Our own Prayer Group miracles : for children

 Crusade Prayer Signs for the children:   

(by Donna Liane)

One day I was talking and praying with my younger children in the car in order to help prepare them for Confession. My youngest girl had not yet made her 1st Reconciliation but I included her and encouraged her to both examine her conscience also and to ask for forgiveness to Jesus through prayer.

We prayed the CP8  – Confession Prayer .
At a pause, my youngest said “Mummy, Jesus is here with us”. “

Well yes of course darling,” I said, “whenever there are 2 or more of you gathered in Jesus’ name, He promised he would be there.” After a another little pause I asked, “why do you say that?”

“He’s here in the car with us mum. I can smell him.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know that stuff they use in church that makes that smell, that smoke?”


“Yes I can smell it. And I can feel Him. Jesus is with us.”

Well after thanking God very much in sober awe, we continued on with our prayers etc. and eventually arrived at church about 15mins later. The younger daughter was asked to stay in the car while we went in ( middle daughter and I) and I suggested that she pray for us to make a good confession and for all the people. I left her the Crusade Prayer book to help her to pray for others while we received the Sacrament.

When I came back she testified that the same smell again had returned while she prayed the Crusade Prayers, while waiting in the car. She was very serious and quite awe-struck about it all. We couldn’t smell it but I believed her instantly, especially by the way she reacted- so reverently did she speak of it. I knew she believed it without a doubt. She has also never said anything else even remotely like that, either before or since.

She was about 7years old at the time.

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