JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Holy Thursday 23rd March, 2016

Prayer theme: Discipleship

Thoughts on our  readings today

Our dearest Mother speaks in a reassuring and loving tone to us. She tells us that the prophecies will unfold soon; that she has come to prepare us and that we should never be fearful. We recognize the voice of our Mother in her tone and words – she calls us “children” – we call her “Mother”. Then she allays our fears about the evil one and his power. She explains how his power is strengthened and those he targets, who are then imprisoned so that they cannot escape.

Our dear Mother instructs us that we must help her Son to save these souls because we love Him; that we are his soldiers. She also tells us of our reward – the salvation of all humanity to the new paradise. She tells us that only our sacrifices and prayers are needed. How can we (Jesus’ disciples) refuse our loving Mother?

In the second reading, we meet Jesus with this same, loving tone where we recognize that He feels our pain when our loved ones die. He explains how He will reunite our families, and how we will live eternally in the new Kingdom. What a great gift is waiting for us! But he warns us that much preparation is needed!

He tells us of the souls He yearns for – the lukewarm, those who have never heard of Him … As in the previous reading He tells us that He needs our help to save themHe calls us His army. He tells us to obey His instructions; that He is our Teacher and all we have to do is love him and trust Him. Again this reading is about discipleship. Jesus tells us what He has shown us in our prayer group – how He is there with us and continually teaches us.  We have to be open to Him.

In the third reading from the Book of Truth Jesus shows that He is happy with the way  the internet is used as a tool to spread the Truth and how it attracts the youth. He tells us that His heart is bursting with joy, and that now, we can tell the world of our love for Him. He tells us that this will convert many cynics. So go ahead – blog on websites and give your opinion, spread the messages on Facebook, twitter, etc. Contribute and share you experiences. Use email to spread the news. God knew what He was doing. When the official MDM website shut down, it unleashed a torrent of websites and information. Do what you can.

Jesus tells us not to blame the church for our lack of faith. He tells us that His teachings have never changed. He tells us of the greatest gift given to us by God – free will, but how this is also used for the bad, as well as the good we do. He reminds us that God will never interfere with this gift. He reminds us that we have two choices – turn to God or allow ourselves to be seduced by satan.

Finally Jesus instructs us (his disciples) to  stand up and defend His name; to encourage others to listen to our views, and to tell the world we love Him (so that we can drown out the views of the disbelieving views. Finally He tells us (once again, as in the other 2 readings), to prepare. He commands us to bring Him the multitudes.

The final reading, from the Bible, was opened up on Judith. she was a widow and a beautiful and holy woman, who wore haircloth and fasted all her life.When she heard that the city leader was going to surrender to the Assyrians, she called all the ancients together to reprimand them, to not put God to the test.. She tells them not to try to fathom God; we should not anger Him. She told the ancients, that they should show humility, and ask for mercy and not admire strange gods like their forbears. She tells them that God would punish all those nations that rise up against them. She reminded them that the punishments and tribulations they suffered were less than what their sins deserved.

Finally, she tells the ancients that the people of the city depended on them. She tells them to go and “comfort the hearts” of the people, to remind them of the past (Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Abraham…) who passed through many tribulations, but who remained faithful.

That’s our job as disciples – to encourage the people, to remind them of God’s  faithfulness; that our enemies will  be destroyed; that we must not be tempted to worship false gods – that we must “remain faithful.”

It’s Holy Thursday today – Godincidentally,  the theme was “discipleship”, and there were 12 people present today!!!

These readings are chosen randomly by volunteers. Read the complete readings below:

Readings from the Book of Truth

Virgin Mary: Whatever happens in the world children you must know that God the Most High is in command.

 4 July 2012

My child those who have witnessed the miracles of my appearances on Earth will know that the time for the secrets and the prophecies foretold will unfold soon.

Children I have made myself known in the world for some time to help prepare you for the glorious return of My Son. My Son is preparing all of you through the visionaries and the prophets so that you will be made worthy to receive his gift of eternal life.

You must never be fearful of the future if you believe in My Son because he is the bread of life and you will have a wonderful new future. Whatever happens in the world children you must know that God the Most High is in command.

The serpent has little power against My Father. The serpent’s power is only strengthened by those who fall prey to sin and the temptations he puts in their way.

Man becomes a prisoner when he sins because his power to resist other sins and offenses against My Father weakens. Then he continues to sin until he is engulfed with a darkness which is so thick that he cannot escape from it, no matter how hard he tries. Children you are now obliged, out of your love for My Son, to help those poor souls.

Only you can help them and save them because many will not be able to help themselves. You are the soldiers My Son needs at this time. It will be through your love for him that he will grant graces upon lost souls when you invoke his help through your prayers.

Here is the Crusade Prayer to save sinners.

