A Tribute to Our Guardian Angels Part V: My Angel Speaks

Once, when I was about 25, I got really ill. It was hard to understand what happened and why, but I believe that it may have been a spiritual attack.I had been spending a lot of time in prayer, Mass and Adoration- more than ever. I started and ran a lunchtime prayer group for schoolkids and led them in the Rosary.

Then around the time of the school holidays, I suddenly became excessively tired as if my body was made of lead. I could not go anywhere. In actual fact, this overwhelming fatigue only allowed me to be out of bed for about 3 hrs a day in total. 

I saw our doctor who ran tests but could find no physical reason. He asked me if I had recently undergone  a terrible stress such as a marriage break up, but that was not the case- there was nothing.I was perplexed, sad and frustrated. After nearly 6 weeks of this, I was beginning to despair of ever getting better. I was not able to attend weekday Mass anymore or do any chores. I was a burden to my husband and not much fun to my young daughter, either. Mostly I was worried because I thought that in this state I wouldn't be able to work and help support our family, especially by paying the mortgage. I wondered, with sadness, what would become of us!

I sat down and cried alone on my bed; God and I had a 'heart to heart' where I just poured out these fears and my sadness, asking Him interiorly what would become of me, and of course, to help me. Then at my right shoulder I heard a voice answer; loud, deep and clear- a man's voice, as if someone was standing right there! He said "You'll be alright" in a very matter of fact voice. It was authoritative more than comforting, but the shock of hearing "a voice" made me stop crying immediately!

It didn't sound like I thought Jesus would sound, so I thought it had to be my guardian angel. I believed him, because he was so authoritative sounding, even though I didn't understand 'how' I'd get better, when they didn't even know what was wrong with me! And no, I wasn't going crazy... I had never heard an 'exterior' voice before, or since! 

I have heard an inner voice before, for example telling me to pray for someone, or giving me enlightened responses in situations, but this was completely different! This was an actual voice. How do you know the difference you ask? You know; believe me! It didn't even 'sound like' my inner voice. 

I have pondered on it many times over the years and I can explain how I knew with such certainty,  that I had heard an actual voice. An inner voice is one that you hear inside (in your heart and mind) but you don't hear it in 'one ear'! Also I felt, as well as heard, the sound of that voice reverberate in my ear drum; I felt the physical vibration of its timbre. And I even heard it's direction- over my right shoulder, as if a man was standing right beside my bed. It made me jump!

You always think you'd love to hear Jesus speak, Mary or an angel but (at least in this case) when it happened, it was a shock! The good news is that I did miraculously get better, gradually but quickly, within a fortnight of returning to work, although they never did find out what had been wrong with me.

For all the prayers, guidance, comfort and protection I've always had from you -because of God's great love, thank you guardian angel!! I know I have vexed you greatly at times. Please forgive me and help me stay true to Jesus!

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Catholic mother of seven children. Crusade prayer warrior in Jesus' Final Mission to save souls.

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