JTM Prayer Meeting Tuesday 13th October

Prayer theme: Protection

Readings are chosen at the end at random.

Douay Rheims. 2 Paralipomenon 33:1- 9 (2 Chronicles)
1] Manasses was twelve years old when he began to reign, and he reigned fifty-five years in Jerusalem. [2] And he did evil before the Lord, according to all the abominations of the nations, which the Lord cast out before the children of Israel: [3] And he turned, and built again the high places which Ezechias his father had destroyed: and he built altars to Baalim, and made groves, and he adored all the host of heaven, and worshipped them. [4] He built also altars in the house of the Lord, whereof the Lord had said: In Jerusalem shall my name be for ever. [5] And he built them for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the Lord.
Note: [3] The host of heaven: The sun, moon, and stars.

[6] And he made his sons to pass through the fire in the valley of Benennom: he observed dreams, followed divinations, gave himself up to magic arts, had with him magicians, and enchanters: and he wrought many evils before the Lord, to provoke him to anger. [7] He set also a graven, and a molten statue in the house of God, of which God had said to David, and to Solomon his son: In this house, and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, will I put my name for ever. [8] And I will not make the foot of Israel to be removed out of the land which I have delivered to their fathers: yet so if they will take heed to do what I have commanded them, and all the law, and the ceremonies, and judgments by the hand of Moses. [9] So Manasses seduced Juda, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to do evil beyond all the nations, which the Lord had destroyed before the face of the children of Israel.

Be warned. The New World Religion will seem, on the outside a good and holy organisation full of love and compassion.
8 July 2012

My dearly beloved daughter the great apostasy I spoke of is now gathering pace in the world.
This time it spreads like a veil over my holy Church on Earth and clouds its vision like a deep fog.

This is the time for the great separation of My Church into two camps.
On the one side you will have my beloved loyal sacred servants who follow My Teachings and who never deviate from them.
On the other side there are those priests and other leaders in my Christian Churches who are influenced by modern life and who will desecrate my laws.

They bow to the pressures from people who demand that they show tolerance in the name of God by changing God’s laws to suit human demands.
They are full of pride, arrogance and worldly ambitions.
Not to them will it matter if they change the holy sacraments to suit a sinful agenda.

Now they will facilitate acts of abomination to be committed in My Father’s Churches and all in the name of civil rights and tolerance.
They will condone sin and will insult me by parading such sins in front of my sacred tabernacles expecting me to swallow such vile acts.

Soon they will abolish the sacraments to suit all.
In their place there will be held celebration parties and other forms of entertainment.
This will become a new world Church which will boast an impressive building in Rome but which will not honour God.
It will be built with secret Satanic symbols for all to see and it will idolise the beast.

Every sin, abhorrent to my beloved Father will be publicly honoured and millions of people will accept their laws of depravity as being worthy in the eyes of God.
My sacred Servants who remain loyal to me will have to hold secret Masses or face imprisonment.
They will gather in force and, filled with the Holy Spirit, they will continue to feed God’s children with the food of life.
They must ensure that all those they lead are offered the protection of the seal of the living God.

The time is very close now for the new temple, to be built in honour of the beast.
This will be built under the dictatorship of the Antichrist who will enter the world stage shortly as the man of peace.

Gather together all my followers as soon as you can.
My priests who recognise my voice, you must begin your preparations to ensure that My Church on Earth can endure, with strength, the forthcoming persecution.

In time the refuges will be ready for you to use for I have been instructing my followers for some time to ensure that they will serve your purpose.
This persecution will be short and you will get through it, painful though it will be.

Be warned.
The new world religion will seem, on the outside a good and holy organisation full of love and compassion.
It will exude a magnificent image of tolerance and will extol every sin known to God.
It will twist each sin so that it appears to become acceptable in the eyes of God.
But you must know that such abomination sickens me and woe to those who follow this dangerous path to eternal damnation.

Sin will always be sin in my eyes.
Time does not change this.
New rules, to suit man’s craving for sinful pursuits, will never be accepted by me.
Prepare now for this great deception for it will take place very soon.
Your Jesus.

This life will, in the blink of an eye, pass into a New Life, a New Renewed Paradise
12 February 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, so many people in the world are unaware of their spirituality.
So caught up in matters, concerning their daily lives, their jobs, their role as parents, their struggle to pass exams and to educate themselves, that they forget about their lives after their time on Earth comes to an end.

It is only right that they do the best they can, in matters of responsibility, to feed and clothe themselves, but when they neglect their spiritual well-being, they are denying themselves the greatest gifts, which await them.

