Pilgrimage Part 4: Lanciano (the Journey)

Lanciano- the Journey

We commenced our journey from Assisi by car to the station. When we got there a nice man with his granddaughter tried to help us sort out the train timetable and the time and platform of the train.
We hadn’ t had lunch and couldn’t see any place nearby to get any food. We thought we would just grab a piece of pizza or a bread roll with prosciutto – these were the only choices.

Our nice man returned and tried to tell us something. None of us understood a word of Italian. Finally he took us to the entrance and showed us a restaurant across the road. We didn’t want to leave our luggage and we still had to lug it all down a flight of stairs, through a tunnel and back up another flight of stairs to the other platform.  It was hot and it was going to be a 2 hour trip, but we didn’t investigate his advice.

'Angel' helper at AssisiAbout 15 minutes later our “angel” reappeared carrying a bag of “goodies” – cold rockmelon sliced up, bananas, cold water … He wouldn’t take any payment. We took a photo with him “Sergio” and his granddaughter.

Our dear Lord is so kind and is definitely with us! He knew that some of us had to stand in a hot train with air conditioning that was dripping water all over the seats and the floor for 2 hours. We were very grateful and it made the trip much more bearable.

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