Do Catholics really agree & believe Luther is now ‘a witness to the Gospel’?


pope_and-lutherNo-one who knows the truth about Luther, could make such statements!

The Vatican Document:

On 5 Jan. 2017, LifeSite News reported on the recently released document from the Vatican which was co-authored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Christian Unity and the World Council of Churches on the week of prayer from January 18-25:  ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ – the theme being: Reconciliation: The love of Christ compels us.’

In 2017, it says, “Lutheran and Catholic Christians will for the first time commemorate together the beginning of the Reformation.” The text also states that “Catholics are now able to hear Luther’s challenge for the Church of today, recognizing him as a ‘witness to the gospel.’


“The Lutheran Churchaccepts contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and female clergy, all of which are strictly and unalterably forbidden in the Catholic Church.

…the Vatican is pushing the joint celebration of the Reformation focusing on the common element of “Jesus Christ and his work of reconciliation as the center of Christian faith.” (LifeSite News)

“Actually, The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life. The other sacraments, and indeed all ecclesiastical ministries and works of the apostolate, are bound up with the Eucharist and are oriented toward it. For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself, our Pasch.”  (CCC Ch. 1, Article 3 #1324

Lutherans also believe that ‘during the consecration at Mass the bread used becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ while still looking like bread. Lutherans believe in a fleeting presence – that while Christ is present in the bread during the service, it is just normal bread again outside the service.”

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Book of Truth Prophecy:

 “The division between the loyal followers, those who accept My Father’s Book, the Most Holy Bible, and those who want to change the Truth, is about to become wider. One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth. They will do this to suit their own political and personal motivations, which will be hidden behind a couched language.  (November 21, 2012 )

The Truth about the Eucharist is being very cleverly manipulated. Clever language  is used: Reconciliation: The love of Christ compels us.”

The quote from the Catechism has been changed from “The Eucharist is the source and summit..” to Jesus Christ and his work of reconciliation as the center..Very clever and subversive! It completely changes the meaning, while still bringing to mind ‘Jesus’ and His Mercy in “reconciliation”.


This belief is incompatible with the Catholic Faith; there can be no reconciliation with Lutherans, based on this belief. We would be Judases – betraying Jesus once again. This will simply be another rotten egg thrown into the basket.

(Donna Liane:) “Since when can someone officially call a heretic a “witness to the Gospel” and not fall into grave error themselves???

There was a time when calling a heretic a ‘witness to the Gospel’ also made you a heretic…and in reality it still does, even if it isn’t said officially, for God still notices what men do and say.

It is as impossible for Catholics to commemorate the Reformation, as it would be to celebrate and hold what is Evil as Good. The Reformation is one of the greatest Evils ever committed in history.

O Lord, deliver your people from these evil men who call evil good and good evil.”