Crusade Prayer (64) save my brothers and sisters

Oh my dearest Saviour Jesus Christ, accept my gift of prayer and sacrifices to help save my brothers and sisters from the prison of darkness they are in. Allow me to help salvage their souls. I beg you to forgive them for their sins and I ask That you flood their souls with the Holy Spirit, so that they will run into your arms as the refuge they so desperately need before they are lost forever. I offer you my gift of surrender for such souls in humble servitude and thanksgiving.   Amen

Children you are one with My Son.

Your love brings him great comfort and your sacrifices and prayers will help him to bring all of humanity into the safety of his New Paradise on Earth.

Only then can the holy family of God the Most High re-unite and live in peace for ever and ever.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the Mysteries of My Final Divine Plan

8  February 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, if people realised the gift I am to bestow upon humanity, where I will raise to life the dead and the Saints, who will join those of you granted the gift of eternal life in My Kingdom, you would truly understand then this very special blessing.

To lose a loved one to death, on Earth, can be very sorrowful and causes distressing pain. But my promise to unite you, with those who have died in a state of grace, as one, will unite all of God’s children in a truly glorious way. Families will unite. Loved ones will gather together and this will result in a great celebration. All those blessed to be taken into my New Paradise, which offers eternal life, will be astonished by the magnitude of my great gift. Prepare for death. Do not fear it. But, know that Heaven is not easy to enter. Much spiritual preparation is required. When you understand clearly the wonderful life, which awaits you, at my second coming, then you will understand what is expected of you.

You must, not only, follow my instructions at this time, you must take on the responsibility of helping me to salvage the souls of those who have no interest in me and who have no desire in saving their souls, redeeming themselves before me, or receiving the sacraments. This is because they have made a conscious decision to keep my existence separate from their day-to-day lives. I am something they may be vaguely aware of – some spiritual concept, which they cannot understand. The reason is that they are not interested in making the changes, which are necessary if they are to become worthy of My Kingdom.

These lost lukewarm souls are my greatest concern, because their numbers are large, and slowly, they are drifting further and further away from me. I pine for their souls. The only way I can encourage them is through modern day communications, in order to get their attention. Every stone will be upturned. Everything in my power will be done to bring them to me.

Then, finally, there are the souls – through no fault of their ownwho have never heard of me. Who never knew about My Death on the cross, or the implications this bears on the future of their existence. I need to show them the truth. I need to teach them. I need to make my messages simple. I need to show them the proof of the existence of their souls, and you, my army, will help me to do this.

There will be many tasks required of you in the salvation of all souls, and I, Your Jesus, will show you how these are to be brought about. I will instruct you in greater detail and I hope you will respond to My Call, no matter how impossible the task may seem. Love me and trust in me, for I am your teacher, and through me, you will understand the mysteries of my final Divine plan. Then all will be done and the world will be ready for my glorious return.

Your beloved teacher

Jesus Christ

Don’t allow the human failings of My Church to turn your back on Me

 30 June 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, I smile this evening with joy in My Heart, for at last, younger people are hearing my word through the internet just as foretold.

In this way more people will be able to tell the world how to prepare for The Warning. My Heart bursts with joy when I see the love that My children have for me in every corner of the Earth.

My Love never dies. They, My beloved followers, are full of My Love, which they feel in their hearts. Now they can tell the world, including the cynics, how much they revere me by praising my glory to all.

For those courageous and loving creatures of mine will now attract those who resist me to the truth as to why they are on this Earth in the first instance.

Heaven rejoices with those who openly proclaim their love for me on the internet. My Love for them surges forth so that my graces will be showered over each of them, stretching from one corner of the globe to the other.

I now come to save you before the day of judgment Remember one lesson, children. The truth of My Teachings never changed.

Human error, the sins of My sacred Servants and those who have abused the truth to suit their own ambitions may have soiled My Name, but they never changed who I am.

I am the Saviour of mankind.

I came the first time to save you to allow for the forgiveness of sin. I now come again to save you before the day of judgment.

Because My Love is so powerful, it will now permeate throughout the world by the power of the Holy Spirit to draw you back into the fold of my tender love.

Feel My Love now, children. Don’t allow your disappointment with the human failings of My Church to turn your back on me, Jesus Christ or my Eternal Father.

To those who turned their back on me because of the sins of the Church. It is because of sin that you were tempted to block out the truth.

Those of you who blame the Church for your lack of belief in me are not being honest with yourselves, for if you truly love me, you would not make excuses.

Satan is everywhere in the world now, children, trying to convince you, at every opportunity, that your faith is not relevant, not important, that your faith will not guarantee you a place in Heaven.

In some cases you believe that the mercy of God is endless and that you can be saved once you live a life where you do not cause harm to others.

You very often challenge me when you blame me for the evil in the world.

