JTM Prayer Group Meeting 17th September, 2015

Theme: Protection

Readings are chosen at random after the prayers.

Any man who claims to be Me is a liar, for I will never Manifest Myself in man

17th July 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, one of the most confusing times will emerge shortly, when, not only will those who claim to come in My Name be false, but there will be those who will claim to be me.
My children must understand this.
I came the first time as man to save mankind from sin.
This time I will come to judge.
While many will come face-to-face with me during The Warning, I will not come the second time until judgment day.
Any man who claims to be me is a liar.

Such souls, and there are many of them, My daughter, do not mean harm.
So deluded are they that the deceiver convinces such people that they not only have Divine powers, but that they are the son of God incarnate.
But this is untrue, for I will never manifest myself in another human being on this Earth.
This could never happen.
No man is worthy of such an honour, for this has not been foretold.

Many will now come forward and claim that they are me, Jesus Christ, the son of God.
For those poor souls I say this to you.
Drop on your knees now and ask God the Father to protect you from the deceiver.
He wants to confuse you so that you, in turn, will not only confuse My children who await my return to Earth, but will exacerbate the ridicule extolled by atheists.
Not only do you bring shame to My Name, but you are unwittingly turning people against their belief in God the Almighty Father.

I also wish to warn those who claim to perform miracles.
Anyone who makes such claims, to hold such powers, will not be from God, for there is only one God and only he or I, his beloved son, Jesus Christ, can bring about such things.
Satan on the other hand also possesses powers.
He can create illusions.
In the case of miracle cures Satan can bring about, through those so-called faith healers whose powers are sought from the occult, temporary solutions, where miracles, may seem to have been achieved.
But they will not last long.

Satan will also bring about so-called miracles including visions, seen by many, in the skies.
Again they are illusions and not of God.
Children, you are, while trying to show your allegiance to me, being tempted by the forces of evil every single day.

You must only focus on me and my Eternal Father.
And remember, I do not walk on this Earth as a human being.
I may be present on Earth in spirit, but I will never manifest myself in any man.

Pray for guidance every day and for the discernment to be able distinguish lies from the truth.

Your loving Saviour
Jesus Christ

NAB bible: Wisdom of Ben Sirach Ch 27
«1 Many have sinned for the sake of profit, one who hopes to be rich must turn a blind eye.
2 A peg will stick in the joint between two stones, and sin will wedge itself between selling and buying.
3 Whoever does not firmly hold to the fear of the Lord, his house will soon be overthrown.
4 In a shaken sieve the rubbish is left behind, so too the defects of a person appear in speech.
5 The kiln tests the work of the potter, the test of a person is in conversation.
6 The orchard where the tree grows is judged by its fruit, similarly words betray what a person feels.
7 Do not praise anyone who has not yet spoken, since this is where people are tested.
8 If you pursue virtue, you will attain it and put it on like a festal gown.
9 Birds consort with their kind, truth comes home to those who practise it.
10 The lion lies in wait for its prey, so does sin for those who do wrong.
11 The conversation of the devout is wisdom at all times, but the fool is as changeable as the moon.
12 When visiting stupid people, choose the right moment, but among the thoughtful take your time.
13 The conversation of fools is disgusting, raucous their laughter in their sinful pleasures.
14 The talk of hard-swearing people makes your hair stand on end, their brawling makes you stop your ears.
15 A quarrel between the proud leads to bloodshed, and their insults are embarrassing to hear.
16 A betrayer of secrets forfeits all trust and will never find the kind of friend he wants.
17 Be fond of a friend and keep faith with him, but if you have betrayed his secrets, do not go after him any more;
18 for, as one destroys a person by killing him, so you have killed your neighbour’s friendship,
19 and as you let a bird slip through your fingers, so you have let your friend go, and will not catch him.
20 Do not go after him — he is far away, he has fled like a gazelle from the snare.
21 For a wound can be bandaged and abuse forgiven, but for the betrayer of a secret there is no hope.
22 Someone with a sly wink is plotting mischief, no one can dissuade him from it.
23 Honey-tongued to your face, he is lost in admiration at your words; but behind your back he has other things to say, and turns your words into a stumbling-block.
24 I have found many things to hate, but nothing as much as him, and the Lord hates him too.
25 Whoever throws a stone in the air, throws it on to his own head; a treacherous blow cuts both ways.
26 The man who digs a pit falls into it, whoever sets a snare will be caught by it.
27 On anyone who does evil, evil will recoil, without his knowing where it comes from.
28 Sarcasm and abuse are the mark of the arrogant, but vengeance lies in wait like a lion for such a one.
29 The trap will close on all who rejoice in the downfall of the devout, and pain will eat them up before they die.
30 Resentment and anger, these are foul things too, and a sinner is a master at them both.

