Our own Crusade Prayer group: A prayer and a quick answer

Our Prayer Group grows in size.

by Donna Liane

I had been praying to God to help increase our prayer group in number as He had asked of us. At the time there were about 10 of us but we had moved to a different house (temporarily) and my mum had said that there were enough of us already-there was no room! But I insisted more people were coming, as God desired, and as I hadn’t had much luck asking people, I asked God to send them to us instead!

Quite quickly we got two responses in fairly quick succession.

The first new member

This lady had rung one of our regional co-ordinators  looking for a JTM group to join with in the CP prayers. Ours was the next to occur- that same day. It was not the closest to her house, but it was the next one and being keen, she decided to attend immediately.

She knocked on the door and I knew she was the answer to prayer; that God had sent her and that she belonged. I was very excited to meet her!

Not long afterwards, another lady also started attending our group. She came from a long way away (at least a 45 min drive) and initially came with and found us through a current member. After a while, this new lady’s mother came (from Ireland) to live with her and she brought her along too to join in the prayers.We made a special large print sized prayer book for her.

They were all amazing people- hand-picked by God for both their gifts and the way they would fit in- almost instantly, like we were all family. Each person in our group is unique in personality, has different gifts and is very loved.

Nevertheless I told mum that our group is still not complete. There are more to come and I don’t know how many! I feel we will know when we are all finally together. I also think that God will send another sign, but he is waiting till we are completely formed and everyone is present.

Editor’s note: We have only just decided to publish these stories. Since then we have had 3 more permanent members join us. There are also  others that come and go.

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