JTM Prayer Meeting Thursday 22nd October, 2015

Readings are always chosen at random.

When my daughter arrived before prayer group started, she was very sad- her heart ached for what was happening in the synod. I think this speaks for most of us – we are all feeling like this to some extent:

“Honestly, I am reminded of the prophecy that Jesus Church will be crucified and carved up into lots to be gambled away, like His clothing, as they did to Him before. I sorrow so much. I ask “What aspect of this prophecy has not come true?” Remain at the foot of the Cross with Mary, Mother of Salvation and cover the ground with your tears. God will end our sorrow. Be faithful to the last breath. John the Baptist would not stop evangelising till they cut off his head. Jesus give me strength then because, right now, the blows of those who would destroy the Church feel so heavy.”  (by Donna Liane)

Below is the reading from the Bible, which confirmed the above. Jesus is undergoing Crucifixion (as the Church is). He says “I thirst”. He is thirsting for souls.

Douay Rheims Bible – John 19: 26-28
[26] When Jesus therefore had seen his mother and the disciple standing whom he loved, he saith to his mother: Woman, behold thy son. [27] After that, he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour, the disciple took her to his own. [28] Afterwards, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst.


My Holy Word may not be changed or adapted so that it becomes something else  September 7, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, while I continue to make every effort to reach out to the world, through these Messages – still many devout followers of Mine, fail to accept My Hand. These precious souls of Mine are vulnerable because many will fail to see the way in which their faith will be used to endorse the new, soon-to-be liturgy, which will fail to honor Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of man.

Many will assume, incorrectly, that the new liturgy and the new mass – although changed greatly – can do no harm. So many will quietly question some of the contents, as well as the format and find them strange. Yet very few will challenge them as they will believe that these are blessed by the Church and so therefore, they cannot be wrong. What they do not understand is that My Holy Word may not be changed or adapted so that it becomes something else. My Church is infallible, but should any so-called servant or leader in My Church twist the Word of God or rewrite the meaning of the Holy Eucharist, then they blaspheme against God.

I was denied by humanity and crucified when they, including the leaders in God’s Temples, rejected the Truth. When anyone – no matter how high they stand amongst you – denies the Truth, they are guilty of heresy and do not come from Me. Yet, they would have you believe that the Truth is a lie. They will deny all that you have been taught by Me to live full Christian lives. They will spit at Me, but lead you along a path, which they will say leads you to Me, but it will not.
These things, foretold, will soon come to pass. Be prepared. When you see the signs, then know that these prophecies can only come from God.
Your Jesus

Satan is powerless against My devoted followers
25 July 2011

My beloved daughter, it is with great joy that I once again tell you of the conversion now taking place in the world, as more atrocities are being committed by man, through the influence of Satan, more of My children are beginning to question the levels of murderous intent now prevalent in your world.
As more evil is presented to you, so too will the realization that Satan ,does in fact, exist.
For those who do not believe he exists then let me explain how you can spot his evil works.
Every time My children witness murder, suicide, war, corruption of governments and those in power, greed, arrogance and injustices, know that these deeds are the manifestation of Satan.
The evil one has become desperate now, to poison My children’s minds.
He will do everything he can at this time in history so intense is his rage.
You, My children, are his targets.
While he finds it easy to infect souls, who leave themselves wide open to his influence – those who continually seek self-glory on Earth – he is finding it increasingly difficult to dampen the spirit of my devoted followers.

So blessed are they, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, that he, Satan, is powerless against them.
For all those who obey my instruction of prayer they will become stronger in mind and spirit.
Then they will not care whether Satan lashes out at them in fury, for their shield of armour is so strong.
This does not mean he will not use every method to seduce you through the desires of the flesh.
This does not mean he will not hurt you by whispering into the ears of those close to you and those whom you love.

