Title: JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 28th April, 2016


Prayer Group Overview

Our prayer theme today: Discipleship

All the readings, chosen at random after a prayer to the Holy Spirit,are listed below, together with a short summary of each. We will post each message in a separate post each day for your private reflection. The Bible reading and reflection on it will be posted in full below.

The Readings today:

1. Douay Rheims Bible – Wisdom 7:7-14

This reading from the Bible was about “wisdom”- that we should call upon God for Wisdom. It is an “infinite treasure (…) which they that use, become the friends of God, being commended for the gift of discipline”.

2. “Hear My Call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit.(1 May, 2012)

This reading, about the Holy Spirit tells us of the Warning, but Pentecost will also be here in a few weeks. We are told that the Warning, through the power of the hOly Spirit, will  help people to wake up to the truth, and that they  will begin to  question everything. They will  see through the mask of the deceit being imposed by Masonic controlled groups who are already taking everything away from us. . The Holy Spirit gives us all the armour we need. This reading seems intended to follow on from the Bible Reading about “wisdom” which we had just read previously.

3. “The more you are hated, My disciples, the more you are loved by God. (10 September, 2013)

In this reading, we are told that we will be tormented more and every effort will be made by Church falsified theology to entrap us, but we are also reassured that “the more hated we are, the more loved we are by God. We must also pray harder for priests, who will be under much pressure.

4. “Democracy to disappear – Priests will be martyred.” (3/3/2011)

This reading is speaking to us as disciples – that even though there will be much conversion after the Warning, we still need to prepare souls for it; also that priests will suffer and loyal sacred servants will have to defend their Faith; but also that after it, Jesus’ army will rise. In this reading, Jesus warns us about wars, suffering, famine. He tells us that money will be scarce and that we must pray! He reassures us that our prayers will be answered

  1. Later, after lunch: discussion about coming election in Ireland.

    “Mother of Salvation: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my Heart.” (17 February, 2012).             See separate post.

Bible Reading:

  1. Wisdom 7:7-14

[7] Wherefore I wished, and understanding was given me: and I called upon God, and the spirit of wisdom came upon me: [8] And I preferred her before kingdoms and thrones, and esteemed riches nothing in comparison of her. [9] Neither did I compare unto her any precious stone: for all gold in comparison of her, is as a little sand, and silver in respect to her shall be counted as clay. [10] I loved her above health and beauty, and chose to have her instead of light: for her light cannot be put out.

[11] Now all good things came to me together with her, and innumerable riches through her hands, [12] And I rejoiced in all these: for this wisdom went before me, and I knew not that she was the mother of them all. [13] Which I have learned without guile, and communicate without envy, and her riches I hide not. [14] For she is an infinite treasure to men! which they that use, become the friends of God, being commended for the gift of discipline


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