Prophecies according to theme: Prophecies relating to the Warning:

St Faustina: “Before the Day of Justice I am sending the Day of Mercy.”
and “All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth,”
. “Then the Sign of the Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Saviour were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time..”

“First, a World-Wide Warning that will happen in the sky…like the collision of two stars that do not fall down… it will frighten all humanity regardless of where one happens to be at the time… it will be a thousand times worse than earthquakes… like a fire that will not burn our flesh … it will last a very short time, although to us it will seem to be a very long time … no one can prevent it from happening … It will be recognized as coming from God… it will resemble a punishment … it is meant to be a purification … like the revelation of our sins and what we will feel in our hearts will be worse than sorrow. It will not kill us, if we die it will be caused by the emotion within us”

Padre Pio:
My judgment shall come upon them suddenly and when least expected— not one shall escape My hands. But I shall protect the just. Watch the sun and moon and the stars, when they appear unduly disturbed and restless, know that the day is not far away.”

Fr. Gobbi: Message # 382, May 13, 1988, Marienfried, Germany, Anniversary of the First Appearance at Fatima:
“These are the times of the great mercy. The Heart of Jesus is about to pour out torrents of his divine and merciful love. The hour of the great mercy for the world has come. It will come down as dew upon every wound; it will open the hardest of hearts; it will purify souls immersed in sin; it will lead sinners to conversion and will grant to everyone the grace of a complete renewal. “
Message # 383, May 22, 1988, Feast of the Pentecost
The Holy Spirit will come, to establish the glorious reign of Christ and it will be a reign of grace, of holiness, of love, of justice and peace. With His divine love, he will open the doors of hearts and illuminate all consciences. Every person will see himself in the burning fire of divine truth. It will be like a judgment in miniature . And then Jesus Christ will bring His glorious reign in the world.”


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