JTM Prayer Meeting Tuesday 27th October, 2015

Readings are s elected at random after the prayers.

Prayer Theme: Discipleship

Douay Rheims Bible: Mark 7:7-14
[7] And in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and precepts of men. [8] For leaving the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men, the washing of pots and of cups: and many other things you do like to these. [9] And he said to them: Well do you make void the commandment of God, that you may keep your own tradition. [10] For Moses said: Honour thy father and thy mother; and He that shall curse father or mother, dying let him die.
[11] But you say: If a man shall say to his father or mother, Corban, (which is a gift,) whatsoever is from me, shall profit thee. [12] And further you suffer him not to do any thing for his father or mother, [13] Making void the word of God by your own tradition, which you have given forth. And many other such like things you do. [14] And calling again the multitude unto him, he said to them: Hear ye me all, and understand.

I cannot force people to convert or turn back
15 October 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, as more people hear my word, My Love will infiltrate their souls as soon as they read my messages.
I will speak to their souls and awaken their slumber in order to unite them with me so that I can save souls everywhere.
Strength in numbers will help me achieve the salvation of souls on such a grand scale.

Because of the free will given to man as a gift from My Father, I cannot force people to convert or turn back to the faith in God the Father.
It will have to be their own decision.
Prayer will spread conversion.
Of that I promise you.
Just think of the gift that awaits souls when you, My children, pray for them.
Don’t you know the power of prayer?
Prayer said by the multitudes, in thanksgiving to My Father and in atonement for your sins, can save the world.
Such is the power it wields.
Never before have I urged you so much for your prayers, which must come from your own lips and with a generosity of heart for hardened sinners everywhere.
I need your prayers.
Without your prayers these poor souls may not be saved, because many of them are in such darkness that the impact of The Warning will have little effect.
You, my cherished, beloved children, all of you sinners, many of whom do your best to show me your love, don’t you realize that I rely on you so much to keep me company.
Join with me in the bosom of my Sacred Heart and ask me for the graces to save your brothers and sisters.
I will save millions of souls when you devote your time to praying the Divine Mercy.
This is the time when the recital of the Divine Mercy will be most effective.
Be generous of heart, mind, body and soul.
Cast any doubts aside.
Allow me, Your Jesus, to lift you up to bring you and all those you pray for into my eternal life.
Your Beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ

Mother of God: This time, He will not come as man in the flesh
24 April 2013

My beloved children, out of his great love for humanity, My Son now prepares you for his second coming.
It is because he loves you that he speaks to you now, through his prophets, to ensure that no one escapes his mercy.

Just as God sent John the baptist to prepare the world for My Son – the only begotten son of God, the messiah – My Son now reveals to you the final plan.
This final plan of salvation will be similar to his first coming, but with one difference.
This time, he will not come as man in the flesh.
Now that the truth is being revealed to you again, My Son reminds you of all that comes from God through his holy word, as he prepares the final stages.
God’s children were given the truth when My Son walked the Earth.
Now, you will be given the full truth, including revelations as to the work of God’s enemies, for your own good, lest you be deceived.
You must be generous of heart when My Son brings you these gifts, which will nourish your souls.

When I appeared to God’s chosen visionaries, through the years, it was to prepare souls for these times.
Now, when you prepare for the persecution, which will be inflicted on Christians, it will be extremely difficult, because it will be a violation of the spirit and this will cause the most hurt.
When you know the truth of the word of God, and when you know how to recognise the work of the deceiver, you will become stronger.
It is far more important to remain true to the word of God, than to accept lies which will be presented to you by those who do not come from God.
My Son will raise you to great glory when you obey his holy word and uphold his teachings.

I ask that you show My Son the respect which he deserves.
Those who rejected him when he walked the Earth, finally accepted the truth of who he was when he died on the cross.
Those who reject his word today, will finally realise the truth on the day he comes to judge.
For many it will be too late.
Pray that all souls will remain loyal to the legacy of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, for only those who accept him can be taken into his Kingdom.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Heresies will abound and my Name will become extinct
26 November, 2014
My dearly beloved daughter, I Am a Mystery to the world and only those who are close to Me will know the extent of the Love I hold in My Heart for humanity.
If they could see My Face, they would know how deep is My Love; My concern; My frustration; My anger; My compassion; My sorrow for all. It is because of My Love for all of you that I feel these things and it is because of My Divinity, and the secret of My Father’s Covenant, that man is only given so much information about the Existence of God. The full Truth of My Kingdom to come will be made known only to those who enter it. Until then, be assured that My Great Glory will be manifested within each of you when death will no longer have any hold over you.

You must trust in these Messages with your whole heart and know that they contain the Fountain of all Life. My Presence amongst you, My beloved followers, is becoming stronger and the stronger it becomes the more hatred will be flung at Me, and all those who respond to My Call, in the salvation of souls. Demons from every category and hierarchy of Satan, have infested the souls of many good people, who love Me. These poor souls have been deceived into rejecting My Final Plan to prepare My Remnant. Instead, they are influenced into becoming willing participants in Satan’s army. In many cases, Satan’s army will not appear to be openly opposed to Me. No. Satan is far too cunning to reveal his presence, and so every tactic of his warfare, against this Mission, will be carefully constructed but you will be able to recognise his traits. Pride, arrogance, subtle appeals calling for justice, which camouflage words of heresy and blasphemy, will be presented to humanity as caring statements and public appeals for the granting of human rights. As My Church begins to tear at the seams, most devoted followers of Mine will put this down to the changing of the times; a new era as the world becomes more unified, despite religious differences, and a new beginning.

The new era of the Church will be seen as a global evangelization, the likes of which will never have been witnessed in My Church since the days My Apostles began their mission. It will be welcomed, firstly, by the secular world. Once the secular world accepts this plan, leaders in My Church will be forced to applaud this new era where the Church and the secular world become as one. Heresies will abound and my Name will become extinct.

My Own will never give up and great favours will be accorded to them, in many ways. Fear will not stop them in their battle against Satan’s army. Their voices will ring out as the Holy Spirit will empower them in ways, which will astonish many. They will uphold the Truth at all costs and the Heavenly Hierarchy, all the angels and saints will march with them. Every insult will be levied upon them; every obstacle placed before them and every curse spat at them. But nothing will stop them and I, Jesus Christ, will fill their hearts with courage, determination and the will to withstand all those who will betray Me and who will persecute them for speaking the Truth.

You must never be afraid to repeat the Holy Word of God again and again for millions will not recognize the lies which will soon replace My Holy Doctrine.
I will raise up many brave men and women from every corner of the world, to proclaim the True Word of God, as it is laid down in the Most Holy Bible. As they reinforce the Truth they will be challenged by liars, who will use twisted logic to contradict them. My enemies will surface in great numbers and come armed with theological arguments, which will undermine the Word of God in the time leading up to My Second Coming. They will be fronted by many misguided sacred servants of Mine, who will be deceived by My Adversary.

The voice of My enemies will ring out until they are hoarse, screaming obscenities, and with a hatred pouring from every pore in their bodies for those who lead My Remnant Army. They will never give up in their persecution of all Christians until the Day I come to judge. And then, all will become silent – not one sound will they utter because only then will they realize the awful truth and how they betrayed Me.
Your Jesus

Editor’s comment: All the readings (2 days after the end of the synod) are all about the Synod and discipleship (which was our theme for today.) Thank you Jesus and for your hOly Spirit to guide us.

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