This is when you become angry with me and God the Eternal Father. How can God stand back and allow such evil to manifest itself in the world? Where murder, rape, abortion, torture, greed and poverty exist?

You must stop now and hear me. Remember that sin, caused by Satan, who most people today do not believe exists, can infest every single one of you because of the gift you were given by your Creator, God the Father. This gift of free will is given to everyone.

Some use this gift for good works, where they show love to all, while others abuse it to take advantage of others. When Satan attracts those, through their weak free will, then they become capable of committing great atrocities.

Free will is yours, children. When it becomes contaminated through sin, havoc in the world results.God the Father cannot force you to stop doing something whether it is right or wrong, for he will not interfere with your free will. He will always encourage you to pray in order to receive the graces needed to avoid sin.

It will be through your free will that you will make one of two decisions. Turn to God or allow yourself to be seduced by the lies of Satan, who will twist your mind away from the truth. Remember, I am the truth.

Satan does not want you to see the truth. He will use your intelligence and present sophisticated arguments to seduce you. He can even convince you that something is evil when it is good.

So when you believe that it is hypocritical to turn to prayer in praise of God the Father because of the sins of the Church, you must recognise this deceit for what it is, another way to encourage you to turn away from me. The truth.

Now, children, show me your love by standing up and defending My Name in a disbelieving world. Very soon you will encourage others to hear your views.

Just as those who claim they don’t believe in me shout aloud how much they hate me, you must now tell the world that you love me. Only then will Massive conversion be stirred in the world.

Let me raise you up now so you can prepare My children to enter my New Paradise on Earth. Remember, only those who believe in me and my Eternal Father can enter this Paradise. Go now and bring me the multitudes.

Your Beloved Saviour

Jesus Christ

Bible Treading: Douay Rheims: Judith 8: 1-29

The character of Judith: her discourse to the ancients.

[1] Now it came to pass, when Judith a widow had heard these words, who was the daughter of Merari, the son of Idox, the son of…: [2] And her husband was Manasses, who died in the time of the barley harvest: … [4] And Judith his relict was a widow now three years and six months. [5] And she made herself a private chamber in the upper part of her house, in which she abode shut up with her maids.

[6] And she wore haircloth upon her loins, and fasted all the days of her life, except the sabbaths, and new moons, and the feasts of the house of Israel. [7] And she was exceedingly beautiful, and her husband left her great riches, and very many servants, and large possessions of herds of oxen, and flocks of sheep. [8] And she was greatly renowned among all, because she feared the Lord very much, neither was there any one that spoke an ill word of her. [9] When therefore she had heard that Ozias had promised that he would deliver up the city after the fifth day, she sent to the ancients Chabri and Charmi. [10] And they came to her, and she said to them: What is this word, by which Ozias hath consented to give up the city to the Assyrians, if within five days there come no aid to us?

[11] And who are you that tempt the Lord? [12] This is not a word that may draw down mercy, but rather that may stir up wrath, and enkindle indignation. [13] You have set a time for the mercy of the Lord, and you have appointed him a day, according to your pleasure. [14] But forasmuch as the Lord is patient, let us be penitent for this same thing, and with many tears let us beg his pardon: [15] For God will not threaten like man, nor be inflamed to anger like the son of man.

[16] And therefore let us humble our souls before him, and continuing in an humble spirit, in his service: [17] Let us ask the Lord with tears, that according to his will so he would shew his mercy to us: that as our heart is troubled by their pride, so also we may glorify in our humility. [18] For we have not followed the sins of our fathers, who forsook their God, and worshipped strange gods. [19] For which crime they were given up to their enemies, to the sword, and to pillage, and to confusion: but we know no other God but him. [20] Let us humbly wait for his consolation, and the Lord our God will require our blood of the afflictions of our enemies, and he will humble all the nations that shall rise up against us, and bring them to disgrace.

[21] And now, brethren, as you are the ancients among the people of God, and their very soul resteth upon you: comfort their hearts by your speech, that they may be mindful how our fathers were tempted that they might be proved, whether they worshipped their God truly. [22] They must remember how our father Abraham was tempted, and being proved by many tribulations, was made the friend of God. [23] So Isaac, so Jacob, so Moses, and all that have pleased God, passed through many tribulations, remaining faithful. [24] But they that did not receive the trials with the fear of the Lord, but uttered their impatience and the reproach of their murmuring against the Lord, [25] Were destroyed by the destroyer, and perished by serpents.

[26] As for us therefore let us not revenge ourselves for these things which we suffer. [27] But esteeming these very punishments to be less than our sins deserve, let us believe that these scourges of the Lord, with which like servants we are chastised, have happened for our amendment, and not for our destruction. [28] And Ozias and the ancients said to her: All things which thou hast spoken are true, and there is nothing to be reprehended in thy words. [29] Now therefore pray for us, for thou art a holy woman, and one fearing God.

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