A Dramatic Start via an Unco-operative Plane

The pilgrims, seven in number at present, first encountered trouble at the airport with a delay of a couple of hours. Never mind; plenty of time to pray and practice offering up “trials and tribulations”! One of the group is terrified of flying. What happened mid-flight would be enough to scare anyone (at least a little bit!)

Here’s the report from V:

“We just spent our first night in Salzburg It took us 3 days to get here. It was great to get a good night’s sleep. We were exhausted after our “adventure” with the plane… It took off 90 mins late because of technical difficulties. Then we were 4 hours out of Dubai and they were just about to serve breakfast when all our TVs went black. The plane had to divert to Colombo in Sri Lanka 20 mins away to make an emergency landing! There were fire brigades waiting for us at Colombo. (*Editor’s note: I  think old Hairy Legs may just want to break that plane. Hopefully, a sign that this mission will bear fruit.)

P1010014P1010013 P1010011

Above left: Some of the buildings in Colombo and the Sumptuous feast that was waiting for us when we fin ally arrived at the hotel.(we hadn’t had a meal for about 18 hours

Right: We waited outside the airport (standing for a couple hours) until they sorted out buses for us. Watching was a security guard/policeman/ soldier???


They took us to a hotel an hour out of town to stay overnight. They had to organize 500 people onto buses. Later they had to organize people onto different flights back to Dubai and they put us up in a poshy hotel again.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the first stop of the journey; Salzburg ( a day late). We are going to a Latin Mass and a Sound of Music tour, later this afternoon.

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