JTM Prayer Meeting Thursday 3rd September, 2015

Theme: Group F prayers – Faith, Church, Nations…

The readings today, randomly chosen as usual, all seemed to focus on Hope and consolation. As well as the Bible reading, we had 4 readings instead of the usual 3. People just love listening to them and 4 people, picked up a Book of Truth each.

My Word will be like a sword, which will cut through confusion and lies

21 December, 2012

My dearly beloved daughter, the time for My Teachings and my holy messages to be spread into every corner of the world, is now.

I will ensure that the Book of Truth, promised to the world, will be ready in every nation and every language.
My disciples and My sacred Servants will preach from the four corners of the Earth.
Billions will follow my word and many will, finally, read the holy Gospel.
My Father’s book, the holy Bible, will be revisited and my word will be read again.
Now, my messages today, contained in the Book of Truth will be food, which will be fed to God’s children when it will be deemed illegal to read the holy word of God in the future.
You, my disciples, must convert those who do not know me.
If they do not know who I am, they cannot prepare themselves properly for my new Kingdom.
My word will be like a sword, which will cut through confusion and lies.
It will touch the minds, hearts and the souls of all.
Some will take time to digest my word, but most of the world’s population will accept the truth, once they are given it.
Please pray for the courage, the strength and the will to do what it is that I ask of you.
Remind them that I died for them.
Tell them that the time for me to come again is soon.
Comfort them by revealing to them the great gift of the New Paradise I am to reveal.
Tell them that I am coming to save them and to end their suffering.
Your Jesus

 Children, do not become discouraged by tales of despair facing mankind

 8 August 2011
My dearly beloved daughter, it is days since I communicated with you.
This was to give you a chance to listen to the advice of my beloved Father, God the Most High, to help you understand the role of suffering to save souls.
The days now are getting shorter as the time for The Warning draws nearer.
All is set for the flames of My Love, which will envelop the whole world as one.
The angels, the choirs in Heaven await now the day of glory when I return to give man his last opportunity to accept my existence and that of my Eternal Father.
Children, do not become discouraged by rumour or tales of despair facing mankind, instead, look to me now and confide in me your fears.
Mankind will be given such a wonderful gift.
Not only will man encounter me, face-to-face but they will be overjoyed to learn and see the truth presented before their very eyes.
This is to be a great day in history when hope and love will be shown to all of you.
Even hardened sinners will fall down and weep tears of remorse.
This is good news, children, for all can be saved if they abandon their pride and ego.
All, through their own free will, are to be united to allow me to enter their hearts so that they can be guided towards the light.
For many sinners in mortal sin, this light will burn their eyes and their soul.
It will be painful.
If they can only endure the fright of seeing how they offend me, they will become strong and will convert.
So, children of my army, I say to you now.
Smile, for the event will be the most extraordinary in your lives and your existing love for me and my Eternal Father will infuse your soul.
So much love will infiltrate your minds, bodies and souls that you will be renewed in spirit forever.
Pray now, for all of you, for the time is short.
The world is being prepared now for The Warning so that all will be ready for my great gift.
Continue, My children, with devotion, this month of the salvation of souls, for by the end of august millions of souls will be saved through your efforts.
Remember, children, I am present in your lives every day.
I love all of you.
Remain loyal to my wishes to save tortured souls.
Jesus Christ
So now you should understand why you are different to visionaries. It is because you are a prophet, the end time prophet.
13 July 2012
My dearly beloved daughter you must know that the role of the prophet differs to that of the visionary.
A prophet will always be an outcast, hated, feared and isolated.
A prophet will always work alone as if he is cast into a desert.
The only fruit within the barren desert will be the voice of God.
My daughter when you feel alone and abandoned know that this is how the prophets felt in the past.
Many prophets felt the weight of this task laid out before them.
Most of them knew they were not worthy to impart the holy word of God but they accept the Divine calling from the Heavens because they were sent.
Because they were sent into the world they knew, instinctively, the obligations they had to fulfil yet it was not easy.
Every word they uttered was thrown back in their faces.
Every word torn asunder in the synagogues and the temples set up to worship God.
Many were cast out by their own people and could not return to their birthplaces.
Many became nomads and never found a place where they would be welcomed as a lost son.
Instead they worked, lived and stayed alone with no one to turn to.
Yet they knew, in their hearts, that they were being guided by God and felt no fear as they spoke with his voice.
The graces given to them enabled them to be strong.
They never faltered in delivery The Warnings to God’s people, the prophecies and the word of God.
It did not matter to them that they were laughed at because they knew the truth of God was the food of life.
Without the truth, God’s children would not have had the means to recognise the prophecies as foretold.
Nor would they have been able to accept the laws laid down by God for the good of mankind.
Rejected, ridiculed, cast aside and deemed as eccentric, just as I was during my time on Earth they still delivered the word of God.
Their words live forever.
They will never die because they spoke the word of the lord, God the Most High.
And so it will be with you.
You will remain alone like a voice in the wilderness.
You will be ignored in many quarters of My Church on Earth.
The difference this time is that these prophecies will unfold in your lifetime and the truth will be proved to this generation.
They will believe then when the proof of The Warning is witnessed.
The prophecies of the seals, as I open them and reveal the contents to you, will also prove that I am speaking to the world through you the 7th angel, the 7th messenger.
You will be listened to yet I urge you to remain silent and not to comment to those who question you or challenge you.
You do not understand the meaning of the messages yet.
In time you will.
In the meantime you do not have the authority to defend my word.
Every attempt will be made to trick you into responding in the hope that you will trip yourself up through your lack of knowledge.
So you must remain quiet, isolated and anonymous until I give you the instruction.
So now you should understand why you are different to visionaries.
It is because you are a prophet, the end time prophet.
This mission is protected by the Heavens and cannot be destroyed.
Go in peace and understanding My daughter.
Your Jesus
Psalm 40: 1-12 (Douay Rheims bible)