Stand firm, my followers, for it will be through your strength that he will be crushed forever.
He, My children, will become powerless as conversion spreads.
For how can he get you to drink from his evil cup of hatred for mankind, when you do not thirst for all his empty promises?
The stronger you are the less he will bother you.

Know now that when you witness global unrest, it is the deceiver at work.
My followers now know instantly the wickedness of Satan when his works are so glaringly obvious.
Pray that your brothers and sisters will also bear witness to his evil works and recognize them for what they are.
It is only when non-believers finally accept that Satan exists that they will turn to me for refuge.
Pray now for global conversion, the conversion that will come about, not just because of The Warning, but because of the truth.
Your beloved teacher and Saviour
Jesus Christ

A number of events regarding the Churches, which honor Me in the world, will begin to surface

My dear mystical spouse, my dearly beloved daughter, your trials have given you a new strength and the passion needed to touch the hearts of many.
This is one of the ways in which I will touch the souls of those who need my graces.
I will do this through your work for me, so that conversion can spread quickly.
During this time a number of events regarding the Churches, which honour me, in the world will begin to surface.
The schism in my Catholic Church will soon be made public.
When this is done it will be to the sound of applause for those who have separated the truth of My Teachings from the commandments laid down by My Father.
The planning and co-ordination of this grand scheme has taken some time, but soon they will announce the schism before the world’s media.
Many, shouting at the top of their voices present lies, not only against the laws laid down by My Teachings.
What they really want is to create a new God.
The new figurehead of My Church will be promoted as like any high profile election of political leaders.
They will make you want to believe that the words of old are deceitful.
Then they will tell you not to believe in them.
They will change the ways in which they have lived My Teachings and change the way they honour me.
They will now push my laws to one side and will worship laws of their own making.
They will change their solemn vows to justify their participation in the building of a new temple – the new temple dedicated to the rule of the False Prophet
Then they will no longer be servants of mine, for they will switch allegiance and honour the False Prophet.

Then they will worship a false God, a brand new concept, which will allow for certain Laws of God to be abolished and replaced with obscenities before my eyes.
This is my warning to those priests amongst you who will pull away from the Catholic Church.
When you stop trusting in me fully, your heads will be turned to believe in lies.
When you trust deceitful rulers you will fall into terrible sin.
You will honour the beast, who will defile My Church by plunging the Crown of Thorns on the head of My Church, my true Holy Vicar, pope benedict.
You will suffer terribly when you serve the beast, for you will be depriving God of his children.
Turn back to your true roots.
Do not allow My Church to be defiled by the sins planned by people who want to destroy Christianity and other religions, which honour My Father.
You, My sacred Servants, who disobey your holy orders, cut off your hearts from me, while these deceivers will steal your souls.
The biggest sin you are about to commit is to honour a false God.
Dressed in jewels, he will be charming, subtle and with a seemingly good grasp of the teachings of My Father’s book.
You will fall under his spell.
He will twist My Teachings so they become heresy.
This religion, an alternative to the truth of God, is worthless.
Yet it will have an exterior of charm, love and wonder, and dressed with new gold and precious stones, it will feature as the new one-world religion on all altars.

To those faithful priests, I tell you this.
I will bless you with the graces to understand the truth at all times.
Such idols, presented to you as the truth, are but clay.
They are made of wooden objects.
They are nothing.
They do not have any meaning.
No graces will be emitted.
God, the one true God, will simply not be present in their Churches.
Only the living God can be present in My Churches.
When God the Father witnesses this final insult, he will exile those who bring alive these pagan practices.

Then he will demand an explanation from those who cause the schism in his holy Church on Earth – these same servants who arrogantly dismiss the word of God so casually.
When they face me, during The Warning, they will know how they have hurt My Father.
No person or sacred servant has control because there is only one master.
Only one God.
They are introducing a man-made God.
He does not exist, yet they will steal my flock from me.
They will be given every grace and shown much patience.
If they do not repent, they will be destroyed.
Each of you will be repaid for every soul you have lost to me.
Your Jesus

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