A Tribute to our Guardian Angels Part II: A Car, A Bus, and a Voice

Testimony from a prayer group member

A Giant Angel’s Protection in a Car Accident

One day, when my granddaughter was 6 years old, she had a dream which she related to me. It entailed a “giant” angel on the window of her mum’s car, of which she was a passenger. A few weeks later, she was being driven home from school by her mother. At the time I was also driving home from work and saying the Rosary.

I received a call to say that my daughter had driven into a telegraph pole. Both were okay, but the car was a write-off. My granddaughter was sitting in the front seat (this was before laws which now do not allow children this young in the front). Her schoolbag was under the dashboard, which had been pushed right up to the seat. The bag could not be retrieved from under the dashboard, but my granddaughter was unharmed, as was my daughter. Their escape was miraculous. The only explanation was my granddaughter’s dream – that an angel had lain across the windscreen and protected them from harm.

My future husband’s time had not yet come.

My husband had just started work as a 16 year old in the city. He had an errand to go to the Post Office. He caught the bus, which was an old style double-decker with a door at the back as well as the front. The bus was in the middle lane, and cars were parked in the left lane. Traffic was slow and he was eager to get off. He could see the bus stop up ahead, where he knew the bus had to pull into. There were now no more cars parked in the left lane. He went to quickly jump off the slow-moving bus, but he couldn’t move! Just at that second, a sports car zoomed past the bus. It had come out of an underground carpark beneath one of the buildings and was racing to get past the bus before it reached the bus stop. He would not have survived. God still had plans for him!!! He didn’t tell anyone of this story till decades later.

Me and my angel

I love my Guardian angel. I have always, since I was little prayed the Guardian Angel Prayer every morning. I try to have a devotion to my dear Guardian angel. I talk to him at times, and ask him for favours – like trying to get me safely across a difficult intersection in the car. Sometimes I send him to someone whom I urgently need to contact who is not answering their phone. Whenever I have to get up early, I just ask my angel to wake me up in the morning at a certain time. He never fails. I don’t use an alarm clock. When I am at Mass, and find that my mind wanders, I ask my guardian angel to shield my mind so that I can focus on Jesus and the Mass. It works every time.

Recently I was with our Crusade Prayer Group and during the Rosary (5th decade – the Crucifixion), I heard someone behind my shoulder say my name. I turned my head slightly, on a natural impulse, but realised there was no-one there – only the usual prayer group members on either side, who were praying. I thought immediately it was my angel. I pondered for a few seconds, the reason for this, and came to the conclusion that my prayers needed more intensity – that perhaps I was distracted (although I couldn’t remember the fact that I was being distracted). As it turned out, all our prayer were needed that day for a special intention, which we found out afterwards.

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