Paganism: Book of Truth – 13 Feb. 2013


Masonry has infiltrated My Church, on earth, and soon the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet amongst My faithful servants

13 February 2013 @ 11:20am

My dearly beloved daughter, there is a rage in Heaven, at this time, as the Crown of Thorns descend to crush My Body, the Catholic Church, on earth

This prophecy given to you, in much detail, over the last two years, has come to pass. Now, as My other Revelations will soon be realized, very few of My sacred servants will be able to ignore My Pleas to the human race, at this ungodly hour in your time.

They, the wicked group have begun their campaign, to rid the earth of the Truth of My Teachings. My Holy Vicar has been forced into this action and will suffer greatly as a result. Masonry has infiltrated My Church on earth and soon the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet amongst My faithful servants.

Many have no idea as to the deceit with which they are being presented. Nor do they know that the foundation of My Church, the Catholic Church, has been crushed to dust. In its place, will rise the abomination and I will intervene and send signs in order to warn every soul of the importance of praying, so that they can discern Truth from fiction.

It is not the collapse of the Catholic Church, which will soon become evident, which will divide the world. It will be their involvement in the creation of a New World Church, a one-world religion, which will introduce paganism and idolatry.

The false prophet has prepared well and his time is coming. In collaboration with the antichrist they will bring the world to its knees. It won’t be to God they will pay homage, it will be to the beast.

I urge all My disciples, My Christian followers, everywhere, to remain calm. Pray for peace and allow Me, your Jesus, to guide you at this time.

I call on all of My cardinals, My bishops and My sacred servants, to unite your flock and remain loyal to My Teachings. Pay close attention to what you will be asked to preach for it will change. Your homilies will be devised and written for a secular world and they will have no substance.

In a bid, to be seen to modernise the Catholic Church, this is what will be presented to you –the promotion of all-inclusive congregations – all religions rolled into one, so-called Christian Unified Church.  All the outward signs may, at first, seem the same, but that is what you are meant to see. Slowly you will no longer recognise My Holy Scripture, as new words, phrases and new formats to the presentation of the Sacraments will be placed before you.

There will be a panic amongst those true loyal conservative priests who will be alarmed at the new modern format the Church will embrace when they will re-launch a new type of modern alternative Church.

It will be through the network of masonry, which is infiltrated in every corner of the Catholic Church, governments and the media, that this abomination will be presented as a great innovation.

This is the beginning of the end. My Presence will be discreetly banished for the new ceremony of the Masses.

All the pomp and ceremony will mask an empty tabernacle, for My Divine Presence, will no longer be permitted, by My Father.

You must remain united and, if you are Catholic, continue to attend daily Masses and Holy Communion. For all Christians you must know that, you too, will be lured into the New World Religion, plotted by nations who are in league with the traitors of My Catholic Church. They wish to create a secular, humanistic, façade – a façade, which masks the evil it will promote, subtly.

The battle has begun, but you, My beloved followers, are stronger than you think. I Am here always. I have prepared you well. You must, to survive, say this Crusade Prayer.

Crusade of Prayer (100) For the survival of Christianity

O dear Jesus, we beg You for the skills to survive the trials we now face, as the last True Pope finishes his Mission for You.

Help us to sustain the terrible abuse we will now have to face because of the collapse of the Church, which we once knew.

Never let us deviate from the Truth of Your Divine Word.

Help us to remain silent when the attacks are placed upon our shoulders to entice us to turn our backs on You and the Sacraments you gave the world.

Cover Your Army with the powerful Love we need, like a shield, to protect us against the false prophet and the antichrist.

Help Your Church on earth to spread and multiply, so that they can adhere to the Truth and help you lead our brothers and sisters on the Path of Truth to prepare ourselves, adequately, for Your Second Coming. Amen.

Do not fret, My followers. Everything is in My Sacred Hands. Be patient. Do not justify any of your actions, in My Name, for when you do this, you defend My Word, when all you need to do is to proclaim My Word.

