A Conspiracy?? Did I hear that right?

13th October, 2015

Cardinal Pell, after daring to voice the concerns of many bishops and cardinals about how everything has been weighted in favour of the progressives/ modernists/ liberals (whatever they want to call themselves) was, in effect, reprimanded by “the FP” and warned the synod fathers  against “conspiracy theories”.

Who is conspiring?

  • Why did the letter by the cardinals to “the FP” refer to the new synodal procedures as “lacking openness and genuine collegiality”?
  • Who sidelined Cardinal Erdo when he spoke up in defence of Church Doctrine – by ensuring he does not get the microphone, so he can’t lead the discussions in the manner he was meant to?
  • Who went ahead and issued Annulment reforms, before the synod had even made a conclusion – and without consulting the various groups of Vatican cardinal and bishops that usually manage these things?
  • Why were there secret meetings before the synod?
  • Who changed the rules of the synod – so that only the opening and closing address and the Relatio document of last year can be used?
  • Why was Cardinal Gerhard Műller (head of the Congregation of the Faith) snubbed in favour of the same-sex unions favouring Cardinal Schӧnborn in leading the German speaking discussion groups?
  • Why did  Cardinals write a letter to “the FP” about manipulation of the synod?
  • Why is the man sitting on the chair of St Peter trying to make himself look like the victim, when he is the one who is conspiring?
  • Why was a Catholic priest’s press credentials (of 15 years’ reporting on Vatican News) revoked after he challenged Archbishop Durocher over whether Communion for the divorced and remarried is up for debate?

Warning against “the hermeneutics of conspiracy”

is just another way of twisting the truth –

something “the FP” is so good at.

Now, I ask you – who is guilty of conspiracy?

Note: FP refers to the man who sits on the chair of Peter.






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