JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Fri. 27th April, 2018


Prayer Group Theme: Salvation of Souls

Prayers are Groups A & B: (See https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

Reading from the Book of Truth

 November 2011 @ 10:40am

Virgin Mary: Time for my Son to deliver His Gift of Divine Mercy

2 Nov. 2011

My child, the time for my Son to deliver His Gift of Divine Mercy is drawing close. As such, you must concentrate on your Mission to save souls. You must not allow distractions, which take your eye off the most important task of spreading conversion.

The Heavens rejoice, as this divine Gift will soon be presented with the pure Love that my Son holds in His Heart for all souls. My child, as this work escalates in its intensity, the evil one will continue to torment you through different people at every opportunity. You have been instructed to keep silent and focus only on my Son.

You, my child, are the appointed one to convey in great detail the desire of my Son to speak with mankind in these times. Be brave and courageous, for this Holy Mission will succeed. It has been foretold so very long ago and you have been accorded every kind of direction from the Heavens. The saints all guide you, for they have been gathered in full force to ensure that this Mission will not fail. Nor can it. You must stop worrying when things seem hopeless, for that is the deceit you will be confronted with through the work of the deceiver.

I, your beloved Mother, work with you all the time. It was through me that you were prepared to come before my Precious Son. The graces granted were to enable your soul to be purified, so that you were fit to work for the Saviour of mankind.

It was through my precious Son that you have been brought before the Blessed Trinity. This is one of the most important Missions since my Son was sent to redeem the world from sin.

Never allow yourself to deviate from this Mission. Nor must you give in to the temptation to walk away. Pray to me, your Mother, at all times, for protection.

Your beloved Mother
Queen of Heaven
Mother of Mercy

Reading for Today from the Book of Truth: “My arrival will be sooner than you expect.”


This message was the second one  opened at JtM CPG meeting on Thursday 21st  April, 2016, after a Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

My arrival will be sooner than you expect

24 October 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, you must not allow those who continue to question and pass judgment on My most Holy Word to upset you. Ignore these interrogations. Remain silent. Pray for them and move on for there is not much time now.

I call on all of you, dear children, to sit down calmly and pray to me for mercy. Please, you must not panic because I come only to save you not to judge. Don’t you know this? There is nothing to fear just trust in me completely.

My arrival will be sooner than you expect, so please prepare your souls. Pray for all souls who may deny me or reject my gift of Divine Mercy. You, my cherished souls, bring me such comfort and ease the torment and suffering I endure when I see the hatred everywhere in your world.

Come closer to me, children, and let me embrace you to give you the strength and confidence you need to greet me.

You, my special army, are in union with me and whether you realize it or not, you are being guided by the Holy Spirit to fight to save souls.

Sit quietly, my little ones, and remember I am with you at all times. Rejoice and await my coming when I will pour out my graces to cover all of My beloved followers everywhere. No matter where you live, no matter what part of the world you are from, you are mine. I love you.

Look with open hearts and confidence as we draw closer to The Warning.

Your Jesus

Summary / Overview

In this reading, Jesus gives us lots of advice and information. He tells us not to let people upset us,(very appropriate for what is happening to us here and now),not to panic, to ignore their interrogations, for time is short. Jesus calls us ‘His cherished souls”, His special army”, His “little ones”. He tells us that we are His. Telling us all these things are graces enough, but Jesus tells us that He will pour out His graces to cover all of His beloved followers everywhere.

This reading, like the one before,  is about the “special Graces” that was our prayer theme on Thursday.. Thank you Jesus !!!