Crusader Will: Try to Separate Them.



        (tune of LOVE AND MARRIAGE)

Faith and morals,

faith and morals –Christ vs satan

they’re the basis of our earthly quarrels.

Cut through the primordial prattle,

cut to the cross-and-serpent battle.



Faith and morals,

faith and morals –

they’re the basis of our churchly quarrels.

See the millions apostate,

there before the devil prostrate.


Try, try, try to separate them.

You only get

capital sinners.

Try, try, try Saints and Spinners

and you only get

(dumpty diddley dumpty diddley dum)

doctrinal spinners.


Faith and morals,

faith and morals.

It’s no use just resting on your laurels.

Ask your heavenly Mother.

You can’t dump either one,

and not offend her Son.

So get out there and save your



The Miraculous Power of the Crusade Prayers and the Messages

We had been praying for and trying to help a Crusade Prayer Group member’s son.
Following is the testimony of Graham at a Crusade Prayer Group Meeting
on Thursday, 24th September, 2015 at Veronica’s house:

Graham’s Testimony:

Hello everybody.
My name is Graham, and I have a story I would like to share with the world.
To believers, but most importantly, non-believers.

I started life in a public school, for which I have little memory. I started at Catholic School in Year 4, in Australia – that’s approximately 10 years old. While I was at this Catholic school I became an Altar boy and attended Mass so regularly I knew the service by heart. During this time, apart from the pretty normal troubles kids have, my life was normal. I also had and have a wonderful loving family. I continued going to Catholic School and serving as an Altar boy until I was 13 years old and then we moved to a Government Housing area.

I was very easily influenced and quickly fell into the wrong crowd. My Mum tried to keep us going to Church, but my brothers and I had other things we wanted to do. Once I stopped going to Church, my life began to descend into utter chaos. I started stealing, lying, having sex, disobeying my parents, and so much more. Needless to say, I ended up in Children’s jail. I served probably 18 months of my teenage years incarcerated.

When I got out, I managed to stay out of trouble with the Law of man, but continued to sin HORRIBLY, all the while CLAIMING to be Christian and to have faith. At around 22 I got addicted to Heroin, my God please forgive me for those years of my life, so Godless. I stole from EVERYONE! I had allowed myself to drift so far from God, that things I once would never DREAM of doing, I was now doing without batting an eyelid. My shame was, and still is, so great.

I managed to get away from this life style, thank God, but trouble, anger, problems and everything that could go wrong did go wrong still, so I retreated into online gaming, to escape reality. Here I met someone that became a good friend, but after a while he introduced me to The Lost Book of Enki, and I realised he was a God hater. I MUST be honest, I was sucked in by this obviously well put together ancient tablet. I actually started to believe some of it. After about a month of reading and research, which for a reason I didn’t understand at the time, I had an insatiable desire to absorb more and more information. Then I discovered that these tablets described the lies of one of the fallen ones.. The Egyptian gods. Once I started to see that these beings actually walked the Earth, and that SO much of what I found PROVES the bible is TRUTH, I came back to God in a way I never thought I would!!

I don’t believe anymore, I KNOW!! So I decided I wanted to follow God to the letter, and started to study the bible. Before long I found myself flooded with what I had no idea were Protestant type questions that I desperately needed answers for. Nothing anyone could tell me could convince me that the Catholic Church was right. I even attacked the prayers that we say to our most Blessed Virgin Mother, please God forgive me, saying we should pray to God alone. I kept researching and reading and everything led me to Protestant conclusions.

My Mum told me I was talking like a Protestant, so I tried to contact a Protestant Church. However, I ended up in touch with a Baptist Minister. He came to my home, we spoke about my concerns, we read the Bible and we prayed. He invited me to their Sunday service and I attended. They were lovely people, with the best of intentions, but the service that’s meant to WORSHIP God was so much less than that. I visited my Mum the following week and she gave me a book to read, “Warning from the Beyond”. TRY TO GET THIS BOOK!! After a very short time of reading, I was FILLED with grief, sadness, a horrible emptiness, followed by a feeling of CERTAINTY that Mary is INDEED our Most BLESSED Virgin Mother.

The following day my mother took me to meet the most dedicated, holy loving people I’ve EVER met!! If heaven will be full of people like these, BELIEVE me, YOU WANT TO BE THERE! I immediately felt like family. We started to pray the Rosary, and MANY other prayers, and during this prayer session the most AMAZING thing happened.(Graham is talking about our Crusade Prayer Group and the Crusade prayers).

I saw first a flash of light, followed by a dim illuminessence of the entire room, it slowly got brighter and brighter. I’m not sure how long it remained as I closed my eyes. At the time I thought someone had simply switched on the light and turned it up. The problem with this solution is, we were in a room on a bright sunny day with a HUGE window that had the curtain opened all the way. When I mentioned it to my mum, she had no idea what I was talking about, and no one else saw it either. That’s not possible, it was SO BRIGHT!!

Also during the rosary, we were doing Sorrowful Mysteries, I felt the most horrible feeling of betrayal, abandonment, loneliness and emptiness. I was so emotional I found it hard to pray. I now know this was a sign for me, reassuring that what we were doing was VERY pleasing to God.

I now know it was all one big journey guided by God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary to open my eyes to the evil ones that will soon be here, if they’re not already. And that I had all those questions so I could learn the answers to help those needing answers after the Illumination of conscience. I believe this to be the same reason God led me to meet the Baptists too, we got along very well. This opens options for them too, they can seek answers from someone who loves and serves God that they know.

