A Tribute to our Guardian Angels Part IV: The Letterbox and the Phone.

The following Testimony was donated by a Prayer Group member.

My Guardian Angel Saved My Life

One day I wanted to post some letters, so I stopped at a side street off a main road. I parked across the road opposite the letter box. I had to walk across the road to post them. The street was a “T” intersection.

As I dropped the letters in the big red letter box, I heard a voice say to me, “check the letters.” I said back to it in my mind, “I dropped them in.” It said again a little louder this time, “Check the letters in the box.” I said again, “ I put them in.” It then repeated again, even louder still, “CHECK THE LETTERS IN THE BOX.”

I said, “OK.” So I checked the letter box. I said, “see I put them in.” Just as I finished saying that I put my foot onto the road stepping off the nature strip and around the corner coming from the main road was this Combi van speeding.
He did not slow down to take the corner. He was in the middle of the road just as I put my foot on the road. So If I had not checked the letters I would have been in the middle of the road as he came around the corner. He wouldn’t have been able to stop in time as the letter box was very close to the corner.

I would have been killed if I didn’t listen to my Guardian Angel. It was really funny as our conversion was only a few seconds, but we said a lot. I thanked my Guardian angel for protecting me and asked for forgiveness, and said I was sorry for not listening the first time. So I give thanks to my dear Guardian angel and to God for giving us Guardian angels.

My Guardian Angel Telling Me To Phone My Friend

For many years I use to pick up a priest from M. He was a traditional Latin Priest. His name was Fr P.F. I used to take him to a house in T every Friday night at 6pm and he would celebrate the Latin Mass. The lady’s name was Emily. She was a really lovely lady. Both Emily and Fr F have passed away but I have fond memories of them both. Fr P F taught me a lot about the traditional Latin Mass and many other things. He had a good sense of humor too.

I drove Fr F for over 6 years every Friday night to Emily’s place. We hardly ever missed a Mass over there.

This one day, late in the afternoon, I heard a voice that said to me, “ring Emily”. I said again. “I don’t have to as I know she is going to have the Mass.” It repeated again, “ring Emily.” So I thought about it because it was not long before I had to leave. I thought it is only a phone call to check if Mass was on.

So I phoned Emily and she told me that she was not having Mass that night. I was so glad I phoned so I didn’t make the trip from N to M and then to T for nothing. It use to take me over 1 ½ hours to get to Emily’s after I picked Fr F up. Then another 1 ½ to take him home again. This was all in peak hour traffic too.

I thanked my Guardian Angel for telling me to phone first. I never used to ring before we went on Friday. It was just this one day I heard the voice.

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