A Selection of Messages from the Book of Truth for priests (1)


Remnant Disciple – comment:

The following message was received only about a week after the very first message to the chosen prophet in 2010. Note that it is during the time of Pope Benedict XVI.


16 November 2010 @ 09:55am

Warning to Clergy

My daughter, you were rejected yesterday as people tried to put doubts in your mind. You suffered for this. Do not despair. My Word will be heard. You will face obstacles that will make you feel disillusioned with the Work.

My daughter, I Am guiding you. You must remember this and never forget My promise. I did, as you requested, and allowed you to sleep peacefully last night. You are stronger now. Can’t you feel this?

Be careful who you communicate with. My followers, or those you think are My followers, are not always as they seem. You must do what your heart tells you. The world may seem as it always has, but there is change and it is happening now. This change is leading mankind into a darkness that will envelop them and which clouds their love for Me.

Why must My children keep questioning the Truth? They do not follow My Teachings, yet they were given this Gift from My apostles, who through love for Me and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, gave the world a very special Gift. The Gift of Truth was taught and spread to all My children throughout the world. Many children followed this guidance through the ages.

Others, while knowing the Truth, decided to twist it to suit their own means, desires, lust and quest for power. My followers then could not distinguish between the Truth of the Word of God and the falsehoods spread by those who were misguided. This is how the deceiver works. He causes confusion, despair and a sense of hopelessness, and has been doing this since My death on the Cross. But hear Me now. He will not win, My daughter. The forces of heavenly guidance will instil in the children their belief, once more, through the Teachings of My prophets.

Ask My children to be alert to the changes they see in the world. Ask them to open their hearts, their eyes and minds to witness the lies spread by Satan.

From him springs a web of promises designed to make My children feel attracted to external wonders. The wonders and false glory are empty. They are not reflective of love, nor do they offer any real comfort once the emptiness of them are revealed.

The forces of evil are getting stronger now, My child, they are planned by Satan through his army of wicked followers. These followers, through greed and love of self, follow in docile adoration and will be led into his false paradise. His promised paradise is nothing but black darkness and by the time My children realize this the time for redemption will have passed.

Prayer for Salvation
All of My children must, even if it be for the love of their own families, wake up to this evil, if they want to save each other. My Love will keep them guided, if they turn to Me now. They must never be afraid to turn and say:

“O my Lord, lead me to Your Kingdom and protect me from the darkness that has engulfed my soul. Hear me now, O Sacred Heart, and through Your Goodness let Your Light of Love and Protection shine through.”

Those of My children who say this prayer will be heard. Their pleas for salvation, for they and those whom they love, will be answered.

I have, through My visionaries, guided by My Blessed Mother, painstakingly tried to send warnings to the world. Many, many times My visionaries, though rejected in the beginning, were finally accepted. This time, they will not be afforded the dignity of time for their Messages to be heard by enough of My people.

Beware of false prophets
But I must warn My children to be wary of false prophets. Many genuine visionaries have been misled. Visionaries, who are genuine, will be given the graces that will emit My Truth, in such a way that they will be accompanied by supernatural occurrences and miracles that cannot and won’t be denied.

My Heart breaks when I see the way in which many of them have been denied by My most sacred disciples. These same disciples, whom I have sent to teach My children, are failing in their task. They must turn now to Me for guidance and pray for the graces required to lead My people.

My sacred servants are very special and those who have received the Sacraments must hear My plea. Your duty now is to Me. Renew your vows now. Believe and follow My Sacred Message. Be strong, for you are now all being called to bear witness to the Truth in the Book of Revelation, and accept that the time has come. Prepare now for this Great Event. Do not deny Me or turn your back. Preach with strength and conviction. Do not water down My Teachings and tell My followers that everything will be okay. This is not the Message for which you were called. Your duty to Me, your Divine Savior, is to inform your flock of the Truth.

