Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 20th August 2015

The theme for the Crusade Prayers today was “Special Graces”

At the end of the meeting we sang the Lourdes hymn (Protect us while telling…) in honour of our Bl. Mother from whom we have received so many graces. There was a very strong scent of roses throughout the whole prayer group today. (See separate post under “Signs and Wonders”.

Readings are chosen at random by various members of the prayer group.

  1. 3oth April, 2012

I call on all of you, who don’t know Me

My dearest beloved daughter, I must explain to those people, who believe in God, but who do not go to Church or pray. Many do not know how to pray.
A little like the way in which you, My daughter, find it difficult.
Prayer means to ask. Prayer means to communicate. Prayer means to show love and give thanks.Many people today, well-meaning and of generous heart do not know how to pray. Some will find it distasteful and will feel awkward.
Others will feel that their prayers won’t count. Oh how I love these special souls.
So far removed and yet how I yearn to show them my deep love.
I call on all of you who don’t know me. There is no need to fear me.
All you have to do is to ask me to take you and give you comfort.
Let me prove My Love. Speak to me in your own simple words.
Nothing will shock me. Confide in me your worries, as I will soothe your heart.
Let me help you to feel true peace. Ask me to sort out your concerns.
I will show you the truth so that your worries will no longer seem as bad.
How will you know I hear you? How will you be sure that I will respond to you?
Just sit down quietly and ask me to help you with this prayer, to help you open your heart to me and to ask for my help.
Crusade Prayer (50) Jesus help me to know who you are
“o dear Jesus, help me to know who you are.
Forgive me for not speaking with you before now.
Help me to find peace in this life and be shown the truth of eternal life.
Soothe My Heart. Ease my worries. Give me peace.
Open My Heart now, so that you can fill my soul with your love. Amen.”
Many of you will not come to me at this time. But that is okay.
In times of hardship, confusion and fear, you will.
I stand with you every day, although you do not realise this yet, but very soon you will see me and know the truth of my promise to grant you eternal life in body, mind and spirit. I await your call. Then I can take you, when the time is right, to the gates of the new era of peace and my New Paradise on Earth.
Your friend
Your beloved Jesus
2. 4th January, 2014

Mother of Salvation: We first went to Judea and then my Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England

My child, in the lead up to the birth of My Son, the pangs were evident in all which befell us.
I fled to Elizabeth for comfort, in the knowledge that she was blessed with insight, given to her by the Holy Spirit.
I, and my beloved spouse, sought out this refuge of peace, at a time when we were so overwhelmed with the knowledge of what was to come.
When my time approached, every obstacle, planted by the spirit of evil, was placed before us, every step we took.
Doors were slammed in our faces; people we knew shunned us and we were cast out into the wilderness.
And so we ended up without a roof over our heads and in a shelter fit only for animals, while the Holy Messiah came into the world as a pauper.
There were no ceremonies, no coronation, no acknowledgements.
There were only a few people left to comfort me in my loneliness.
But then, when My Son was born, all feelings of anxiety left me.
All I felt was a love of the most Divine presence. Peace finally reigned in My Heart. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help and comfort was sent to us, though they were few in number. Although the birth of Jesus Christ was a humble and lowly event – where only a few people were involved – word had spread.
This is how the Holy Spirit works. Many had been expecting the birth.
Many had heard about the event and many then spoke about it.
When it was made known that Jesus Christ, the Messiah promised to humanity, was born, the opposition began to mount.
The vicious attack by Herod and all his servants, demonstrated how much the presence of God puts fear into the hearts of evil men.
From that day forward, I became the protector of My Son and my beloved spouse, Joseph, organized our safety on many occasions after that.
We spent many years fleeing from one place to another.
So much opposition we faced – so much fear, so much hatred. That was our lot.
The moment My Son was found at the age of twelve years preaching in the temple, we took him into hiding. Joseph’s family were involved in smuggling us out and for many years we travelled. We first went to Judea and then My Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England. Everywhere we went My Son’s presence created many miracles, although he never presented himself publicly as the Messiah. He was well looked after and we saw much of him.
We lived in peace, love and harmony and only for my spouse, Joseph, we would have had nowhere to go to protect My Son until his public mission began.
And now that his second coming is imminent, every obstacle will be placed before his arrival. Every word out of the mouth of his prophet will be torn asunder and mocked. Only a handful of people will be privy to the truth surrounding this mission and many doors will be slammed in the faces of those who follow his instructions.
This mission is a lonely one for you, My child, and you are instructed to remain obedient in all things made known to you by God. Help will be sent.
Help will also cease when it is the desire of My Son.
While few are seen to follow this mission, millions more believe in it completely. For the word of God will always attract those of his, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The birth pangs have begun and the labour will not last too long. Soon the birth of a new beginning will dawn and then the day of the lord will finally arrive. Children, be at peace, for all of these things must come to pass before the Earth is purged of sin.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation
3. 16th June, 2014

