“Fear not, My beloved followers, I Am with you, though you suffer.”


The message from the Book of Truth (see below) seemed to me to have direct relevance for an event In which I was invited to participate, by Robert (a Christian relative).

Like many of us, he is written off as over the top, too strong, etc. even by most of our Catholic relatives. We have had many conversations over the years, and he worried about me “being saved” and his belief that evil rules in the Vatican. (This was way back before the present situation.) Yet I always felt his deep faith, and I pray for him each day. I always tell his mother that he has more faith that many of our other relatives. We are now on the same page, he believes that I actually “am saved” (even though I am Catholic). He sees all that I see. He sent me an invitation to join with a group he was organizing to pray about the current situation in the world. He lives in another state, (even worse than NSW in terms of tytranny and lockdowns). So I was happy to join him. I also spread his invitation to others in our Traditional Catholic community. They were happy to join in, as I often send them Robert’s little observations.

Read the message below – about Jesus’ Gift of the Holy Spirit to humble souls, and the rekindling of this gift “in every church all over the world“. Then, after you have read it, read the invitation sent to me, and the response sent to him, by one of the participants. ( Robert forwarded me the response.)

In the past few years, we have had many pro-active Christian organizations help us to fight against evil laws being enacted through our governments. Examples are the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby); the Canberra Declaration and others. Very soon we will all have to work side by side, to ensure that the True Word of God is proclaimed, against the tides of paganism, atheism, and the darkness that is enveloping us.

In the end, all humanity will be one – we will all be True Christians, according to how Jesus intended! At this important time in History, all true Christians must fight and work together. We are His Remnant and we are an army!!!


I bring Gifts in stages, depending on the purity of the soul

4 September 2013 @ 6:00pm; Message 0899

My dearly beloved daughter, the Living God, present in humble souls, will become more pronounced as My New Gift is being poured over each of those alive in the world at this time.

I bring Gifts in stages, depending on the purity of the soul. My followers, in every church all over the world, will feel a rekindling of their love for Me as I envelop them with a greater understanding as to My Promise to Come again. My Gift will mean that they will be able to see, through the cobwebs of darkness, how the Truth begins to make sense. They will know now that I speak to them, because they will feel My Presence in their hearts. They will be blessed with knowledge, given to them by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to enable them to prepare adequately for My Second Coming.

My followers will be led by the Holy Spirit and they will not betray Me, nor will they accept blasphemy, presented to them in My Name.This is why My Word will now spread more quickly and soon the Holy Spirit will create a longing in their souls for the Great Day when the final trumpet will peal out to announce My Coming.

Fear not, My beloved followers, I Am with you, though you suffer. Soon, you will grow in great numbers and this will give you the confidence to remain true to Me.

Your Jesus


To me, from Robert

“Hey everyone.
I’m thinking of fasting and praying this Sunday. I don’t know where people are at with this business but if you, or those close to you, do not see evil afoot, then you/they haven’t been paying attention. 
I’m wondering whether we should all send up prayers together. Ideally, fast and pray on the same day. Maybe the whole day. If you can’t fast, and if you can’t pray and contemplate God’s word all day, then I at least ask that, at 11 am on Sunday, you send God some prayers. 
For what?
Well, there are many whose livelihoods are going to be affected. Families have been divided. There is a complete lack of knowledge of the Truth. Let’s ask that God reveals what is deception and what isn’t. Let’s pray that the intentions of evil men are thwarted. Let’s ask that lies are uncovered both in the world and in the “Christian” church. Let’s pray that false teachers are exposed. Let’s pray that those who genuinely seek God and accept Christ will be protected, as Israel was from Egypt’s plagues. Let’s pray that no matter what happens, God provides us our daily bread. Let’s pray that more people turn to Him as a result of this. Let’s pray not for the courage of our own hearts but the valour that only comes from God’s spirit. For the simplicity of complete trust in Him.
Let me know. Know that on Sunday, I’m there – and that God’s got this, BUT He loves to hear us anyway! He wants His people involved in the solution. Scripture is full of it!
Love y’all!”
Robert after the event: Sun night 9.02 pm:
“One of today’s participants in the fasting and prayer sent me this. It’s gratifying to know it had a good effect for them and inspired them to seek strength in the only place it is found:”
Reply to Robert from a participant after the event: Sun night 9.02 pm:
“Bob I sent the msg below but thought I’d share with you.  Thank you for organizing today…
Thank you for joining in in some form or some way in worship and praise to our Lord today.  As we close for the day I just want to encourage you to read 2 Chronicles 20 such powerful words in this chapter.  Especially for us to keep our eyes on God that He will fight our battles for us- for us to listen to God ….do not be afraid or discouraged and to stand firm and let God be with us and that we need to keep on believing and constantly giving praise, giving thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever. Bless you all and may your day and week be a blessing as we stand together with Jesus at the forefront and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.”
Of course, all my fellow Catholic friends prayed the most powerful of all prayers – the Most Holy Rosary. Let us all continue to spread God’s Word as afar as we are able.
Last week, my daughter, attended a “meeting” which was for teachers who will lose their job because of the vc mandate.  Everyone wore a white T-shirt. She came back full of zeal. She said she spoke to so many people  who were sad, and had no hope. Most of them  were not religious. She told them what Jesus says in the Book of Truth. They were amazed and were hungry for more. It gave them Hope. She told them where to find the messages etc. It’s a pity we were not better prepared.
So, wherever you go, take supplies with you: Seal of Living God, etc. Some of our booklets might also be helpful – see “Tools of Evangelization” (on our front page/menu) to download. Be prepared and don’t worry. Step out in faith. The time is ripe! Jesus always brings us to the ones He wants us to meet.
Onward Christian Soldiers!!!