My children must not be told that all of them will be saved. This is an untruth. Because it is only those who seek out My forgiveness and surrender to Me and My Teachings who will be saved.

Why do you not follow the Teachings of Scripture? Why do you use excuses? Why do you misguide and convince My children that God will forgive all? My Eternal Father will only forgive those who believe in Me and who repent.

Did My death on the Cross not tell you anything? I died to save mankind from the folly of Satan. Yet you, through misguided tolerances, teach My children a lie. You have fallen victim to the pressure of mankind to camouflage the Holy Doctrine for which you were called to preach.

Have you no shame? So caught up, in the worldly attractions that the Earth has to offer, are you, that you follow false dogma, dictated to you by the popular tolerance that Satan has spread among My children. These poor misguided children need direction. They also must understand the difference between human interpretation and that Divine promise made by Me.

Why would My children not believe in Divine intervention? Why do you play this down when it is presented to you? My priests, hear My plea. Pray that My Message of Truth will be heard.

Message to Bishops
To My bishops, I say this. Put down your robes, turn your back on the riches, which you have given credence to. Seek out the humility that is required of you. Obey My Word, now, or face the consequences. Your duty is to Me and My Eternal Father. How blind you have become. Signs are now being given through visionaries, in the sky, and you have failed to heed them. Instead you sit in your castles and sneer. For this, your sins will not be forgiven.

The sins of My sacred disciples, those who chose My path, offend Me greatly. Open your eyes, your hearts and go back to the Teachings in My Sacred Book.

Message to Cardinals
To My cardinals, I say this. To what lofty heights have you risen that you have forgotten the Sacraments or the Truth of My Teachings to lead My flock? Come down now and follow My guidance. Do not be distracted by the falsehoods which have gripped mankind. Don’t you, too, deny Me.

I ask you all to pray for My beloved brave Pope, the last True Pope. You, My disciples, are being led astray by the deceiver. He has made himself known in the corridors of My Church and his evil ways now present themselves. To those of you who have eyes, keep watching, in front of you and behind you. He will snatch your soul if you give in to his deceit.

Please pray, now, for all of you. Beg for My guidance. Beg forgiveness and let Me lead you again.

To those of you who will question this instruction, listen now. Why would I not communicate with you in this way? I taught you all, through the apostles, who, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, gave the world My Messages, which have lived on since. Now the time is near. All your life you prayed for guidance. At this time now, I urge you to hear My plea.

Your Divine Saviour
Jesus Christ

Message 0011

A Tribute to our Guardian Angels Part IV: The Letterbox and the Phone.

The following Testimony was donated by a Prayer Group member.

My Guardian Angel Saved My Life

One day I wanted to post some letters, so I stopped at a side street off a main road. I parked across the road opposite the letter box. I had to walk across the road to post them. The street was a “T” intersection.

As I dropped the letters in the big red letter box, I heard a voice say to me, “check the letters.” I said back to it in my mind, “I dropped them in.” It said again a little louder this time, “Check the letters in the box.” I said again, “ I put them in.” It then repeated again, even louder still, “CHECK THE LETTERS IN THE BOX.”

I said, “OK.” So I checked the letter box. I said, “see I put them in.” Just as I finished saying that I put my foot onto the road stepping off the nature strip and around the corner coming from the main road was this Combi van speeding.
He did not slow down to take the corner. He was in the middle of the road just as I put my foot on the road. So If I had not checked the letters I would have been in the middle of the road as he came around the corner. He wouldn’t have been able to stop in time as the letter box was very close to the corner.

I would have been killed if I didn’t listen to my Guardian Angel. It was really funny as our conversion was only a few seconds, but we said a lot. I thanked my Guardian angel for protecting me and asked for forgiveness, and said I was sorry for not listening the first time. So I give thanks to my dear Guardian angel and to God for giving us Guardian angels.

