and those younger, are passing through a unique moment. It is not unprecedented. We were not alive for the Spanish flu pandemic after World War I, somewhat comparable so far, and we have heard of the terrible Black Death in the 14th century, where one-third of the population died in some places. What is new is our capacity to fight the disease intelligently, mitigate the spread.

The sexual abuse crisis damaged thousands of victims. From many points of view the crisis is also bad for the Catholic Church, but we have painfully cut out a moral cancer and this is good. So too, some would see COVID-19 as a bad time for those who claim to believe in a good and rational God, the Supreme Love and Intelligence, the Creator of the universe. And it is a mystery; all suffering, but especially the massive number of deaths through plagues and wars. But Christians can cope with suffering better, than the atheists can explain the beauty and happiness of life.

And many, most understand the direction we are heading when it is pointed out that the only Son of God did not have an easy run and suffered more than his share. Jesus redeemed us and we can redeem our suffering by joining it to His, and offering it to God.

I have just spent 13 months in jail for a crime I didn’t commit, one disappointment after another. I knew God was with me, but I didn’t know what He was up to, although I realised He has left all of us free. But with every blow it was a consolation to know I could offer it to God for some good purpose like turning the mass of suffering into spiritual energy.

The roots of our health services are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition of service, their continuing work of long hours and with a lively danger of infection. It wasn’t like this in pagan Rome where Christians were unique because they stayed with their sick and nursed them in times of plague. Even Galen, the best known ancient physician, fled to his country estate during the plague.

Kiko Arguello, co-founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, claims that a fundamental difference between God-fearers and secularists today is found in the approach to suffering. Too often the irreligious want to eliminate the cause of the suffering, through abortion, euthanasia, or exclude it from sight, leaving our loved ones unvisited in nursing homes. Christians see Christ in everyone who suffers — victims, the sick, the elderly — and are obliged to help.

That is part of the Easter message of the Risen Christ.


God bless Cardinal Pell +++

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