The World’s Greatest Weapon, Part1– it’s in our hands!


If you were given the power to bring peace to our troubled world, wouldn’t you use it? In the present climate of fear with the upsurge in violence and terror, the deepening crisis in international conflict and growing uncertainty, we can often feel helpless to do anything. Sometimes we even begin to lose hope.

Rosary beads

Nearly a hundred years ago, in the Church-approved events of Fatima, Sister Lucia revealed how the Holy Virgin Mary had said that God has granted extra power and effectiveness to the recitation of the Holy Rosary for our times. This “efficacy” has been given to such an extent, she was told, that there is no problem in our families, our communities, our private lives, or the life of peoples and nations, which cannot be resolved by praying this ancient prayer.

It is a supernatural weapon placed in our hands “because the devil has entered into a final and decisive battle in the last times in which we live” and the spiritual warfare is intensifying.

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(Written and contributed by Chris. W – a fellow Crusader.)

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