JTM Prayer Meeting Thursday 10th September

Theme is Salvation of Souls (Group B) plus Core Prayers (Group A)

Hymn at end is “O Purest of Creatures” – (Our Lady’s birthday on 8th and Fest of Holy Name of Mary on 12th.)

Readings are randomly chosen.

God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face
1 February 2013

My dearest daughter, how My Heart is breaking at this time, as man, through the wickedness of his sins, have finally tried my patience.
My hurt and pain is compounded by my anger, as I cannot allow the infestation, which has befallen humanity on such a level, to continue.
My Hand of Justice now falls on nations who defy, blatantly, my laws.
The hatred man has for his fellow brothers and sisters is palpable, throughout the Earth, and takes many forms.

To mortal man my message is: “stop now your evil deeds, or my punishment will wipe out everything you do and you will suffer eternal pain.”
You do not have the authority to take life, for I am the author of life. Only I give life. It does not come from any other source. Only I can take it away.

When you interfere with My Divine plan, you will be stopped.
This plan has been belittled by you, a creature, for whom I have given so much.
It has been attacked and torn apart, as if it is of little consequence.
Your wars will escalate, for I will bring death to your wicked leaders.
I will find you, take you, and cast you into the abyss, where the beast will be your eternal companion.
You will tear your eyes out in suffering, because of the atrocities you have committed against My children.
It is for the sins against the innocent, whose lives you have destroyed, that my chastisement will be cast down upon you.

No nation will escape this punishment and the level of my punishment will be according to the depths of the sins, to which you have lowered yourselves.
You may think that my chastisement is harsh, but without it, you would destroy each other.

Were I not to intervene, the world would cease to exist; for you, with the wicked technologies, which you have created, would break it in half. I will not allow you to do this. My power is almighty and you will now witness my punishments, as they befall humanity.


Pray for your fellow sinners, and especially, those who have been infested by the darkness of the evil one.

I will wipe out those nations who spit in my face and who have lost control.
Those who persecute others will suffer the pain which they inflict on others.

Your Father
God the Most High

Just as the soldier who pierced My Side was instantly converted so, too, will millions of souls
22 August 2012

My dearly beloved daughter you must not feel isolated from me because of the enormity of this work.
For although it may seem to be of such magnitude, that you feel you will not be able to cope, know that I only ask of you that which you are capable of.

Rejoice that my word is being sought out all over the world for this is My Heart’s desire.
I desire that all of my disciples respond immediately to My Call for I need them to help me in my mission to save humanity.
This is only the beginning of a rapid conversion when the blood and water will gush forth over every human soul.
My blood and water will convert even blackened souls.
Just as the soldier who pierced my side was instantly converted so, too, will millions of souls who, at this time, do not believe I exist.

Have not I told you that My Mercy is endless?
Have I not promised that miracles, sanctioned by My Father, will take place to bring the world together and all souls to their rightful inheritance?
So many souls are now responding to My Call.
Their prayers alone will be multiplied and millions more will be saved.

All souls are to be included in your efforts to salvage the whole of humanity.
Your goal, my dearly beloved disciples, must be not to allow any single soul to slip through the net. This net will be thrown out and cast into the waters to catch souls and save them. You my disciples are the fishermen.

I give you the net through the graces I now bestow upon you.
You will help me to save every living soul and not one single effort will be left undone – not one stone unturned – as I venture forth to save humanity once again.
So, instead of cowering in fear, worried about the huge response to My Call, My daughter, you must rejoice.
For at last my holy will is being fulfilled.
Yet we still have a long way to go.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: These apparitions will begin this Spring, as my Son has instructed
January 24th, 2014

My dear child, let it be known that I will make one more appearance at all the Marian grottos, which were approved by my Son’s Church, over the centuries.
I will make myself known in Sacred sites, which will include Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette and Guadalupe. I will also appear at Garabandal. These apparitions will begin this Spring, just as my Son has instructed.