Mother of God: Many will be lonely in their quest to form prayer groups
5 February 2013

My children, you must seek out the comfort of each other, as you gather, at every corner of the Earth, to form My Son’s remnant army.
Many will be lonely, in their quest to form prayer groups, and may feel that it is useless, at times.
For each prayer group set up, to recite the Crusade Prayers, a special grace will be given to you by my precious son.

He is present in every group and he will make you aware of this.
You will feel his love and then you will witness the fruits, as they will pour forth and spread his most holy word.

Children, you are blessed for being given the gift of humility, because only those of you who accept the word of My Son, without any doubts, will yield many conversions, because of your prayer groups.

The Holy Spirit is now moving, quickly, amongst you, dearest children, and it brings me so much joy to see how much he stirs your souls.
You must remain united, my little children, because My Son needs your love and commitment, so that he can save humanity.

You will, however, become a target for the evil one who will raise every demon, under his wing, to infiltrate you and cause division.
Recognise these attempts, for what they are and trust, completely, in My Son.
Call on me, your Beloved Mother, to keep your Crusade Prayer groups united.
Crusade Prayer (97) to unite Crusade Prayer groups
O beloved Mother of Salvation, I implore you to unite, through your prayers, all of God’s remnant army,throughout the world.
Cover all Crusade Prayer groups with the grace of salvation, poured out upon us, through the mercy of your son, Jesus Christ.
Send your angels to cover each one of us, and especially, those priests who lead the Crusade Prayer groups.
Help us to avoid the distractions, which cause division amongst us, and protect us with your gift of armour, so that we become immune to the attacks, which we will have to endure, because of our love for Jesus Christ, in this holy mission to save souls.
Go in peace, my beloved children, and know that God’s remnant army, through the grace of My Son, will help him to salvage billions of souls.

Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Mother of Salvation: To the priests in the Catholic Church, I urge you to carry my Most Holy Rosary beads
14 October 2013

My dear child, do not believe for one moment, that any of you are strong enough, on your own, to withstand the temptations you will face to turn your back on the Truth – the true Word of God. Without continuous prayers, you will find that you will be unable to stand up and declare the Truth when you are presented with lies.
All of you must recite the Crusade Prayers as the darkness has already begun to descend over my Son’s Church on Earth and you must be prepared for this every second.

To the priests in the Catholic Church, I urge you to carry my Most Holy Rosary beads and a Benedictine Cross with you at all times. You must recite my Holy Rosary every single day and watch out for those in the higher ranks within the Church to see who recites my Holy Rosary in public. When I am being venerated, my Holy Rosary must be recited by all present before me. If they, who say, lead the faithful to seek my assistance before the throne of God, cannot recite my Rosary, then they need your prayers. To come before me, seeking my help, without reciting my Rosary, is without substance, as it is akin to a soldier going into battle without any armour.

My Rosary is the most powerful prayer and, when said daily, will destroy the power of the evil one. Those, whose souls have been darkened by Satan, will find it too painful to recite this prayer. By their actions you will know who they are and you must ask God, through the mercy of my Son, Jesus Christ, to help them to draw towards the light of God.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Comment/Reflection:Each week it seems that Jesus is steering us to look anew at what we should focus on for what is coming.The first reading focuses on what we should expect of the antichrist and his false miracles. A sign for us that his coming will be soon.

The Bible reading (again from Wisdom of  Ben Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus) -tells us of the importance of sticking to our Faith and the Truth, and how to judge a person according to his words and actions.We think this will important in the future in order to see who our enemies are.

The next reading reminds us of the graces and blessings promised to each prayer group. We are already aware and amazed at all the blessings ,signs and little miracles that we have experienced. (Many, we have explained on this site – others are for us only.; and another one will be published soon).

The last reading reminds us of the importance of continuous prayer so that we will have the strength we need to counter the darkness when it descends. It especially reaffirms the importance of the Rosary.

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