Compelling Signs – Weather Patterns

Heat waves:

May 2015, India severe heat wave [over 46C/115F] kills over 2,500. Worst since 1979 -June 2015,

Pakistan heat wave (45C+) claims over 200.

Montana, USA has hottest June since 1898. Warmest May & June ever for Barrow, Alaska.

July 2015, European heatwave Iberian Peninsula (43C+), areas of France (40C), Germany (38C), Italy and England (36C), Sweden (32C) surpassing weather record highs in many areas.

Downpours / Flash floods:
May 2013, Port Louis, Mauritius, 152mm (6”) rain in 2 hours. 10 deaths in flash flood.
Jan 2015, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa -Mar
2015, Chile’s Atacama desert, 7 years of rain in 12 hours, 25 dead, 125 missing. –
May 2015, Oklahoma, USA, 365mm (14.4”) and Texas 223mm (8.81”) rain in one month the most ever for one month for either state.
May 2015, Queensland, Australia, 277mm (11”) rain in 3 hours. Total 333mm (13”) in 24 hours.
June 2015, Accra, Ghana, heavy rains lead to floods then gasoline in flood waters explodes killing 150. –
June 2015 Kamloops, BC, Canada; Mexico, –
June 2015, Sochi, Russia, 150mm, one month’s rain in one day cause floods. –
June 2015, Colombia experienced 215 disasters in one month including windstorms, floods, landslides, flash floods, hail and thunderstorms; hundreds of homes destroyed, 31 bridges affected, hundreds missing and 202,000 families impacted. –
June 2015, 300mm (12”) rain in one day drenches Mumbai, India –
July2015, 82+ dead in Europe floods; 50,000 evacuated as waters engulf Prague, worst in over century; Danube closed to shipping as river tops century high mark and continues to rise threatening villages.
July 2015, worst flooding in decades hits Western Nepal killing over 422+ and over 2,000 livestock, destroying farms and turning 60,000 homeless. –
July 2015, 250,000+ affected by monsoon rains in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Villages under water, dozens dead.
July 2015 With at least 477 reports of severe weather, Monday July 13, 2015, was the most active severe weather day in the U.S. in years.

…you get the idea.

There are more storms, more extremes with more intensity…

Also more frequency of twin tornadoes, more occurrences of grapefruit-sized hail, more instances of extreme fluctuations in temperature from morning to afternoon.

Compelling Signs – Darkness of Evil and Blood Moons


The world is entering a darkness never seen since before God created light.

A darkness of evil that will overtake the earth on multiple fronts including economic collapse, world war, global famine, apostasy, schism of the Catholic Church and all these events are the events initiated by evil.

God will reply with storms that will last weeks, earthquakes that will be felt across multiple countries, volcanoes, shifting weather patterns and the occasional comet. It has already begun!

Douay Rheims Bible Genesis1:14  And God said: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years:

Blood Moons

The term “blood moon” is fairly recent but the events themselves known as “blood moons” date back centuries to the time of Jesus. It represents a tetrad of lunar eclipses [tetrad = group of four].

In this particular definition, blood moons are tetrads of lunar eclipses occurring specifically on the days of Passover – Feast of Tabernacles – Passover – Feast of Tabernacles without any other partial of full lunar eclipses between the 1st Passover and the 2nd Feast of Tabernacles.

This has only occurred 9 times in history. We are currently in the 9th. In the very first tetrad of blood moons, Jesus Christ was crucified. In the other 7, there has always been some calamity or persecution towards Christians or Jews that would occur.

There is nothing to suggest that this time will be any different from the previous 8. If anything, this series of blood moons may be the sign to the culmination of all previous ones as there is a series of additional of eclipses in perfect symmetry in number of days before and after the blood moons that has never occurred in the previous eight tetrads.

If God’s signs hold true, (and there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t given 8 previous instances), Christians and Jews are about to get persecuted. And if the symmetry of the additional eclipses is any harbinger, the persecution will be on a scale never seen before.

Previous blood moon tetrads:

  1.  32-33 Christ Passover and Crucifixion
  2. 162-163 – flood, famine and plague. Rome flooded, martyrdom of Christian by    Romans, and plague that killed 1/3 of the Roman Empire
  3.  795-796 Islamic invasion of Europe
  4.  842-843 Islamic invasion of Rome
  5.  860-861 Arab crusaders slaughter millions of Christians in North Africa and Spain.
  6.  1493-1494 Jews tortured to convert to Christianity; Spanish Inquisition
  7.  1949-1950 Israel war of independence
  8.  1967-1968 Israel 6-day war; US defeated during Tet offensive of Vietnam;  Martin Luther King and JFK assassinated.

* Author wishes to remain anonymous