Can we expect more mockery?

Bergoglio will release his take on the synod document on Friday. I was talking to a fellow crusader (who has featured in quite a few of our posts).

We were discussing the fact that Friday (the day of release) was not a special feast day. This is because everything the man sitting on Peter’s chair does, is usually on a Feast day. He signed it on the Feast of St. Joseph (Patron of the Universal Church).

We thought that it might be released on Divine Mercy Sunday – we thought that this would suit him perfectly – and would be a horrible mockery. We were somewhat relieved. The day he had chosen was no special feast day – but TTcrusader mentioned that Friday was at the end of the week of Divine Mercy. This seemed to settle the question – of course this is still mockery.

Later TTcrusader sent me an email. An idea came into his head (he seems to remember all sorts of things and dates etc and has an amazing knack of putting them together).

This is what he said:


We talked today that April 8th was of no particular feast day in terms of mocking God with the release of the synod document that will wipe away the sanctity of the sacraments of holy communion and marriage, the sanctity of the natural family, and bring about the beginning of the schism by separating doctrine from pastoral practice, the adoption of which will be left to the discretion of the individual national church bodies (which have no apostolic or canonical basis or foundation by the way), which will lead to a protestant style federation of the one true church.”

( That’s what I call a sentence! Also a great summary of the issues. He continues…)

“But something came to me on my way home just now from our awesome JTM meeting:

1) Kasper introduced the topic of communion for divorced/remarried

at the consistory of 20/21 February 2014, which FP called ‘doing theology on one’s knees.’ 

2) The document “approving” the above will be released on April 8, 2016

3) So according to excel, that’s a delta of 777 days !!!!





This can’t possibly be a coincidence!

So yes, more mockery: 

The satanic ecclesiastical masonry are mocking God by releasing their document of death at a time junction which equates God’s perfect number of completion* with the number of days it took them to wash away the perfect word of God.




(Remnant Survivor) * I think TTcrusader is referring to the 7 days of Creation

P.S. We all know how good freemasonry is at using numbers with religious significance and using them for their own agenda.  I think 777 days does seem to be more than a coincidence.


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