People, if God still has time for this lowly sinner, he has time for us all. I hope that condensing something that should be a novel down to one page doesn’t take away from the message contained within. God NEVER gives up on us, it is MANKIND that have given up on him. WE ALL NEED TO PRAY!!

Please pray the rosary as OFTEN as you can! It’s our best weapon against the evil ones.
Pray for the Priests, Cardinals, and Bishops.
Pray for the Souls in Purgatory.
Our time is short!! Christ is coming.
God bless you.

Conversation between Graham and Donna (member of prayer group) after writing the testimony:
On Fri, Oct 2, Donna wrote:
“Ok firstly your testimony is AMAZING!! It’s so real. I LOVE it!!! It can’t help but touch souls! Wait til my mum reads it! …God has big plans for you, Graham! He loves you SO much! I think the prayers of our Blessed Mother saved you!

Graham replied:
“Oh believe me. You know what clinched it?
I had a thought that said
“Think of the lengths your mother would go to for you, now imagine if you were Christ!” That was IT for me!! I’m so sorry it took so long.

Donna: Wow- that’s amazing! I want mum to put that in too! (i.e. onto our website)
And you know what, when I read it, I was equally amazed about the “flash of light” as the rest of the light story.
I had instant recognition that I’d heard of that somewhere before but couldn’t remember where…
Then as I was re-telling mum, I suddenly remembered! It’s when Our Lady appears to the children of Fatima! Same details. Her appearance was always preceded by a flash of light.

At the time we prayed, I knew Our Lord was present- I thought I could feel His Presence or sense it. When you told your mum that it was because Mary and Jesus were present, I thought “of course, Graham is right. They must have both been there: Mary is always beside her son!”

And I just remembered one more thing. A long time ago, I told the others that there would be another (bigger) miracle when our prayer group was complete. It wasn’t complete yet; there were more to come and Jesus was waiting so no-one would miss out.

Well this clearly means you are one of us! Because I think this was the Miracle and the sign Jesus desired to give us. Even if you can’t be with us in body, you will be in spirit. (Graham .lives about 3 hours drive away and won’t be able to attend our prayer group very often).

In reference to the book mentioned in the testimony, Graham wrote:
“Our Blessed mother said that this book was to be made available to ALL
by putting it on the tables at the back of the Church FREE OF CHARGE.
This hasn’t been done either
This book describes SO MUCH!!
In my eyes, ESSENTIAL reading for the whole world”

Veronica’s Testimony:
On Thursday 24th September we had a visitor to our Prayer Group. He was the son of a prayer group member and we had been praying and trying to help him. He had been far away from his Faith and suddenly a few weeks ago went to Confession and Holy Communion. He had felt very special after Holy Communion and inspired. He started to read the Bible and anything he could find, but within a few days, he had turned and was accusing his mother of idolatry and worshipping holy pictures and statues. There were many other issues.

His mother was trying to help, Donna was trying to help the mother, but nothing helped and we were getting nowhere. Finally, a thought popped into my daughter’s head – she told his mum to invite him to a prayer group. And she did. There he was last Thursday at our JTM prayer meeting.

It all seemed very normal. He joined in all the prayers and the Rosary and chaplet. The only notable thing, which I mentioned to the group afterwards, was that during the Rosary (I think the Crucifixion) I heard a voice behind my shoulder say my name. I turned my head slightly in that direction but quickly realized there was no-one there but the ladies on either side of me praying. I knew it had to be my guardian angel. I thought that maybe I had been distracted, but I couldn’t recall the fact that I was, but it was quite probable, so I tried to focus on my prayers more intensely. (This was confirmed after I read Graham’s testimony about what he was feeling during these Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.)

At the end, as usual we picked 3 readings at random from the Book of Truth and Bible.When we finished and started to chat, Graham said that every single word in every message was meant for him. He was on a “spiritual high” – he was full of zeal and ready to go and fight for Jesus!

The theme for our Crusade prayers for that day was “Special Graces”.

After Graham and his mum arrived home, he texted me with more information. He had been discussing the prayer group with his mother. Following is the conversation (as it is on my phone):

“Hi Veronica. It’s Graham. Just told mum about something that happened in prayer group today during the crusade prayers and she said I should have told you all.

The entire room lit up and got brighter, like when someone turns up a dimmer. I didn’t think much of it as I honestly thought someone had done just that but mum said she never saw it. But it was so bright she couldn’t have missed this!!”
Veronica’s reply:
“Wow!!!. That is huge. Jesus keeps reinforcing the fact that He is there with us at every prayer group just like he promised.”
“It is symbolic of the Truth starting to dawn on you until it became very clear.”
Graham: I agree, but I think it was also because Jesus and Mary were rejoicing over our utter devotion and offering of such holy prayers. Also assuring me that they were with us and love us.”
Veronica :
Yes U are right. When they are seen they always approach as a light first. Jesus also promised in those messages that He is present at all Crusade prayer groups. He also promised many miracles and we have seen quite a few in ours.”

Veronica’s comment (in summing up the prayer group for that day):
Once more, God in His benevolence had picked readings for us which explain the theme (Special Graces) that we prayed for today. The prayers explained the theme we had chosen for that day.
It is more than co-incidence. It happens all the time. It is God-incidence.

Most of all, through these readings and these prayers, a most amazing thing happened.
God had worked quietly on our visitor during our prayers.
These prayers are so powerful – as has been shown to us many times.
Praise be to God!
The readings we read were:
1) Why God, the Eternal Father, is sending new prophets into the world
13 May 2011
2). Despite My Divinity, I feel sickened by and disgusted with the sins of man
14 January 2013
3.) Douay Rheims Bible: Psalm 18
4.) Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong 6 March 2014