The World’s Greatest Weapon, Part III – Remedy against Abortion


Whenever Christians have gathered in great numbers united together reciting the Holy Rosary, miracles have happened, wars and invasions been averted, evils and heresies overcome.

Life-3Individual devotees today can similarly quote their own personal miracles and experiences of great wonder.

Catholic convert and ex-Satanic high priest, Zachary King, who visited New Zealand in February this year (2016), told of his first encounter with the Rosary when it was prayed outside an abortion clinic where he was involved. He had no idea what these people were “chanting”. He repeated the words he heard, “Hail Mary full of grace”, and the intended abortion had quite unexpected developments and was abandoned.

Again and again he witnessed the consequences when Catholics assembled outside clinics praying the Rosary.

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Article written and contributed by Chris. W – a Crusader.


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