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Theme:  Protection prayers (Group C)

 My Church on earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be Crucified again, as foretold

 3 March 2013
My dearly beloved daughter, fear not the attacks, which are being mounted against you, for I am with you every second to make you stronger.
It saddens me to tell you that you will suffer much verbal abuse, because of the timing of this, my plan of salvation.
For this is the time in which, not only will fervent Catholics be tested in their faith and their allegiance to me, it will also be the greatest trial for all Christians in every part of the world.
To those who accuse you of heresy, I say this.
I, Jesus Christ, would never lie, for I am the truth.
I could never deceive you, for that would not be possible.
Remember, it is My Body, which is the Church.
My Church on Earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be crucified again, as foretold.
By this, I mean, that My Body will no longer be present, the minute the Holy Eucharist is discarded by ministers in the Holy See of Rome.
This will become a reality and you must turn your back.
I ask you to pray for all of God’s children – all My sacred Servants, including the misguided False Prophets.
However, I will never ask you to pray for the Antichrist, for that is not possible.
Wake up, all of you, and listen to what I must tell you.
You must not panic, despair or lose hope, for this abomination will be the final torment, which all God’s children will have to witness and endure before I come again.
That will be the day of great glory, great joy and my coming will bring to an end the evil, which blights the Earth.
Instead of fear, be joyful.
You must look forward to my second coming, because I bring with me, the New Paradise, promised to you.
When you carry my cross it will always be difficult.
The times in which you live now, bring with them a form of Crucifixion, which most Christians will find very difficult to endure – so great will their pain be.
Those poor souls, who do not believe that I speak the truth, through these messages, must ask themselves this.
Do you believe in the holy Bible and the prophecies declared within its covers?
Do you believe in the Antichrist and the revelations about the false imposter who will take the seat of Peter through devious means?
If you do, then accept that this is the time for these events to unravel before your eyes.
It is not for the future – it is now taking place.
Accept this with courage and come to me with complete trust, for I love you.
I need you to keep your eyes wide open.
You must not shy away from the truth.
The abomination has now begun.
When you refuse my cup, you prevent me from salvaging the souls I need to complete the Covenant promised to My Father.
I bless you.
I long for your hearts to open, so that I can take you into my glorious Kingdom.
Your Jesus
Sometimes, what may seem unfair is beyond your understanding
 26 October 2014
My dearly beloved daughter, those who deny me because they believe that were I to exist, a loving God would never permit suffering or allow unexpected tragedies, illnesses or premature deaths to take place.
God gives life and he takes it away as he desires and, for every act of God, good will always come from it, either in the world you live in, or in my Heavenly Kingdom.
It is a lack of trust in me, which creates bitterness in the souls who judge me on acts they believe to be cruel and unnecessary.
What they do not know is that there is a time for everything – a time for living and a time for dying – and that God is the author of life.
Only he can decide when to take it away.
Suffering by the hands of others is something, which is caused by sin – not by God.
When man chooses different paths in life, it is entirely by his own choice as to which one he takes.
Some choose wisely, according to their own conscience, and understand the difference between right and wrong.
Others will choose the path, which they believe will bring them the necessities they need to sustain them in the world.
But, there will be those who choose unwisely and embark upon a path of selfishness, wickedness and greed.
All good things come from God.
Sometimes, what may seem to be unfair is beyond your understanding, but know that God chooses how he gathers fruit for the good of man.
And, suffering is part of this plan in his salvation of souls.
He does not relish suffering, but it is a form of purification.
If you suffer, God will try to use this suffering for the good of your own soul.
But, he will never force you to do anything because he gives you free will.
Abuse of your free will can lead to terrible sin and yet, God will never take your free will away from you.
Free will is sacrosanct.
It was given free to man by God, and it is the one gift that he will never take away from you.
It is through the free will of man, however, that man falls from grace and into sin.
The evil one plays on man’s free will through the temptation of the senses.
Free will is a gift as, when used properly, it can give great glory to God.
But, when it is abused to commit terrible atrocities, it is used by Satan to curse humanity.
The battle for souls will end when man’s free will becomes one with the will of God.
Only then, will man be free of all things, which bring him sorrow and suffering of any kind.
The will of God will reign in the world to come, which has no end.
Your Jesus
Humility is more than just the acceptance of suffering. It is a powerful means of defeating evil
13 December 2012
My dearly beloved daughter, the gift of humility must be earned.
It must never be confused with cowardice.
It was because of my own humility that Satan was fooled and, as such, lost the right to win all souls and curse them with eternal damnation.
Satan is arrogant, boastful, deceitful, and full of self-love and hatred.
The battle for souls was won through the act of humility when I, the King of mankind, allowed myself to be belittled, tortured, scorned, mocked and tormented by sinners infested with the hatred of Satan.
It is impossible for the beast to feel humility.