The doors have been opened to allow the heathen to desecrate My Church

My dearly beloved daughter, to those amongst you who do not desire that I communicate with you, then know this. Your free will means that you are free to choose whether or not you accept what I say and what I desire.
Whether to believe or not believe – that is your choice and, whatever you decide, I will never judge you because of this. But you must never judge others in My Name. By this I mean judging those who reject me, as well as, those who accept my intervention.
Not one amongst you has the right to declare another person to be evil or guilty of wrongdoing. Those of you who judge harshly – those people you believe to be wrong, guilty of wrongdoing or heresy – do not have this right.
You must remain silent and pray for those you believe to be afflicted.
Only I, Jesus Christ, have the power to judge humanity. When you demean another person in my holy name, you are guilty of sin and I will hold this against you. When you harm others by your tongue, I will silence you.
When you hurt another person’s reputation, your own reputation will be questioned by others. Hypocrisy disgusts me and when you are guilty of calumny, carried out in My Name, then you bring great shame, not only on yourselves, but upon my holy name. Any man who inflicts pain upon another person and openly professes to speak in the name of God, deceives only himself.
Those who punish others and say that they are merely carrying out their orders, because of their dedication and devotion to God, are not of me.
Shame on you, for you do not know me.
And while you fight amongst yourselves – Christian against Christian – the pagans amongst you are invading My Church. The enemy works very cleverly.
His cunning plan is to create discord within My Church and as true allegiance to me weakens, the doors have been opened to allow the heathen to desecrate My Churches and the Holy Eucharist.
Shame on those of you who know the truth – my holy word given to you in the most Holy Scriptures. Every sacrifice was made for you; the prophets of God sent to you were violated, persecuted and killed; the visionaries, seers and the Saints – all revered, only after their deaths, but scourged by you when they imparted my word and then my own sacrifice – when you crucified me.
Now what do you do?
You allow those who worship false Gods to pay homage to them upon my altars, which are meant to honour me.
Would these pagans allow you to do the same in their temples?
History repeats itself.
The heathen took over My Father’s Church and they were cast out.
When you desecrate My Church and My Body, you are no longer fit to serve me and I will cast out every sacred servant of mine who betrays me in this way. Your sins are blacker than those whom you serve in My Name, for you will carry with you the souls you take away from me. It is time for you to choose.
You either accept me, Jesus Christ, as I am and not what you want me to be or you deny me. There is nothing in between.
Your Jesus
4. NAB Bible. Ch 42:1-8

But of these things be not ashamed, lest you sin through human respect:

Of the law of the Most High and his precepts, or of the sentence to be passed upon the sinful; Of sharing the expenses of a business or a journey, or of dividing an inheritance or property;Of accuracy of scales and balances, or of tested measures and weights;Of acquiring much or little, or of bargaining in dealing with a merchant; Of constant training of children, or of beating the sides of a disloyal servant;Of a seal to keep an erring wife at home, or of a lock placed where there are many hands;Of numbering every deposit, or of recording all that is given or received;Of chastisement of the silly and the foolish, or of the aged and infirm answering for wanton conduct. Thus you will be truly cautious and recognized by all men as discreet.


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