Many forget that My Father can take life at any time.
If souls are not prepared, they will suffer regret and may not enter Heaven at the time when they pass from this life to the next.
It is difficult for those who lead busy lives to consider what happens when this time, accorded to them by God, comes to an end.
For many they view death as frightening and not something they wish to think about.
And so, they reject me, their Jesus, their path to My Father’s Kingdom.

I, Jesus Christ, am the only way to avail of eternal life, a life unknown to you.
I wish to tell you that there is a wonderful life for all of God’s children, waiting for them.

This life is important, because it is how you live the life, which is given to you on Earth, which will determine your future.
You must never think of death, as the end.
Instead, think of it as the beginning of a new and wonderful life.
The time you spend on Earth is a trial.
It is a test and in many ways is an exile.
Born sinners, you will also die as sinners.
But, it will be those sinners who love one another, who treat others with love and respect and who live their lives in my image, who have much to look forward to.

Because of my great compassion for all of God’s children, I make great exceptions for souls who wander, lost and confused.
I pursue souls who do not want anything to do with me and I stir their hearts, so that they feel compassion for others.
Many do not realise how I work, within their hearts, but I do this to entice them towards me.
For every soul who calls to me, even if they are unsure of my existence, I come running.
I respond, instantly, and hear all intentions.
I am a loving God.
I am not easily roused by anger.
I am patient.
I am expectant.
I am loyal.
I am all merciful.

I am waiting for all souls to recognise My Call, for soon, they will be in little doubt as to whose voice they hear, beckoning them to feel God’s love.
This life will, in the blink of an eye, pass into a new life, a new renewed Paradise.

While this time on Earth may be full of trials, pressures, stress, ups and downs, it cannot compare with the peace and glory of the life, which awaits all those who love me.
Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so
September 7, 2014

My dear children, be on your guard for the signs of the times, when the antichrist will take his seat in my Son’s Church on earth, so that this will be clear for you to see.

Do not believe, for one moment, that the antichrist will stride into my Son’s Church and take it aggressively, by force. Inspired and driven by the deceiver himself, the antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so.

All the adjustments in the Church’s missals will be made known soon and the reason given will be they reflect a modern world, so they must become inclusive, in order to suit other denominations and religions. Once the True Word of God and Teachings of my Son, Jesus Christ, are changed, they will become barren, for they will not reflect the Truth, given to the world by my Son.

The antichrist will become popular because of his political skills first. Then he will turn his attention to various religions, but his main focus will be on Christianity. Christ is his greatest enemy and the object of his hatred, and so his ultimate goal will be to destroy my Son’s Church. The Church will be dismantled in different ways before he, the antichrist, will be asked to become involved.

He will be involved with the decision making in the plan to launch a new one world religion. All these changes – where the Church, having publicly called for the unification of all religions – will take place before the antichrist takes up his seat on my Son’s Throne on earth.

Then the path will be cleared for the beast to walk freely in my Son’s Church where a place of honour will be accorded to him. Eventually, it will be announced that he will become the leader of the one world order and a lavish coronation will take place. This event will be seen all over the world, attended by politicians, dignitaries and celebrities and when the crown is placed on his head, it will be as if the final nail has been driven into the Body of my Son.

On that day the Catholic Church will be desecrated and many bishops and priests will flee, because they will, by then, understand that the prophecies foretold have unravelled before their eyes.
From that day forward, when the Seat of God has been presented to the antichrist, he will display great physical signs, which will convince people of his holiness. The antichrist will, they will say, display the signs of the stigmata and he will be seen to cure the sick and the terminally ill. Great miracles will be attributed to him and he will convince many, in time, that he is Jesus Christ and that his elevation to the top of this false church, is a sign of the Second Coming.

And while the laity may have been responsible for establishing the kernel of the remnant church, that which is left of the Church established by my Son on earth, it will be the priests who will lead it from this time onwards. The Holy Spirit will sustain the True Church, during the reign of the antichrist and he, and every enemy of my Son, will never prevail against it.

The Truth will never die. The Word of God, while desecrated, will never die. The Church can never die, though it may be flung into the wilderness. Even at its weakest hour, life will still remain, and no matter how much my Son’s Church is attacked, God will never permit it to be destroyed.

During those days ahead you must never allow yourselves to be swayed into accepting such deceit. You will be seduced by the antichrist, and he will be endorsed by the enemies of my Son’s Church. He will be embraced by false leaders in the churches and proclaimed for his charitable works, the world over. He will receive great honours in many countries and people will have framed photos of him in their homes. He, the antichrist, will be idolised more than God but it will be by the Hand of God that he will be thrust into the abyss along with those who stole the souls of God’s children when they participated in the attempted destruction of my Son’s Church.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation


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