“…“Man is born as a man, and not as an animal, plant, or raw material …”


Cardinal Gerhard Müller excoriated the LGBT movement in recent remarks, describing transgender ideology as “self-mutilation of mind, soul, and body” that supporters have given a “totalitarian position” in society at the expense of young people and religious and scientific freedom.    

Cardinal Müller was responding to controversy over an episode of a German kids’ TV program that sparked parental outrage for glorifying “gender transitioning.     …

A trans person is a person who was born a girl, but is actually a boy, or the other way around,” a presenter, who opened with episode with LGBT “pride” flags, told the child audience.

Asked for his take on the controversy, Cardinal Müller spared no words, blasting the promotion of transgenderism as a “serious sin” against children and young people.

“When the self-mutilation of mind, soul, and body is peddled ideologically and politically as an alleged ‘self-determination,’ then that is nothing less than a serious sin against the well-being and salvation of children and young people who are in a process of maturing and finding their identity, he said. “Hopefully, they have good parents and friends who encourage them to accept themselves as human beings in the manner of men and women.”

“According to the Christian faith, the baptized understand themselves in Jesus Christ as sons and daughters of God, their Creator, Redeemer, and Completer,” he added.

The eminent German prelate explained that a person’s nature as male or female is unchangeable and serves as a precondition for genuine love and the future of humanity.

“Man is born as a man, and not as an animal, plant, or raw material, without anyone asking for his consent beforehand,” he said. “Since male or female sexuality is part of the expression of our individual body, we cannot change it essentially, but either develop within it positively or rebel against it to our detriment.”

“The distinction between man and woman is positive,” he continued, “both for the individual and for the community (also for the succession of generations).” The two sexes are “the precondition for two people to love each other and say to each other: You alone and forever, until death do us part. In this way, they become husband and wife to each other; and then, if God so wills, also father and mother to their common children.”

“LGBT ideology is not about the dignity of individuals who feel that they are of the opposite sex, but is rather about the negation of the nature of human being as male and female in general, as God inscribed it into creation,” he said.

This anti-Christian, anti-scientific ideology, the cardinal added, “has succeeded in turning a persecuted minority into a persecuting one.” “It has been given a totalitarian position of power in politics, the judiciary, universities, and the media that is destroying religious freedom, undermining the rule of law, and trampling on scientific freedom.”

Cardinal Müller’s comments reflect those of Archbishop Charles Chaput, archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia, who characterized transgenderism last year asthe final rebellion against God.”  …

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From the Book of Truth:Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul

20 July 2014 @ 4:45pm; Message 1174

My dearly beloved daughter, when the world is under the spirit of darkness, it becomes very difficult for those who believe in Me, Jesus Christ, to stay true to My Word. When My Church falters, then the faithful will feel disillusioned with all that I taught and they will struggle in their faith. 

It is not My desire that you divert your attention from the Word of God and when you do, you will not find Me Present. When My Word is not adhered to, and when you allow yourselves to be taken into a false sense of security – when sin is pushed aside as being of no consequence – then you will find it difficult to remain loyal to My Teachings. 

Rise, all of you, and hear My Voice now as I tell you this. Everything that I taught you, as being Sacred, will be pulled asunder. Many of you will find it confusing when so many Teachings, given by Me to My Church, will soon be dismissed as being not for these times. The times you are facing ahead will bring much anguish, for you will not be given the direction upon which My Church was built. The edifice will crumble, the faith of My sacred servants will be weakened, beyond your capacity of understanding, and all Truth will be demolished. Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul. Only I, Jesus Christ, can feed you with the Faith, which will make you fit to follow Me. Whatever you are told, you must always remain true to Me, for I will always remain loyal to you.

When you separate from Me, I will be standing close to you constantly, trying to draw you back to Me. And while you may wander away and adjust your lives into accepting falsities, I will never desert you. And when you are completely lost, I will find you and bring you back into My Realm. I will never forsake you although you will forsake Me.

Your Jesus

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 12th May, 2016


Prayer Group Overview

Our prayer theme today was: Salvation of Souls

All the readings, chosen at random after a prayer to the Holy Spirit, are listed below. The Bible reading will be posted in full below, together with an overview of the readings. The other readings will be posted in a separate post each day.

The Readings today:


  1. Wisdom of Ben Sirach 41: 14-22 (or Ecclesiasticus olr Wisdom of Ben Sirach)

The Book of Truth

2. “They will say that he was guilty of a crime of which he is totally innocent” (19 February 2013)

3. “When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this” (January 7, 2014)

4. False prophets trying to detract from My Holy Word   (26 October 2011)

Overview of the Readings

The Bible Reading today was about Wisdom – true Wisdom (from God) and the wisdom of this world. God tells us that we should keep His instructions and not hide our wisdom, but we should feel shame in certain things. We thought that this was a message to us to obey His teachings and commandments (Amoris Laetitia?).

The second reading (from the Book of Truth) was very inspirational. He tells us how Benedct XVI, the last true pope, is wearing the crown of thorns, how he will be plotted against and how they will try to kill him. Jesus tells us that we, his disciples, will suffer as he did. What we see now will make us nauseous. (TRUE!!). But Jesus will inspire us when we are being jeered at, and take over and guide us every step of the way.

The third reading explains how the purging of evil is a test for those with wicked hearts. Jesus tells us of how some will be trapped with the new man-made doctrine, which will never feel right to them, but they won’t know where to turn for the Truth. They will be expected to pay homage and obey the new laws in the Church. They will believe what they want to believe. They will scream in horror when they came face to face with God’s justice and the only thing that will save them in the end is the prayers of the Remnant Army

In the last reading, Jesus warns us against false prophets and how to recognize them. He tells us that we must pray in order not to become victims of falsehoods. He tells us that we should stay focussed only on Him for He has much to tell us.


Each of these readings will be posted in the next few days in order to read them more carefully and reflect on them.