My Guardian Angel Telling Me To Phone My Friend

For many years I use to pick up a priest from M. He was a traditional Latin Priest. His name was Fr P.F. I used to take him to a house in T every Friday night at 6pm and he would celebrate the Latin Mass. The lady’s name was Emily. She was a really lovely lady. Both Emily and Fr F have passed away but I have fond memories of them both. Fr P F taught me a lot about the traditional Latin Mass and many other things. He had a good sense of humor too.

I drove Fr F for over 6 years every Friday night to Emily’s place. We hardly ever missed a Mass over there.

This one day, late in the afternoon, I heard a voice that said to me, “ring Emily”. I said again. “I don’t have to as I know she is going to have the Mass.” It repeated again, “ring Emily.” So I thought about it because it was not long before I had to leave. I thought it is only a phone call to check if Mass was on.

So I phoned Emily and she told me that she was not having Mass that night. I was so glad I phoned so I didn’t make the trip from N to M and then to T for nothing. It use to take me over 1 ½ hours to get to Emily’s after I picked Fr F up. Then another 1 ½ to take him home again. This was all in peak hour traffic too.

I thanked my Guardian Angel for telling me to phone first. I never used to ring before we went on Friday. It was just this one day I heard the voice.

A Tribute to our Guardian Angels Part II: A Car, A Bus, and a Voice

Testimony from a prayer group member

A Giant Angel’s Protection in a Car Accident

One day, when my granddaughter was 6 years old, she had a dream which she related to me. It entailed a “giant” angel on the window of her mum’s car, of which she was a passenger. A few weeks later, she was being driven home from school by her mother. At the time I was also driving home from work and saying the Rosary.

I received a call to say that my daughter had driven into a telegraph pole. Both were okay, but the car was a write-off. My granddaughter was sitting in the front seat (this was before laws which now do not allow children this young in the front). Her schoolbag was under the dashboard, which had been pushed right up to the seat. The bag could not be retrieved from under the dashboard, but my granddaughter was unharmed, as was my daughter. Their escape was miraculous. The only explanation was my granddaughter’s dream – that an angel had lain across the windscreen and protected them from harm.

My future husband’s time had not yet come.

My husband had just started work as a 16 year old in the city. He had an errand to go to the Post Office. He caught the bus, which was an old style double-decker with a door at the back as well as the front. The bus was in the middle lane, and cars were parked in the left lane. Traffic was slow and he was eager to get off. He could see the bus stop up ahead, where he knew the bus had to pull into. There were now no more cars parked in the left lane. He went to quickly jump off the slow-moving bus, but he couldn’t move! Just at that second, a sports car zoomed past the bus. It had come out of an underground carpark beneath one of the buildings and was racing to get past the bus before it reached the bus stop. He would not have survived. God still had plans for him!!! He didn’t tell anyone of this story till decades later.

Me and my angel

I love my Guardian angel. I have always, since I was little prayed the Guardian Angel Prayer every morning. I try to have a devotion to my dear Guardian angel. I talk to him at times, and ask him for favours – like trying to get me safely across a difficult intersection in the car. Sometimes I send him to someone whom I urgently need to contact who is not answering their phone. Whenever I have to get up early, I just ask my angel to wake me up in the morning at a certain time. He never fails. I don’t use an alarm clock. When I am at Mass, and find that my mind wanders, I ask my guardian angel to shield my mind so that I can focus on Jesus and the Mass. It works every time.

Recently I was with our Crusade Prayer Group and during the Rosary (5th decade – the Crucifixion), I heard someone behind my shoulder say my name. I turned my head slightly, on a natural impulse, but realised there was no-one there – only the usual prayer group members on either side, who were praying. I thought immediately it was my angel. I pondered for a few seconds, the reason for this, and came to the conclusion that my prayers needed more intensity – that perhaps I was distracted (although I couldn’t remember the fact that I was being distracted). As it turned out, all our prayer were needed that day for a special intention, which we found out afterwards.