That heavenly scent again!!

22nd August, 2015photo 3

Yesterday, there were 15 people at our prayer group. I noticed that there was a very strong smell of “roses”. There were flowers on the altar which were a week old, but the flowers still looked good. I took no notice of the smell.

After the prayers, my daughter mentioned it. I told her it was the flowers. We all went up to sniff the flowers. There was no smell. The heavenly scent kept moving, filled the whole room and moved around a little, became strong, then dissipated a little, then come back again. After I sniffed the flowers and agreed that maybe it was not the flowers, I went back to my seat, and there it was – right on my seat!

At last week’s prayer meeting we had a special visitor –  John. (This is not his real name). He is one of the people selected to introduce seminars and the Mission to all the various countries around the world. You have most likely met him if you attended the introductory meetings in these countries. He is at present traveling around visiting all prayer groups. He told us of many miracle stories. I will share these in the future, with his permission. At that prayer group, there were 3 people that smelt the “roses”. They were seated near him. We didn’t expect  a follow up occurrence.

A few days after this meeting with John,  something strange happened – something that pertained to something John noticed and mentioned before he left. We could not explain this incident , but with a little spiritual help, we had solved the cause of the problem.(We will keep the details of this to ourselves for now).

We all thought that our Bl. Mother was pleased and came to let us know.

One of our group said “Maybe we passed the test?”

Later that night, my daughter sent me an email, which confirms this new event – (just in case any of us still doubted).

C. writes in her email: (she had just left the prayer group 10 minutes earlier)

“On 20 Aug 2015, at 8:44 pm, C. wrote:
Thanks D, also when I left Prayer group today, I had just turned onto the … drive and I got the beautiful smell again, I was saying the healing prayer for different people, it only lasted a couple of minutes, but long enough to know I was definitely getting it, I wasn’t even thinking about it, I was just driving and praying, just wanted to tell someone.
God Bless xx”

My daughter replied (via email):

“Thank you so much C.! Telling us was really important. That’s definitely confirmation for our prayer group today. Because it wasn’t just in the room (with the flowers, which cast some doubts) but also afterwards in your car. That was assurance and to confirm what I thought- Blessed Mother was there with us today! And with you too, as you prayed. ☺️
**You know what’s funny? Last time this happened, (when you weren’t there and the whole group smelt it) It was later at my house that I smelt the roses again, and it was to remind me to tell YOU! …

I have copied mum in so she knows it wasn’t the half dead flowers. Did anyone actually ‘not smell anything’?
Mum, you have to tell … And record this on our website too- We can’t take it for granted. This was actually a very special grace today.
Let us all pray with more fervent hearts remembering who is “always there” when we are gathered in His Name as well as (often) His Holy Mother, whom God manifested to us in a special way today and graced with her presence.
Please put a photo of the new picture or maybe the statue photo I took, with the story, as a token of how much we love her and in gratitude-+ publish the story. “

** This refers to the first time this happened on October 3rd 2013. Read this story under “Signs and Wonders”

We love you dearest Mother and we thank you for all your care and protection and for all your very special graces. AMEN

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