The World’s Greatest Weapon Part IV : A timeless prayer


So then, what is it about this sublime and timeless prayer which has such dramatic impact on situations and nations?

In essence it is a repetition of phrases lifted from Holy Scripture, the living Word of God, which brings to mind Isaiah 55:11, “The Word that goes forth from My Mouth, shall not return to Me unfulfilled…without accomplishing My purposes.”


Originally associated with the 150 Psalms of the Bible, each bead of the Hail Mary represented one psalm over 15 decades. This was in an age of general illiteracy prior to the printing press when the Rosary was known as “the poor man’s Psalter”. Nowadays it remains a Gospel compendium, with the contemplative aspect of visualizing scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary set against the almost musical, rhythmical backdrop of the “angelic salutation”, linked by Christ’s own prayer, the Our Father, and the Trinitarian Glory Be, enveloping the soul in a total atmosphere of prayer which engages both mind and lips.

When the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Dominic in 1214, the Holy Rosary assumed its present form along with fifteen promises for advocates. One in particular is awesome in its content: we are promised the “entire celestial court” as intercessors during our life!

Written and contributed by Chris. W – a Crusader

On the 27th  April 2016: Feast of St Louis de Montfort

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