JTM Prayer Meeting Tuesday 29th September, 2015

Theme for the prayers was Group F (Faith Family, Church, Nations)

Readings are chosen at random after the prayers.

It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead My army towards salvation

28 February 2013
My dearly beloved daughter, these days, almost upon you, bring with them a terrible darkness and despair, the likes of which has never been witnessed in your lifetimes.
This darkness will be of the spirit and will be caused by the emptiness of those souls who follow the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
The pain of the spirit, which they will inflict on Christians, who will refuse to listen to heresy, will be difficult to endure.
I only tell you this, so you will know in your hearts, that the pain of rejection you feel will be because you, by upholding my holy word, will suffer in My Name.
You must never question the huge demands, which will be made upon you, or lose confidence, for it is I, your king, who has the power to ensure that you can bear this.
Nor, must you ever doubt that this remnant army, of which you will now become part of in order to remain true to me, Jesus Christ, has been foretold.
Do not listen to those who will try to tell you that you must not believe in these, my holy messages for the world, for they are being deceived.
You must pray for those who will not have the strength or the spirit of discernment and who will choose the wrong fork in the road.
Many who will follow the False Prophet, will try to drag you down the same road.
Brother will fight brother and sister, Father against son, mother against daughter – all in their quest to follow the truth, but so many will fail to see the errors of the teachings of the False Prophet and will be lost to me.
It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love me the most, who will lead my army towards salvation.
They will bring with them billions of souls, under my guidance, to safety.
This is why you must never give up.
Your Jesus

Even those, who commit terrible sin, are loved by God the Father

20 April 2012
My dearest beloved daughter, My children must be told of the intense love that I hold in my Sacred Heart for every child born on this Earth.
Even those, who commit terrible sin, are loved by God the Father.
Each one of you is a child of God.
Because of this you are abused, tormented and hurt by Satan and his demons.
To those hardened sinners, members of Satan’s army, who know that God exists, but who choose to idolise the beast, know this.
No matter how much homage you pay Satan, remember, he does not love you.
He hates you and will destroy you.
His promises to offer you a Paradise, both on Earth and beyond, are empty lies.
Very soon you will be given proof of My Love for you.
There will be no doubt in your heart that I, your beloved Jesus, want to embrace you, forgive you and bring you eternal peace, love, joy and happiness in my new Kingdom, the New Paradise.
Never be afraid to turn your back on the life you lead where you idolise all the perceived gifts of wealth, sex and other material comforts offered to you by Satan, whose reign on this Earth comes to an end shortly.
Only I, your beloved Jesus, can save you.
My Mercy is so great that I will forgive you anything when you feel remorse.
Come to me now.
Do not waste one second, for your future happiness is at stake.
I promise you eternal life, peace, love, joy and a beautiful Paradise where you will be loved, cherished and where you will want for nothing.
If you cannot accept My Hand of Mercy now, then when the time comes on the last day, you will be given one more chance to ask me for mercy.
When this day comes, you will, many of you, realise the mistake you have made.
Yet, I will still embrace you, like a long lost and much loved child of God, no matter how much you have suffered by the hand of evil.
All you have to do will be to call out to me and ask for My Mercy.
If you are involved, at this time, in a web of deceit and evil, from which you cannot escape, then I ask you to call on me by reciting this:
Crusade Prayer (46) free me from the chains of Satan
“o Jesus, I am lost.
I am confused and feel like a prisoner caught in a web I cannot escape from.
I trust you, Jesus, to come to my aid and free me from the chains of Satan and his demons.
Help me, for I am lost.
I need your love to give me the strength to believe in you and trust in you, so that I can be saved from this evil and be shown the light so I can find peace, love and happiness at last.
Your beloved Jesus

I cannot force people to convert or turn back

15 October 2011
My dearly beloved daughter, as more people hear my word, My Love will infiltrate their souls as soon as they read my messages.
I will speak to their souls and awaken their slumber in order to unite them with me so that I can save souls everywhere.
Strength in numbers will help me achieve the salvation of souls on such a grand scale.
Because of the free will given to man as a gift from My Father, I cannot force people to convert or turn back to the faith in God the Father.
It will have to be their own decision.
Prayer will spread conversion.
Of that I promise you.
Just think of the gift that awaits souls when you, My children, pray for them.
Don’t you know the power of prayer?
Prayer said by the multitudes, in thanksgiving to My Father and in atonement for your sins, can save the world.
Such is the power it wields.
Never before have I urged you so much for your prayers, which must come from your own lips and with a generosity of heart for hardened sinners everywhere.
I need your prayers.
Without your prayers these poor souls may not be saved, because many of them are in such darkness that the impact of The Warning will have little effect.
You, my cherished, beloved children, all of you sinners, many of whom do your best to show me your love, don’t you realize that I rely on you so much to keep me company.
Join with me in the bosom of my Sacred Heart and ask me for the graces to save your brothers and sisters.
I will save millions of souls when you devote your time to praying the Divine Mercy.
This is the time when the recital of the Divine Mercy will be most effective.
Be generous of heart, mind, body and soul.
Cast any doubts aside.
Allow me, Your Jesus, to lift you up to bring you and all those you pray for into my eternal life.
Your Beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ
Douay Rheims Bible. Luke 9: 33-35
And it came to pass, that as they were departing from him, Peter saith to Jesus: Master, it is good for us to be here; and let us make three tabernacles, one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias; not knowing what he said. [34] And as he spoke these things, there came a cloud, and overshadowed them; and they were afraid, when they entered into the cloud. [35] And a voice came out of the cloud, saying: This is my beloved Son; hear him.
Message for today:
The readings today speak of the darkness and the pain of spirit this will inflict on us soon. It seems most pertinent in light of recent events in Cuba and US.
They speak of Jesus’ Love for each sinner and the need for repentance and they also speak of the promise of the new Kingdom. The Bible reading emphasises this and is to remind us of his second coming in His glorious majesty.

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