The 100 Year Plan of Masonry – Part 2

Part 2: Attacks on the family Unit and Islam used to destroy Christianity

About seventy years was to elapse before the Third World War would come about, unleashed upon the world by degrees – “piecemeal” as Pope Francis described it. In the meantime, two generations would have been brainwashed with new worldly beliefs and Christian values gradually bred out of them. A cunningly orchestrated attack would be launched on four fronts.

Firstly, an attack on the family unit, depriving parental responsibility and making children subject to state control, introducing abortion availability and doing a demolition job on the tradition of marriage; secondly, on the education system, eliminating all Christian teachings from classrooms and replacing it with social engineering and indoctrination based on secular humanism alongside atheistic evolution with its theme of survival of the fittest; thirdly, on private property, reducing accessibility through a gradual erosion of the right to own your own quarter acre; fourthly, upon nationalism, developing a new social ethos where the abolition of patriotism, countries and borders is encouraged. While all this is brewing, all manner of scandals were calculated to surface in the Christian churches to help destroy any remaining faith, and through the growing strength of influential media, society would be inundated by New Age teachings and occult practices, human rights issues, political correctness and secular humanist beliefs of freedom from oppressive religious laws.

The hidden powers behind governments who manipulate the affairs of humanity would then bring about the destabilization of the Middle East, leading to the destabilization of Europe and the Western world. Grand High Wizard Albert Pike boasted that Islam would be a central factor in the West’s downfall. “Islam will be the tool we use (my emphasis) to destroy the Christian West”, he said (7). The outbreak of high-tech nuclear war would then provide the platform and the throne for the reign of the Evil One. In the process, according to Pike, Islam would be “decimated” along with the last threads of Christianity, and “those who are left of the human race” would be so weary of war and destruction they would bow down to he whom Holy Scripture calls the Great Beast. A world in ruins with people in great need are easy to control, so the Masons will crown their despot King and  impose a Luciferian totalitarianism on all humanity.

to be continued…

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(7). In the prophetic messages of Maria Divine Mercy, the “Book of Truth” Volumes 1-4, from November 2010 to March 2015, both Jesus and Mary never refer to Islam’s implication in the gathering storm of the antichrist’s worldwide dominion. Jihadists are described by them as “the Devil’s terrorists” suggesting these barbaric individuals are instruments of demonic powers and in the use of those orchestrating Lucifer’s New World Order. Islamic believers publicly refute the authenticity of the Jihadists’ religious affiliation, declaring they cannot possibly be Moslems, or if they are then they are not practicing ones. (Jihad means to do violence to oneself in the interest of growing in holiness – in other words, self discipline – not committing violence against innocent people, apparently forbidden by the Koran, such a crime answerable on Judgment day).

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