Tribute to a Prime MInister

18th September, 2015

We are all very sad.

Four days ago, our good Prime Minister – Tony Abbott – was ousted from his position just 4 days short of 2 years after being elected.
The media plays havoc with our lives – with politicians, and society (e.g. gay “rights”). The media criticised him from day one, and they were relentless.

However, he “fought the good fight” – and he won for our country a reprieve from a law on gay marriage being passed in this country.

His final speech speaks of his values and attitudes. It has undertones of humility; it speaks of the “privilege of service”. He stated that “It is humbling to lose, but that does not compare to the honour of being asked to lead”.

His final speech to the nation, as Prime Minister, was that of a true gentleman – a true Christian even. It must be the first time in decades that a Prime MInister dared to mention God.

In his maiden speech in Parliament he quoted from the first Christian service ever preached in Australia – and he quoted from it in his last – “… what shall I render under the Lord, for all his blessings to me?”

He is not leaving parliament. He will continue on as a simple backbencher. Perhaps this is good. We need good people in parliament to speak up for Truth.

Please continue to pray for this good, Catholic man, who has tried to stay true to his Faith under intense pressure and public persecution.

Our politicians, as well as our priests, Bishops and Cardinals, need our prayers.

We need to pray for our nations – so that they keep their allegiance to God – otherwise we will have to answer for our actions.

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remnant survivor

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