God Worked (and works) Signs and Miracles for the Apostles

Friday, 4th September, 2015

A Miracle Story that you may not have read (or remember) from the Bible..
Coming after a big event, this is easily overlooked or forgotten; but it has many relevant teachings, including reminding me of how God has touched us and sent us signs- more of which are to come!

I feel very close to the situation of the apostles who worked very carefully amongst their enemies, while continuing to boldly spread God’s Word.

What happened here, to St. Peter and the others, encourages us. I read this tonight as part of my time with God’s Word and wanted to share it with you: Acts 12:11-25 Thank you God (yet again) for your Holy Word to us at this time- and for all time!

This is the summary of what was revealed to me within that passage:

Peter was delivered from chains by an angel and was awe-struck and dumb founded by this.

He had been delivered from both Herod and from the expectation of the Jewish people (that he’d be put to death). After reverently considering this, he went to where “his brethren” were gathered in prayer– to show himself! They too were amazed at God’s miraculous intervention; Peter standing before them!

Again dumb-founded and awe-struck, he made particularly sure that word got to the other brethren and to those with whom he was especially close (fellow leaders), including James.

Secondly, we hear how and why Herod dies instead. Not instantly; (God has been merciful) but upon committing a terrible act of pride. The (Jewish, I presume) people who are seeking peace with Herod so they can have “his food”, praise his oration as “the voice of a god and not of a man”. What an insult to God the Father- especially from His own people! They rejected the voice of His Divine Son (actually God, not ‘merely’ a man) and “The Food of Life”-  for Herod and his food?!!

What happens next are signs for the Jewish (and for all) people.
Verse 23 reads:
“Immediately an angel of The Lord struck him (Herod) because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died.”

But, by way of a contrasting sign, “the Word of God grew and multiplied”. (24) And  Barnabus and Saul fulfil their ministry in Jerusalem, later taking with them, John Mark- whose house Peter first went to, having given immediate testimony after his being miraculously freed. John Mark must have, himself, been profoundly affected and converted by this miracle, therefore, so that he was prompted to join the apostles in their ministry, after having been testified to in his own home, and after having seen and accepted all these signs.

God bless++
Donna Liane

Editor’s note: This reflection affirms quite a few things. Firstly that Jesus has promised miracles and signs to his “new apostles” in the Crusade prayer groups. Secondly, that we should give testimony of these signs, because they can plant seeds in others, or be simply motivational and inspirational for them – to encourage them to keep going. We must give glory to God in all things, and spread the Word of God, so that it may multiply.

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