I will be seen, by chosen souls, with the sun behind my head. There will be twelve stars encircled and woven around the crown of thorns, which was worn by my Son during His Crucifixion, placed upon my head, as a sign for all to follow my example. My role is to lead all of God’s children along the Path of Truth and take them to my Son.

When these apparitions take place, there will be no doubt, especially amongst those who pay homage to me, that I speak the Truth when I say that soon the final Path, which will bring you to my Son, in these the end times, will be through the Book of Truth.

When you follow me, your Mother, I will take you and guide you towards my Son. My Son has promised many miracles, so that He can open your eyes to the prophecies He gave the world, through my own Mission. Many do not accept that I appeared at these special apparition sites and dismiss their importance in the salvation of souls.

When I appear one last time at these sites and present myself as the Mother of Salvation, you will know then that this Mission is my last and that all apparitions lead to this final one to bring the world the Salvation, which is the birthright of every single person.

Rejoice, for these days are close and when you hear of these things, then know that this prophecy, when fulfilled, could only have come from me, your beloved Mother, the Mother of Salvation, Mother of God.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Editor’s note: The readings all line up again with the theme for today (Salvation of Souls). In the first reading, God the Father sets the scene as to why souls need Salvation.In The second reading Jesus calls on his disciples to help him with the Salvation of Souls, and in the third reading , Our lady tells us of her role in the Salvation of Souls. The Bible reading warns us not to listen to “false prophets” ( the ‘dreams’ which are ‘nonsense’) but to ’emissaries of the Most High’. It reminds us that our ‘hope is in someone with power to save’ – that the Lord is our Hope.

NAB Bible – Wisdom of Ben Sirach Ch 34 (Ecclesiasticus)
1 Vain and deceptive hopes are for the foolish, and dreams lend wings to fools.
2 As well clutch at shadows and chase the wind as put any faith in dreams.
3 Dreams are no different from mirrors; confronting a face, the reflection of that face.
4 What can be cleansed by uncleanness, what can be verified by falsehood?
5 Divinations, auguries and dreams are nonsense, like the fantasies of a pregnant woman.
6 Unless sent as emissaries from the Most High, do not give them a thought;
7 for dreams have led many astray, and those who relied on them have come to grief.
8 Fulfilling the Law requires no such falsehood, and wisdom is perfected in veracity.
9 A much travelled man knows many things, and a man of great experience will talk sound sense.
10 Someone who has never had his trials knows little; but the travelled man is master of every situation.
11 I have seen many things on my travels, I have understood more than I can put into words.
12 I have often been in danger of death, but I have been spared, and this is why:
13 the spirit of those who fear the Lord can survive, for their hope is in someone with power to save them.
14 No one who fears the Lord need ever hesitate, or ever be daunted, since the Lord is his hope.
15 Happy the soul of one who fears the Lord. On whom does he rely? Who supports him?
16 The eyes of the Lord watch over those who love him, he is their powerful protection and their strong support, their screen from the desert wind, their shelter from the midday sun, a guard against stumbling, an assurance against a fall.
17 He revives the spirit and brightens the eyes, he gives health, life and blessing.
18 The sacrifice of an offering unjustly acquired is a mockery; the gifts of the impious are unacceptable.
19 The Most High takes no pleasure in offerings from the godless, multiplying sacrifices will not gain pardon for sin.
20 Offering sacrifice from the property of the poor is as bad as slaughtering a son before his father’s eyes.
21 A meagre diet is the very life of the poor, to deprive them of it is to commit murder.
22 To take away a fellow-man’s livelihood is to kill him, to deprive an employee of his wages is to shed blood.
23 If one person builds while another pulls down, what will they get out of it but trouble?
24 If one person prays and another calls down a curse, to which one’s voice is the Master going to listen?
25 If someone washes after touching a corpse, and then touches it again, what is the good of his washing?
26 Just so with someone who fasts for sin, and then goes and commits it again. Who is going to hear that person’s prayer? What is the good of the self-abasement?



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