Your Jesus

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Reading for Today from the Book of Truth: “All during My childhood I knew Who I was “


This message was the third one  opened at JtM CPG meeting on Tuesday 17 May, 2016, after a Prayer to the Holy Spirit. (The second reading was posted  yesterday) The prayer theme was: Protection for Church, Faith, Priests, Families, Nation, and Submission to the Divine Will

All during My childhood I knew Who I was

12 December 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, as the time for my birthday draws near, I desire that all Christians everywhere contemplate on the reason for my birth. My birth was planned by My Father out of his Great Mercy and his extraordinary love for his children. His greatest sacrifice was to send his only son, begotten of him, into an ungrateful world, full of sinners, who did not want to know him on his terms.

Every intervention, through the prophets, was made to try to turn their hardened hearts to seek out His glory. But they turned against him and killed the prophets, who fed them with the food for their souls.

By sending an innocent child, His only Son, into the world, he placed himself as a lowly servant of human flesh, before those who were meant to serve their master. The master, therefore, became the servant in what was the greatest form of humility. Yet, he so loved his children, he was prepared to do anything to win them back from the deceit and temptation of Satan.

All during My childhood I knew who I was and what was expected of me. I was also very frightened and overwhelmed by the knowledge of who I was and what was expected of me.

Because I was human, I suffered from fear. I was easily hurt. I loved all who came into contact with me and I trusted all because I loved them. I did not know they would kill me, for I thought that My Kingdom had come. There were certain things kept from me by My Father, who did not communicate with me as you would believe.

Instead, I received an infused knowledge, when desired by My Father, in the task assigned to me, in order to bring salvation to all. Every kind of Divine intervention was made to win over the souls of those who thought they knew the laws of My Father, but who twisted them to suit their own desires and egos.

I spent many years living with my Beloved Mother and Father, St. Joseph, just as any family. I loved them so much and I was happy. We were very close and my mother was gifted with special graces given to her by the power of the Holy Spirit. This meant that she knew exactly what my mission entailed. She knew the difficulties I would have to face. The rejection. The ridicule. But neither did she know that I would be murdered.

It was after the first two years in my mission, having spent twenty hours a day preaching the Truth, that I realized that the opposition had mounted. All those who heard my word were alert to it, even when they could not understand exactly what I was trying to tell them. Many, who did accept that what I told them was the truth, found it difficult to follow me because of the ridicule that they faced.

Either way, my enemies could not ignore me. I was the subject of much debate, much argument and much friction. They spread terrible lies about me, including my morality, my sanity and my intentions – and yet, they could not ignore what I did, what I said and what I told them about My Father’s Kingdom. I was betrayed by those who loved me, but who lacked the courage to follow me. By the grace of My Father, I endured all this pain, until the final realization became clear to me.

I knew, then, that they would not accept me. I knew the truth, towards the end, but I also knew that I could not give up. And so, through the greatest act of humility, God, through his only Son, became a Victim and so allowed man to inflict upon him a terrible suffering, scourging and violent death. This, seemingly cowardly act by me, as seen through the eyes of Satan, meant that he doubted that I was, in fact, the Son of Man. And so he was deceived.

Satan, therefore, could not counteract this great act of humility, for there was no one left to tempt. When I went to My Death, a willing and silent victim, full of love for humanity, he, Satan, could not compete with this deed, for he does not possess any form of humility. So, I went willingly and with a burning desire to save souls and leave the world the legacy of eternal life. My Kingdom remained however, for the most part, under the domain of Satan. Souls, however, knew the truth.

Now to ensure that humanity understands the truth, I come now to reclaim My Kingdom.

By doing so, I have incurred the wrath of Satan. His plans to hide the truth are elaborate and sophisticated. Cunningly, he has infiltrated My Church in this his last attempt to deny me the souls I have come for. The souls who have a natural right to the glorious Kingdom I promised them. This time he won’t win. But many souls will be deceived and as such, will be cheated out of the greatest gift given to humanity by my beloved Father.

To live a life in the glory of God with a perfect body and soul for eternity is yours. All of you. Do not squander this by allowing yourselves to be blinded to the true word of God.

Your Jesus