The World’s Greatest Weapon, Part II – Power of the Rosary


Probably the most extraordinary testimony to the Rosary’s power comes from Japan at the close of the Second World War.

When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, four Jesuit priests werp.txte at the blinding epicenter of the nuclear flash that obliterated everything for kilometres. Miraculously they survived, unharmed, without any signs of radiation. Scientists were baffled and can still offer no explanation.

In Nagasaki, the same thing happened with a group of Friars. They were at ground zero, their lives preserved too. Within a week the war concluded, on August 15, the feast of Mary’s Assumption, and remarkably this was the name of the Church where the Jesuits were stationed. Both the Jesuits and Friars believe they were saved by the Fatima prayers, especially the Rosary which they were praying.

After the Nazis withdrew their troops from Austria at the end of the same World War, this beleaguered nation was then occupied by the Soviets who used it as the strategic centre-piece of the Eastern Bloc in their post-war manoeuvres. In obedience to the Virgin Mary’s request at Fatima, seventy thousand Austrians collectively agreed to pray the Rosary, and for some unknown reason, the Russians packed up and left their country on 13 May 1955, a key Fatima date.

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Written and contributed by Chris. W – a Crusader.

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