JTM Prayer Meeting Wednesday 23 December, 2015

Prayer Theme was “Salvation of Souls”

We thought that we would dedicate the prayers today to the salvation of the souls of those who are involved in the satanic blasphemy to be imposed on our Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve in Oklahoma.

The readings are chosen after the prayers, and after praying to the Holy Spirit. They were all very appropriate to our theme, but that no longer surprises us. The Bible reading was one of Hope, and seemed to be a continuation of the MDM message we had read just before it.

The Great Day will dawn and soon the world without end will begin

26 October 2013 @ 11:15
My dearly beloved daughter, the faith of all God’s children, irrespective of which denomination they belong to, is so weak that many of those who know the truth will find it very difficult to practice their religion openly, without criticism.
So many in the world reject me, Jesus Christ, at this time in history, that it is no longer acceptable, in most nations, to speak of me in public.

Very seldom will you hear My Name being spoken about in the media, unless it is to question my existence. Seldom will you hear people openly proclaim their love for me in public, for they would find this too embarrassing. Even those sacred servants of mine are no longer willing to declare the truth for fear of ridicule.
Those who do follow me will find it increasingly difficult to proclaim my holy word. So many, who once loved me, no longer do so and my desolation and sadness cuts My Heart, as if a sword was driven through it.

Why, oh why, have you deserted me? Why do those of you who believe in me and who know me, hurt so many of your brothers and sisters? Why does hate thrive in your hearts? Why do you feel the need to question the gospels now, when they have existed for so long?

Who gave you the authority to misinterpret my word given to my apostles?
Why are you twisting them and why do you not believe what I said? My word is very clear. When I speak, I mean what I say. If I say one thing, I do not mean another. Why would I, for example, contradict myself and especially now in this mission? What is given to God’s prophets is the truth.

Anything which contradicts these messages, from the mouths of those who claim that I speak with them, must be rejected by you. I would never compete with my own voice, because I must ensure that you are given the truth. What must I do to make you listen? What must I do to stop your wandering and seeking out other forms of titillation? Why will you not trust in me? You waste so much precious time seeking out fortune telling, which flows like venom out of the mouths of so-called mystics and sensation seekers, that you insult me by turning away from me.

I am here. These are my words. What else do you seek, for you will only find the truth from my mouth? I spoke the truth when I walked the Earth.
I left a legacy of great hope and salvation. I speak the truth now, as I bring you my final words, at this time, for the great day will dawn and soon the world without end will begin.

When I speak, I desire that you listen. I cannot force you. You may look everywhere and try to find my messages, given to prepare the world for my second coming at this time, and you won’t find them.
My public messages to prepare you for this, the final stage before my Covenant is fulfilled, can only be found in the Book of Truth.
The word is mine. My words will be heard in every nation.
No one will stop me, for my power is almighty.
Your Jesus

Special Graces promised for calling on Jesus for just one day

14 April 2011

My beloved daughter, thank you for devoting more time to this most sacred work. The time has come for all of you to open your hearts to me, for just one day, to enable me to fill you with special graces.

These graces will now be bestowed on those of you who have forgotten that I exist, as the time draws nearer to Good Friday. As the time for the powerful novena of the Divine Mercy draws close, this time will be used to flood your souls with a special gift from me. Do now as I say, and pray in your own words, to me today. The graces I will give you will not only bring you closer to my Sacred Heart, but will fill you with the Holy Spirit. Pray my novena from Good Friday and include as many souls as you can and I will save every single one.

For those of you who fall back, even after devotion to me, I will lift you up again and again. Never be afraid to turn back to me if you stray. I will never forsake those who keep coming back to me. As sinners, this will tend to happen. Never fear, I am standing next to each of you ready to embrace you every time.

Sin can be forgiven. Never feel guilty for sin if you need to turn to me to ask for forgiveness. I am always there. My children, use Holy Week to remind all of the sacrifices I made for sinners. My compassion is still strong. It has never diminished for souls, even those whose sins cause me deep offence. If a soul seeks forgiveness, then that sin will be banished.