[2] Blessed is he that understandeth concerning the needy and the poor: the Lord will deliver him in the evil day. [3] The Lord preserve him and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth: and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies. [4] The Lord help him on his bed of sorrow: thou hast turned all his couch in his sickness. [5] I said: O Lord, be thou merciful to me: heal my soul, for I have sinned against thee.

[6] My enemies have spoken evils against me: when shall he die and his name perish? [7] And if he came in to see me, he spoke vain things: his heart gathered together iniquity to itself. He went out and spoke to the same purpose. [8] All my enemies whispered together against me: they devised evils to me. [9] They determined against me an unjust word: shall he that sleepeth rise again no more? [10] For even the man of peace, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, hath greatly supplanted me.

[11] But thou, O Lord, have mercy on me, and raise me up again: and I will requite them. [12] By this I know, that thou hast had a good will for me: because my enemy shall not rejoice over me.

A number of events regarding the Churches, which honor Me in the world, will begin to surface

14 November 2012
My dear mystical spouse, my dearly beloved daughter, your trials have given you a new strength and the passion needed to touch the hearts of many.
This is one of the ways in which I will touch the souls of those who need my graces.
I will do this through your work for me, so that conversion can spread quickly.
During this time a number of events regarding the Churches, which honour me, in the world will begin to surface.
The schism in my Catholic Church will soon be made public.
When this is done it will be to the sound of applause for those who have separated the truth of My Teachings from the commandments laid down by My Father.
The planning and co-ordination of this grand scheme has taken some time, but soon they will announce the schism before the world’s media.
Many, shouting at the top of their voices present lies, not only against the laws laid down by My Teachings.
What they really want is to create a new God.
The new figurehead of My Church will be promoted as like any high profile election of political leaders.
They will make you want to believe that the words of old are deceitful.
Then they will tell you not to believe in them.
They will change the ways in which they have lived My Teachings and change the way they honour me.
They will now push my laws to one side and will worship laws of their own making.
They will change their solemn vows to justify their participation in the building of a new temple – the new temple dedicated to the rule of the False Prophet
Then they will no longer be servants of mine, for they will switch allegiance and honour the False Prophet.
Then they will worship a false God, a brand new concept, which will allow for certain Laws of God to be abolished and replaced with obscenities before my eyes.
This is my warning to those priests amongst you who will pull away from the Catholic Church.
When you stop trusting in me fully, your heads will be turned to believe in lies.
When you trust deceitful rulers you will fall into terrible sin.
You will honour the beast, who will defile My Church by plunging the Crown of Thorns on the head of My Church, my true Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict.
You will suffer terribly when you serve the beast, for you will be depriving God of his children.
Turn back to your true roots.
Do not allow My Church to be defiled by the sins planned by people who want to destroy Christianity and other religions, which honour My Father.
You, My sacred Servants, who disobey your Holy Orders, cut off your hearts from me, while these deceivers will steal your souls.
The biggest sin you are about to commit is to honour a false God.
Dressed in jewels, he will be charming, subtle and with a seemingly good grasp of the teachings of My Father’s book.
You will fall under his spell.
He will twist My Teachings so they become heresy.
This religion, an alternative to the truth of God, is worthless.
Yet it will have an exterior of charm, love and wonder, and dressed with new gold and precious stones, it will feature as the new one-world religion on all altars.
To those faithful priests, I tell you this.
I will bless you with the graces to understand the truth at all times.
Such idols, presented to you as the truth, are but clay.
They are made of wooden objects.
They are nothing.
They do not have any meaning.
No graces will be emitted.
God, the one true God, will simply not be present in their Churches.
Only the living God can be present in My Churches.
When God the Father witnesses this final insult, he will exile those who bring alive these pagan practices.
Then he will demand an explanation from those who cause the schism in his holy Church on Earth – these same servants who arrogantly dismiss the word of God so casually.
When they face me, during The Warning, they will know how they have hurt My Father.
No person or sacred servant has control because there is only one master.
Only one God.
They are introducing a man-made God.
He does not exist, yet they will steal my flock from me.
They will be given every grace and shown much patience.
If they do not repent, they will be destroyed.
Each of you will be repaid for every soul you have lost to me.
Your Jesus

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