He knew of the power of God and how tough his battle against his children would be.
He expected me to, not only proclaim the Word of God, but to demonstrate my authority amongst men by declaring myself before them in an exalted state of majesty.
Even then he was confident of defeating my mission.
What he did not expect was my refusal to condemn my executioners, or the humility I showed.
My failure to engage with my tormentors meant that they had no power over me.
My tolerance of the scourging, mocking and persecution only further diluted the power of the evil one.
He never expected this and tried everything, including physical torture, to get me to renounce the human race.
It was my acceptance of My Death, the sacrifice made by My Father, to permit my Crucifixion, that man was set free from sin.
This was the first battle fought and won.
This is how the second battle will be fought, to bring humanity back into My Kingdom, so that they can enjoy eternal life.
He, the beast and all of his fallen angels, tempt many souls so that many are deceived and do not accept my existence.
Many of those who do are fighting hard, through the temptations placed before them, to ignore My Call at this time from Heaven.
Then there are those who pose as servants in My Church who are planning, along with the elite group, to destroy millions.
They will do this by blocking my word and then by physical persecution.
Their final betrayal against God’s children will be witnessed by all.
The souls I am most concerned about are those atheists and young people who have not been taught the truth.
I urge all of you who acknowledge me, Your Jesus, to bring them to me.
I surround them with My Light and protection and I will fight the evil one right up to the last second for these souls.
You must march forward, my brave disciples, and try to block out the evil which surrounds you.
If you engage with those who are desperate to stop this mission you will fail me.
Why, you may ask, are these people so desperate to block my word?
The answer is that it has always been like this where I walk, where I talk and where I am present.
Move and keep close to me.
My power will cover you and you will be protected.
But do not take your eyes off me because there are many who will threaten you, insult you, try to trip you up.
When you hear the arrogant, but disorderly, verbal rants thrown at you, you will know what to do.
The more determined your adversaries are, in trying to convince you that it is not I, Jesus Christ, the King of mankind, who speaks with you now, then you will know that I am truly present amongst you.
I walk with you as you stay close to me.
Your silence and refusal to engage with those taunts will keep you strong.
Let those who shout abuse and ridicule my holy word do what they do.
Pray for them hard, for they are in need of your help.
Think of it like this.
Look at all of these people as if they are gathered together in a room and that they are only little children.
When you look at young children you feel a deep love because of their vulnerability.
You see the reliance they have for their parents and guardians and you feel overwhelmed by the love you have in your hearts for them.
Some of these children will behave according to what they have been told is the correct way to behave.
Others show cruelty to the other children.
And while you may be appalled by their behaviour, you know that you must correct them, and then punish them, if they continue to refuse to behave properly.
Above all, you still love them, no matter what they do as they are the precious children of loving parents.
This is the way My Father feels for all of his children.
It does not matter what they do because he still loves them.
But he will not allow some of his children to destroy his other children and he will punish them, but only so that he can re-unite his family.
When you pray for those who offend God and who hurt his children, you cause terrible suffering to Satan, who loosens the grip he holds over the person for whom you pray.
Humility is more than just the acceptance of suffering.
It is a powerful means of defeating evil.
By praying for those who torment you, you bring me a great gift of true love.
A special love for me, Your Jesus.
I will continue to instruct you, my disciples, so that you will remain strong and faithful to My Teachings.
It is in these times of great apostasy, that my holy gospel and my messages, now being given to prepare you, must be spread throughout the world in my campaign to save souls.
Your Jesus
Douay Rheims Bible 3 Kings7: 28-36
(Context is the building of Solomon’s temole)

[28] And the work itself of the bases, was intergraven: and there were gravings between the joinings. [29] And between the little crowns and the ledges were lions, and oxen, and cherubims: and in the joinings likewise above: and under the lions and oxen, as it were bands of brass hanging down. [30] And every base had four wheels, and axletrees of brass: and at the four sides were undersetters under the laver molten, looking one against another.

[31] The mouth also of the laver within, was in the top of the chapiter: and that which appeared without, was of one cubit all round, and together it was one cubit and a half: and in the corners of the pillars were divers engravings: and the spaces between the pillars were square, not round. [32] And the four wheels, which were at the four corners of the base, were joined one to another under the base: the height of a wheel was a cubit and a half. [33] And they were such wheels as are used to be made in a chariot: and their axletrees, and spokes, and strakes, and naves, were all east. [34] And the four undersetters that were at every corner of each base, were of the base itself cast and joined together. [35] And in the top of the base there was a round compass of half a cubit, so wrought that the laver might be set thereon, having its gravings, and divers sculptures of itself.

[36] He engraved also in those plates, which were of brass. and in the corners, cherubims, and lions, and palm trees, in likeness of a man standing, so that they seemed not to be engraven, but added round about

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