We Must Resist and Persevere!!

Dr. Kelly Bowring is a Catholic Theologian, who is not afraid to speak out. He has  an impressive background. He has written 3 books – all of them best sellers.
If you haven’t read any of them, you should do so. He very comprehensively sifts through all the various prophecies and explains them in a very straightforward and easy to read manner.

His website will keep you up to date on other matters as well e.g. Medjugorje

Read more about him here: http://twoheartspress.com/

His latest post (also on You tube video) is quite long, but worth listening to.

Excerpts from his latest post dated 2nd September:

1. TAKING OFFENSE TODAY – Bishop Schneider recently demonstrated what it is to currently be taking offense, when he commented on the mid-term October 2014 Vatican synod report, saying in protest:
“This is the first time in Church history
that such a heterodox text was actually published
as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops
under the guidance of a pope.”

2. RESISTANCE COMING SOON – Cardinal Burke offers when this might become necessary and what this might look like, saying in February 2015:
When asked what he would do if Pope Francis changes the doctrine of the Faith, as many think he will, he said: “I WILL RESIST.” He added:
“It is always my sacred duty
to defend the truth
of the Church’s teaching…
Therefore, if any authority,
even the highest authority,
were to deny that truth
or act contrary to it,
I would be obliged to resist [him].”
And when he does this, we will know whom to rightly follow.
3. EVENTUALLY, FULL OPPOSITION – If the pope takes the Church into schism by changing or abandoning doctrine, we must not follow him. As we continue to head in this direction, we must look to the faithful and courageous bishops to guide us, always remaining faithful to Scripture and doctrine and always in obedience to the true Magisterium of the Church.

More Excerpts from Dr Kelly Bowring of twoheartspress:

“Faithful Believers of the Last Times: PERSEVERE!

What does God want you to do?
– Open your hearts to the heavenly message of our times and be docile to God’s warnings
– Love the truth and defend it in this great storm that will still last many long years
– Do not permit the flame of faith to be extinguished within you
– In your hands – the holy rosary and the Holy Bible
– In your hearts – the love of truth
– In the center of your devotion –The Holy Eucharist and frequent confession
– Do not be contaminated by the material things of the world nor become enslaved by technology, but seek the treasures of God and you will be happy here on earth now and later in Heaven
– Strengthen yourselves in the love of the Lord… love always and do good to all
– Make family prayer an important priority… Only united in prayer will you be able to withstand the weight of the trials that are coming and only through the power of prayer can you overcome every evil
– Let the divine light of the Holy Spirit transform your lives and give you supernatural hope
– Carry your heavy cross in the cause of defending the truth
– Do not be silent, as your silence will only strengthen the enemies of God
– Do not abandon the Lord Jesus and His Mother… When things are at their worst, for those who call on Jesus and His Mother for help, God will send His angels to help us, to protect us, and to guide us, keeping us free from all danger

A Final Plea: Uphold the Truth AT ALL COSTS

Be courageous defenders of the truth and do not back down when Church leaders will change the laws to try to alter the truths of the Faith.
What does God want you to do? God is not telling us we have to move or hide or buy certain things, except perhaps a small amount of food supplies… you might waste your time on these things and still they won’t help you. REMEMBER the 8 survivors of Hiroshima and Immaculée the Rwandan survivor… what will save us is prayer and calling out to our heavenly Mother for help as we unite together and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What God is inviting us to do is to PRAY! And to use the true weapons of Victory which He has given us for these times: Confession, the Eucharist, the Holy Scripture, the Holy Rosary, Consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, love of the truth, and faithfulness to the true Magisterium of the Church.

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Most Holy Rosary every day, and in your families, as often as you can to alleviate the impact of this devious and demonic plan of these last times.

Pray too for those souls who will be lost in the imminent global natural disasters brought about by the Hand of God to chastise the world, in order to save the human race and bring all people of good will into the Era of Peace.

Put your confidence and hope in Jesus. Don’t get discouraged. Flee from sin. Love the truth. Keep praying. Victory awaits those who remain faithful, and after the storm passes, you will see the new heavens and the new earth!

Share this prophetic message with all Catholics and with all Christians now. Couragio! God bless you.”

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