The God of ‘Surprises’

I cringe whenever I hear this phrase, uttered very often by you know who.
Does he think people are so dumb? (Apparently so!!)

When he talks about being open to the Holy Spirit, he’s implying that everything a priest or bishop or himself does or says, is as a result of the Holy Spirit working in a new direction. We know this is utter nonsense. It is just a way of justifying sin in a new way – making out that all our doctrines and teachings have been wrong for 2000 years – that we got it all wrong – in fact Jesus must have got it all wrong and what the evangelists wrote isn’t what they really meant!

The phrase “the God of surprises” or “the Holy Spirit surprises usis a cover up for the evil intent of the changes which he himself (NOT the Holy Spirit)  is planning to introduce.

This man, Bergoglio, has made many inferences about change, and all his desires for change: for Lutherans and other Protestants, the divorced and remarried, homosexuals, women priests,  etc. Well, guess what? He is well on his way.

Firstly, last year (2015) he issued the new annulment reforms, which the committee was still in the process of formulating. But he went right over them and just announced it according to what he wanted. The Synod was meant to have a say in this, but he hasn’t even announced this yet.

Today, (21st January, 2016) I read how he has given a directive to Robert Cardinal Sarah about changes to the Maundy Thursday foot washing ceremony. As if this is a surprise! Each year since 2013 he has done his own thing. The ceremony by the Pope is meant to symbolize Christ washing the feet of his apostles, – teaching them how to serve their flocks. It is meant to be for “faithful” (read practising) “People of God”. We might all be God’s children – he created us, but we are not all “People of God”. We need Baptism for that.

He denigrated it to a ceremony where anyone is invited – Moslems, women, etc. He took it to new heights by having it in a prison, not in a beautiful, sacred place where the highest honour can be given to our Lord and King. What an insult! Now, any and every priest, (except those who will DARE to disobey) can (or will have to) do the same, because it is now law. I can see what is coming this year – women (who can never be priests), practising homosexuals (who are not repentant and don’t intend to be). The recent Vatican Pope Video should give us a clue.

Poor Cardinal Sarah – he was given the document to announce! I feel he is a good bishop, but he is trapped in his position as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. He needs a lot of prayer. He needs to get out of there. Better to be sacked like Cardinal Burke.

Bergoglio, will start with these (small) things and then proceed very quickly to changing the Mass and the Sacraments. In fact, why do we even need Sacraments?! He will do it by stealth, and you will be surely told of all the wonderful reasons that these changes are necessary – and it will sound good – in human terms, of course.
Don’t you know? It is the Holy Spirit working, who is working in the world today to change sin into something seen as good. In fact, there is a spirit working – but it is not the Holy Spirit!

The good thing is that these changes exclude the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Rite). Our dear, good popes John Paul II and Benedict, knew what they were doing when instigating the Motu Proprio, etc.

Get ready for a wild ride this year. There will be no limits and almost everyone will welcome all the changes with open arms, and those who don’t will be too afraid to say a word.

See a less emotional article at:

The English translation of the Vatican declaration can be seen in full at the Rorate Caeli link listed above.

Excerpts from Vatican Information Service:

“After careful consideration”, he continues, “I have decided to make a change to the Roman Missal. I therefore decree that the section according to which those persons chosen for the Washing of the feet must be men or boys, so that from now on the Pastors of the Church may choose the participants in the rite from among all the members of the People of God. I also recommend that an adequate explanation of the rite itself be provided to those who are chosen”.

To manifest the full meaning of the rite to those who participate in it, the Holy Father Francis has seen fit to change the rule by in the Roman Missal (p.300, No. 11) according to which the chosen men are accompanied by the ministers, which must therefore be modified as follows: ‘Those chosen from among the People of God are accompanied by the ministers’ (and consequently in the Caeremoniale Episcoporum No. 301 and No. 299 b referring to the seats for the chosen men, so that pastors may choose a group of faithful representing the variety and unity of every part of the People of God. This group may consist of men and women, and ideally of the young and the old, healthy and sick, clerics, consecrated persons and laypeople.
This Congregation for Divine Worship and the Disipline of the Sacraments, by means of the faculties granted by the Supreme Pontiff, introduces this innovation in the liturgical books of the Roman Rite, recalling pastors of their duty to instruct adequately both the chosen faithful and others, so that they may participate in the rite consciously, actively and fruitfully”.

The original Vatican declaration can be seen at :

“ Decreto della Congregazione per il Culto Divino e la Disciplina dei Sacramenti sul Rito della “Lavanda dei Piedi”, 21.01.2016”


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