My novena of Divine Mercy will instill the most powerful graces when recited from Good Friday in the lead up to the feast of mercy nine days later. By reciting this you will not only save your own souls but millions of others. Do this for me.
Your ever-loving and loyal Divine Saviour,
Jesus Christ

My Remnant Church, the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation

15 April 2012
My dearly beloved daughter, I realise that some of these messages do not make sense to you, but you must trust in me and know that I must reveal the contents of the Book of Revelation, so that souls know what to expect in these times.

To those of little faith, but who accept my word, given to you through this prophet, know that your humility and desire, born of a pure love for me, has brought you closer to my Sacred Heart. You are my remnant Church.
You are the Church, referred to in the Book of Revelation. You are the product of the woman who gave birth to a male and who was cast out into the desert, where you will be isolated, yet united as one, to proclaim my holy word and preach the true gospels.

The woman gives birth to my true Church, my loyal flock, who will not be misled by the False Prophet. You, My Church, will be cast aside into the desert for 1,260 days, where you will take refuge. But with the gift of the Holy Spirit, you will be fed with the fruits of My Love.

It will be the loyal members of my Christian Churches, including My sacred Servants and those of my followers who reject the False Prophet, who will have to keep My Church together. You will have to honour me in secret, because the Mass will change beyond recognition, under the rule of the False Prophet.

You are my true followers and all the graces of Heaven are being poured over your precious souls. How I love you children and how you ease my suffering.
But how much pain is in My Heart because of those of my followers who will refuse to listen to me.

They will be drawn in a web by the False Prophet, into the darkness and I cannot save them. By their own will they will slap me on the face. My remnant Church will need to spread the word to my other children, including those who do not know me at all.

You, my remnant Church, will need to proclaim my prophecies and my holy word to those, who are not Christian or who do not know the Ten Commandments. Your job will be to ensure that the holy Bible is read and understood. It will be up to you, to inform the world of the full meaning of the seals contained in the Book of Revelation, which I will reveal to Maria Divine Mercy.

The two witnesses in the Book of Revelation:
You, my followers, are one of the two witnesses referred to in the Book of Revelation and who will be protected from the Heavens. My word, given to you, my remnant Church, may be cast aside as a corpse, but my word will never die.
The Jews will be the second of the two witnesses.

The two lamps are my Christian Churches, the traditional true Church, and those followers of mine who will be cast aside by the False Prophet.
The two olive trees are the Old Jerusalem Israel and the new Israel.

They, the Jews, will know that I am the Messiah at last and their preaching of the truth will also be cast aside and thrown out by the False Prophet and the Antichrist, to rot like a corpse. Again, this chosen race will not die.

Both will feel defeated, but this will not be the case, for you will form, along with all other religions, the one true Church – the New Jerusalem which will rise from the ashes.

You will survive the terrible evil monarchy, which will arise under the dual leadership of the False Prophet and the Antichrist, both of whom will be cast into the lake of fire that is Hell. This persecution will not last long and you will be given great strength and protection. Help will be given to you and many leaders will arise amongst you to guide you through this period.

Many of you will become Saints in my New Paradise and, having helped build my remnant Church on Earth, will reign with me in the new Heaven and Earth, which will emerge at my second coming.

Those of you who are not with me, will be given a very short time to choose.
You will either be for the False Prophet and against me or you will be for me.
Choose the first and your soul will be stolen by the deceiver. Harsh as this sounds, it is the truth.

Proof of my presence will be given to all of God’s children during The Warning.
Pray that you will accept the truth then, that it is I, your beloved Jesus, who calls to you from Heaven to open your eyes so that you can see and so that you will listen, so that you can hear before it is too late.
Your beloved Jesus

Bible: Revelation 21: 1-4

We used NAB. Transcript is from

1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared now, and there was no longer any sea.
2 I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride dressed for her husband.
3 Then I heard a loud voice call from the throne, ‘Look, here God lives among human beings. He will make his home among them; they will be his people, and he will be their God, God-with-them.
4 He will wipe away all tears from their eyes; there will be no more death, and no more mourning or sadness or pain. The world of the past has gone.’